Chinese myths and legend: Baolian lamp

It is said that there is a snow reflecting Palace at the foot of Huashan Mountain, in which a third virgin is enshrined. The third virgin has a magical magic weapon – the Baolian lamp. This lotus lamp is the incarnation of the five-color divine fire used by Empress Nu Wa to mend the sky. It has infinite mana.

In the past, the people at the foot of Huashan Mountain were often endangered by miasma and fog, and many people and livestock died every year. Since the third virgin came to Huashan and dispersed the miasma and fog with her Baolian lamp, people have lived a normal life.

The third virgin lived in Xueying palace. She dispelled miasma and fog for people and asked for divination. No matter what difficulties the people at the foot of Huashan Mountain encounter, they will go to Xueying palace to ask for a visa. Xueying palace is becoming more and more famous. Many people come from far away to ask for divination.

That day, a scholar named Liu Yanchang came to Xueying palace. He came to Beijing to take the exam. When he passed here, he heard that Xueying Palace’s visa application was effective, so he wanted to ask about his future. It happened that the three Notre dames went out to dinner that day, so Liu Yanchang even asked for three signatures, which were empty. In his anger, Liu Yanchang wrote a poem on the wall, scolded the third virgin as a liar, and then waved his sleeve down the mountain.

When the third virgin returned from the banquet, she was very angry when she saw the poem on the wall. She summoned Lei Gong’s electric mother. It rained heavily and drenched Liu Yanchang into a drowned chicken. She took a breath for herself.

Chinese myths and legend

Liu Yanchang sprained his foot again in the heavy rain. He was in a hurry and fainted in the rain. The kind-hearted third virgin couldn’t bear it. She quickly turned out a house and asked the maid Ganoderma lucidum to help Liu Yanchang to rest in the room and let him live down to heal his wounds. Liu Yanchang’s handsome appearance and outstanding literary talent deeply attracted the three Notre dames. The third virgin unknowingly fell in love with Liu Yanchang. Soon, the third virgin and Liu Yanchang married under the lead of maid Ganoderma lucidum.

In the twinkling of an eye, autumn is coming, and Liu Yanchang is going to Beijing for the exam. At this time, the third virgin was pregnant. When Liu Yanchang left, he gave a piece of ancestral aloes jade to the third virgin and told her that it was aloes when she had a child.

Not long after Liu Yanchang left, little aloes was born. His fat face, red mouth and black hair are adorable. The sisters of the third virgin were all clamoring to make full moon wine for aloes. Many people came down, and the Xueying palace was very lively.

It happened that the howling dog of Erlang God flew through the air that day. It smelled the meat fragrance and couldn’t help falling down the clouds. It went into Xueying palace to find food. It happened to hear the conversation in Xueying palace. It hurried back to tell its owner Erlang God.

Erlang God is the brother of the third virgin. As soon as he heard that his sister married a mortal regardless of the rules of heaven and gave birth to a child, his lungs were going to explode. He immediately led the heavenly soldiers and generals to catch the third virgin. Erlang rushed to Xueying palace. The third virgin begged her brother to fulfill her feelings with Liu Yanchang. But Erlang was determined to take the third virgin to the Jade Emperor. No way, the third virgin had to take out the Baolian lamp to protect herself.

After the defeat of Erlang God, paixiaotian dog stole the Baolian lamp and came to Huashan again. Only then did he catch the third virgin and press her at the foot of Huashan.

The cruel Erlang God also wanted to throw aloes into the valley and die. Fortunately, thunderbolt immortal passed through the valley and saved aloes. Thunderbolt immortal took aloes back to immortal peak where he lived and taught him skills.

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