Chinese myths and legend: Dragon Princess plays god pearl

There is a little boy on bird’s nest island. His family is very poor. At the age of 15 or 16, he went to the boss’s boat to be a boy (a boy who cooks and does odd jobs on a fishing boat). The boy is honest, diligent and good at playing fishing flute.

One morning, the fishing boat set sail and cast a net to catch fish. But when I pulled it up, the net bag was empty. They changed from ocean to Ocean (the fishing ground where fishermen go to sea to fish), cast nets and nets, and never refuse to close the ocean with an empty boat.

The boss looked at the sad faces of the guys and said to the boy:

“You guys! Let’s play the flute to relieve our worries and boredom!”

The boy sat on the bow and sounded the fishing flute. The graceful sound of flute rippled on the sea. After a song is played, the boatman asks everyone to clean the fishing net. However, the fishing net pulled the soil one by one, and it was all empty. Everyone’s heart was cold. They pulled up the last net bag and threw it on the board. Suddenly, a golden light rushed out of the net bag, shining brightly on the fishing boat. Everyone was stunned! A closer look, the original caught a golden fish. The fish has shiny golden scales, a bright red pattern on its back, a red head and yellow lips. There are also two thin and long beards on the lips.

What kind of fish is this? Only the boatman knows. He told everyone that this is a very rare and precious yellow God fish. Eating this fish can strengthen your muscles and bones. Where there is a yellow God fish, there must be a school of fish. The boatman looked at the Yellow God fish and said with a smile:

“Young man, you go to cut the fish and cook the fish soup. Please try the fresh tonic God, catch a big net head, and one net of fish will be loaded into the third cabin!” the guys were filled with joy. Some shook the cypress, some cast the net. Only young man was stunned when he looked at the Yellow God fish: what a pity to kill such a good fish and cook the fish soup! He was reluctant, but he picked up the knife in his hand and rubbed it on the grindstone twice, which scared the Yellow God fish to jump around.

Chinese myths and legend

The boy opened his hands and caught the fish. You go east, it jumps West. You go west, it jumps East. You can’t catch it. The boy is so tired that he gasps. Suddenly, he heard a burst of girls crying and wondered, where are the girls on the ship? He looked around in wonder and saw the Yellow God fish lying on the deck, his mouth open and closed, and his eyes burst into tears. The boy was stunned and said to himself:

“Yellow God fish, the boss wants to kill you. I can’t bear it!”

The Yellow God fish suddenly jumped to his feet and begged:

“Let me go back! Let me go back!”

The boy was more and more surprised and squatted down and asked:

“Are you psychic?”

The Yellow God fish nodded, tears streaming down.

The boy was soft hearted and wiped the Yellow God fish’s face with his hand. With this wiping, the Yellow God fish cried more sadly, and his tears broke like a string of pearls. The boy’s nose was sour and said sympathetically:

“Don’t cry! Don’t cry! I’ll let you go to the sea!”

Holding the Yellow God fish in his hand, he went to the side of the ship. As soon as the Yellow God fish’s tail tilted and his head lifted, he jumped into the sea with a plop. There was a rumble on the sea, and there were silver waves one after another. In the middle of the waves came a girl, Jiao Didi, shuilingling, young and beautiful. A pair of big eyes stared at the boy and laughed: “boy, why are you crying?”

The boy blushed with embarrassment. He quickly rubbed his eyes with the hand that had wiped the tears for the Yellow God fish just now, and looked again. The girl was gone.

It turns out that this girl is the third princess of the Dragon King of the East China Sea. She was tired of playing in the Dragon Palace, turned into a yellow God fish, slipped out of the Dragon Palace quietly, and wandered around among the fish. Suddenly, a sound of flute came from far away. She listened carefully, yo! How graceful, how beautiful! She followed the sound to find the piper. She accidentally bumped into the fishing net.

At this time, the boy stared at the waves in a daze, thought he was dazed, and rubbed it with his hand.

Suddenly, I saw the seaweed and sediment under the sea bottom and the turtles, crabs and shrimps clearly and plainly. He was surprised when he saw a group of yellow croakers swimming towards him, so he shouted happily:

“Yellow croaker! A group of big yellow croakers! Boss, get off the net!”

The boss didn’t believe it. He shook his head and ignored him.

Seeing the yellow croaker swim past the bottom of the boat, the boy said politely:

“What a pity, what a pity!”

As soon as the words fell, he saw a group of yellow croakers swimming towards the fishing boat. He shouted:

“Boss, get off the net quickly. It’s a big yellow croaker!”

The boss urged everyone to withdraw the fishing net. Less than a bag of cigarettes, the boy clapped his hands and couldn’t close his mouth with a smile: “you’re in the net, pull the net quickly!”

When the fishing net was pulled up, there was a crash. The net bag floated on the Shanghai surface, golden and glittering, full of a net of large yellow croaker. He pulled it out all night until dawn, and it was full of ships. Since then, the fishermen on the island have spread the word that the boy’s eyes can see the fish at the bottom of the sea. Everyone was happy to go out to sea with him. He said that where there were fish, fishermen would cast nets wherever they went. The nets didn’t fail, and they returned with full loads again and again.

The fishermen on bird’s nest island are becoming more and more prosperous, and everyone is grateful to them. This frightened the Dragon King of the East China Sea and hurried to find prime minister GUI to discuss countermeasures.

The turtle shook his head and said:

“It’s difficult to do this! Huo Zhitian saved the three princesses, and the three princesses gave him a pair of God’s eyes.”

He explained how the three princesses heard the flute and how they were caught and rescued.

After hearing this, the Dragon King pondered for a moment and said:

“It’s OK to give a few loads of seafood every day to repay the kindness of saving lives, but how can you give God’s eyes! No, God’s eyes should be taken back!”

The tortoise said in embarrassment:

“Take back God’s eyes. The boy will be blind. I’m afraid the three princesses won’t agree!”

The Dragon King said impatiently, “what should I do?”

The tortoise approached the Dragon King and whispered for a while. The Dragon King sighed helplessly and said:

“Now, that’s the only way!”

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