Chinese myths and legend: Gratitude and revenge will be rewarded

Story 1: the gate of life and death

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao was the most powerful among the local forces.Xu City, where he was stationed, became the capital city at that time because of the residence of Emperor Han. The security was very strict.Cao Cao ordered that all those who went in and out of the city should be strictly inspected to guard against spies.

On this day, a carriage hurried to the gate of the city and wanted to get out of the city.The soldiers guarding the city asked to show the road strip. The man driving the car was a young man like a scholar. He begged the soldiers guarding the city:”My mother suddenly became seriously ill. My brother was away from home and the doctors in the city couldn’t treat it. I heard that a miracle doctor was treating the villagers outside the city. I’m going out of the city to find a miracle doctor for treatment. The Yamen of Kaituo didn’t open the door today for some reason. It’s urgent. Please forgive me.”

Gratitude and revenge will be rewarded

The captain of the gate guard was full of wine and looked very strong. He shouted, “I am ordered by the Lord to guard the gate. No one is allowed to go in and out without a road sign!”

The scholar was so anxious that he shouted, “human life is critical. How can you be so hard hearted!” the captain was angry: “the military order is as big as heaven. If you dare to instigate again, I’ll shut you up for a few days first!”

The scholar ignored it and wanted to rush out in the carriage. The captain’s eyebrows stood up, pulled out a knife and cut it on the carriage shed. At this time, an old woman’s weak scream came from the shed, followed by a series of coughs.

The scholar was so anxious that he got out of the car and fell to his knees with a plop. The people around him shouted in surprise. At that time, the scholar was very noble. Unless he saw the doctor and the public Secretary, he was not easy to kneel down. It can be seen that the scholar was really very anxious. The brave people helped him: “military master, do good and accumulate virtue.”

The captain was not moved. He held up his big knife and shouted. As long as the scholar dared to break in, he would lift his knife and fall without mercy. Suddenly, a common people shouted, “Sir, I have a way, I’ll ask a miracle doctor for you!” after that, he handed over his way. After the captain checked it, he let him out.

The scholar still knelt on the ground and said nothing. The cough in the car was intermittent and getting weaker and weaker. At this time, two gorgeous carriages stopped in front of the city gate. Two CHILDES, one in his twenties and the other in his sixteenth and seventh years, came down from the carriage. They were very surprised to see this scene in front of them. When the captain saw them, he quickly took his knife and saluted them.Everyone knew that these two people were Cao Pi, the second childe, and Cao Zhi, the fourth childe.

Brother Cao Pi asked why and looked at each other. They knew the captain. He was Cao Cao’s personal guard. Cao Cao went out to fight last time and was ambushed by the enemy. In a critical moment, the guard tried his best to protect Cao Cao and was seriously injured. Cao Cao felt his credit and knew that his injury would cripple him and could not go to the battlefield again, so he made him the gate guard captain. At this timeHe was full of wine. It was precisely because Cao Cao personally toasted at the celebration banquet last night. He even drank ten bowls. At that time, Cao Cao held his sleeve and ordered everyone to drink a bowl with each scar. This is certainly Cao Cao’s way of employing people, but it also shows Cao Cao’s appreciation for him.

Seeing this, Cao Zhi couldn’t help but want to talk. A young follower nearby pulled his sleeve and whispered to him. The follower was a great talent Yang Xiu. He told Cao Zhi not to destroy Cao Cao’s military order for meaningless people. Cao Zhi was stunned, bowed his head and said nothing. He handed over his way out of the city.

Cao Pi looked at the scholar who was kneeling on the ground and said politely to the captain:”Captain, it’s up to you. Can you check the vehicle carefully and let him go first? After all, it’s a human life. I heard that today’s Guanfang yamen can’t get the new leader in place until tomorrow because the leader suddenly fell ill. Therefore, anyone who is in a hurry to open the road today can’t get it. We came here with the guidepost we drove yesterday.”

The captain refused to accommodate: “you don’t have to say much, sir. I don’t dare to be selfish. Please help yourself.”

Cao Pi was held speechless. He looked at the scholar and had to speak again. Cao Zhi pulled his sleeve and said, “second brother, forget it, you don’t know. He doesn’t listen to anyone except his father.”

Cao Pi thought for a moment and said, “there’s nothing urgent to go out of town today. Why don’t I go back and ask my father for a warrant.” then he turned and drove away.

After a while, the people who left the city rushed back and said to the scholar in sweat:”I’m really sorry, sir. The miracle doctor is seeing a doctor for the villagers and can’t leave. I told him that he can’t get out of the city here. He said that there are many doctors in the city. Why can’t he be cured? Plague is rampant in the villages outside the city, but there is no doctor. He can’t leave the people there to save one person here. I begged again and again before he promised to come after taking care of the patients.”

The scholar listened blankly, his face was blue and still didn’t speak. When they saw this scene, they all sighed helplessly, but they couldn’t bear to leave and continued to stand around.

After a while, I saw an old man riding a donkey in a hurry. He came to the city gate and jumped off the donkey’s back.

The captain stretched out his hand and said, “where’s the road sign?” the old man shook his head and said, “I don’t have a road sign. I’m here to see a doctor.”

The scholar suddenly raised his head and cried out, “Sir, you are a miracle doctor Hua Tuo? Please help my mother!”

Hua Tuo nodded, looked at the captain and said, “can I go to the city for treatment?”

The captain shook his head and said, “you can’t go into the city without a road sign. He can’t go out of the city without a road sign. Military orders are like mountains and must not be violated. The second childe asked for a road sign for him, so naturally he was allowed to go out of the city.”

The onlookers talked and thought that the captain was too unkind. At this time, Cao Zhi couldn’t help but step forward and Yang Xiu grabbed him: “childe……” Cao Zhi looked at him and said:”Captain, the city gate is fourteen steps long and guarded on both sides. The middle is neither inside nor outside the city. Why don’t you let them meet at the intersection of the seven steps? The carriage hasn’t left the city and the doctor hasn’t entered the city. It doesn’t violate the Lord’s military order.”

Everyone agreed loudly. The captain felt that there was no refutation, reluctantly nodded and said, “in that case, the doctor can only practice medicine within the shaft, not forward.”

Hua Tuo nodded, went to the front of the car, opened the curtain and found that the car was quiet. He looked at the patient’s face, stretched out his hand and took the patient’s pulse. A moment later, he turned back and said to the scholar, “your mother has died.”

Everyone was in an uproar and stared at the scholar. The scholar got up from the ground and looked coldly at the captain and Hua Tuo. Suddenly he looked up to the sky and laughed with infinite pain. He took up the reins of the carriage and walked to the city.

At this time, a soldier came on horseback. When he saw the scholar, he shouted, “second childe, here’s a warrant for you. You can go out of the city!”

The scholar took the order, smiled miserably, led the carriage, lost his head, went out of the city gate and left

Story 2: the doomed situation

A few years later, one-third of the world has been decided, and Cao Cao is the most powerful. Although he is the prime minister in name, he is actually the supreme emperor of the ninth five year plan. At this time, he began to think about his successor. Among his sons, the eldest son died in the war, and the other children are still young. The most powerful competitors should be Cao Pi and Cao Zhi.

Cao Cao assigned tasks to the two sons several times, including military and political affairs and civil affairs. Although they used different methods, they could complete the tasks well. Cao Cao was both happy and worried: he was happy that both sons were so excellent and that he had successors; he was worried that his old headache was getting more and more serious recently, and every attack was painful to death, just in case one dayHe really died when he broke out again. If he didn’t leave a clear successor to the ministers, the ministers would be confused and divided into two factions to attack each other. If one of them has an overwhelming advantage, it’s just that they can’t be divided, and it’s difficult for anyone to win quickly. But no matter who wins or loses in the end, if they kill each other, their strength will be greatly weakened, and they may be killed by several old pairsSo Cao Cao decided to solve the problem as soon as possible.

There are many advisers under Cao Cao’s seat, and he often asks them about this problem. But none of them understand. At this time, they say that if the statement is wrong, the new master will settle accounts in the future. Therefore, these advisers who are as good as monkeys say that this is the prime minister’s own consideration. Cao Cao is so angry that he drives them away and presses his aching head in the roomAngry.

Just when Cao Cao was sulking, a counselor named Wei Junzi suddenly asked for a meeting. He said to Cao Cao, “students risked their lives to offer advice.” Wei Junzi followed Cao Cao for less than three years. He was usually in line with the rules and gave advice. Although it was not wonderful, Cao Cao had a good impression of him. At this time, Cao Cao was very happy and asked what to do.

Wei Junzi said, “you two are both intelligent and brave people. You don’t have to examine your talents. But to be the overlord in the world, in addition to your talents, the more important thing is the people’s hearts. Only in desperate circumstances can you examine the people’s hearts. Students offer the city gate’s plan, please think about it…”

After hearing Wei Junzi’s plan, Cao Cao was overjoyed and immediately sent someone to give an order. Wei Junzi whispered, “the key to this plan lies in the gatekeeper. If ordinary people guard the door, how can they dare to stop the two CHILDES? You must have the captain of the urban defense headquarters guard the door in person.”

Cao Cao nodded and said, “only he dares to do so.” as he said, he immediately asked his servants to convey the instructions.

In this way, Cao Pi and Cao Zhitian received Cao Cao’s personal orders before dawn, ordering them to go out of the city to do business immediately. The matter was urgent and could not be delayed! Neither of them dared to neglect. They didn’t eat breakfast. They rode on their horses and took their entourage and ran all the way to the city gate, but they were stopped. The city defense chief who guarded the gate was the city gate captain in those days. Now he has been promoted. He guarded the gateAt the gate of the city, he said, “the prime minister has an order. If spies are found in the city, no one, including those holding a waybill or warrant, can be released from the city. After being found out today, they can’t leave the city tomorrow morning.”

Cao Pi and Cao Zhi were very anxious. They should know that Cao Cao’s orders were always inviolable. They explained to the chief captain, but the chief captain didn’t listen at all.

Cao Pi thought for a moment and asked, “do you have a warrant from the prime minister?” the commander shook his head and said, “in an emergency, the prime minister personally summoned the next officer late at night and issued an order face to face. There was no warrant.”

Cao Pi was extremely anxious. Seeing that the sun was already high, he couldn’t afford to delay. He pulled his horse and ran to the prime minister’s residence, followed by Cao Zhi. Unexpectedly, they were stopped by the bodyguard in front of the prime minister’s residence, saying that Cao Cao had a headache and fainted for several times. He had just taken medicine and slept soundly. No one should disturb them.

The brothers really had no choice. Cao Pi had to stay at the door of the prime minister’s residence and ask the Chamberlain to help watch. Once Cao Cao woke up, he immediately reported that he had something urgent to see. Cao Zhi was dragged away. Yang Xiu, the young attendant around him, is now a famous master book. Yang Xiu whispered to Cao Zhi:”The childe has a warrant from the prime minister, but the chief captain has nothing to say. Now in this dilemma, the king should be domineering and confident. If the childe goes to the city gate again, if the chief captain dares to stop you, kill him!”

Cao Zhi was shocked: “the captain is his father’s confidant. How can he be killed?”

Yang Xiu sneered: “yesterday, the prime minister convened all the ministers to discuss important matters and mentioned the establishment of an heir. After the end, a counselor went to the government to have a secret talk with the prime minister, and then something like this happened. If I guessed right, it must be the prime minister’s plan. Please don’t hesitate, childe.”

Cao Zhi always trusted Yang Xiu. After hearing this, he gritted his teeth and rushed to the city gate again to ask him to leave the city. The chief captain resolutely refused. Cao Zhi hesitated, so he drew his sword, cut off the head of the chief captain and ordered him to open the door. The soldiers guarding the gate were stunned and quickly opened the city gate to let Cao Zhi out.

On the other hand, Cao Pi waited until it was dark. Cao Zhi had finished his work and came back. Cao Cao didn’t wake up, let alone see him.

That night, Cao Cao secretly met with Wei Junzi and said happily, “it seems that Cao Zhi is more of a king than Cao Pi.” unexpectedly, Wei Junzi shook his head and sneered: “prime minister, when the students went out of the house yesterday, they found someone following them. The students pretended not to know, secretly observed and found that it was Wang Xing, the prime minister’s internal attendant. The prime minister can examine him. What’s the matter?”

Cao Cao was always suspicious and immediately arrested Wang Xing for interrogation. Wang Xing knew that Cao Cao’s means were cruel and did not dare to hide it. He admitted that he was instructed by Yang Xiu to find out the secret for Cao Zhi.

Gentleman Wei shook his head and said, “it’s unfilial to spy on his father’s secret; it’s disloyal and unjust to guess that it’s the prime minister’s plan but don’t break it, and kill the prime minister’s confidant. If you make such a person an heir, can the prime minister get the year of heaven?”

Cao Cao was furious on the spot and killed Wang Xing. He wanted to kill Yang Xiu right away, but considering the great impact on Cao Zhi, he forbade this tone for the time being. Since then, he gradually ignored Cao Zhi and reused Cao Pi.

Soon after, Cao Cao deliberately took Yang Xiu with him when he was marching and fighting, and then killed him on the charge of disturbing the morale of the army. Cao Zhi was shocked and cried. At this time, Wei Junzi suddenly came to visit Cao Zhi and asked Cao Zhi, “do you still want to be an heir?”Because Wang Xing was dead, Cao Zhi didn’t know that gentleman Wei had hurt him so much. He only knew that since the city gate incident, gentleman Wei has been valued by Cao Cao. He was very happy to see the other party come to visit him on his own initiative and said sincerely: “last time, Sir offered the time of the city gate to the prime minister, can you tell me what to do.”

Wei Junzi sighed and said, “at that time, I offered advice to relieve the prime minister’s worries. I didn’t expect that master Yang was smart, but he was smart, and hurt himself and your son. I’m very sorry, so I want to help you.” Cao Zhi thanked again and again, and Wei Junzi said: “now the prime minister trusts Cao Pi very much, and the son can only make great achievements to save the situation.”

Cao Zhi said helplessly, “but now my father doesn’t trust me. How can I make great contributions?”

Wei Junzi smiled and said, “the prime minister is now in power and the most powerful of the three forces. In fact, the biggest pain lies in himself. If the childe can cure the prime minister’s headache, why can’t he turn defeat into victory?”

Cao Zhi sighed again and said, “I know this, but my father’s disease has been seen by doctors all over, and no one can cure it.”

Wei Junzi said with a smile, “the miracle doctor Hua Tuo must be cured.”

Cao Zhi said curiously, “although Hua Tuo is a miracle doctor, he once treated his father and said he couldn’t cure it.”

Wei Junzi shook his head and said:”Hua Tuo was not proficient in headache at that time, and his medical skills have become even better over the past few years. It is said that he cured a patient with the same disease as the prime minister in Sichuan. Childe can send someone to secretly ask for a miracle doctor. Hua Tuo is noble and can’t be hired by gold, silver and jewelry. Childe may wish to promise that if he can cure the prime minister’s disease, he will ask the prime minister to give him a valid passage warrant and give him a rewardAnd give him a lot of things he needs, so that he can practice medicine and save people freely. ”

Cao Zhi was overjoyed and immediately sent someone to do it. Three months later, Cao Zhi finally moved Hua Tuo and invited him over. Cao Cao was very happy to hear Cao Zhi finish this. His attitude towards Cao Zhi also improved. He only waited for Hua Tuo to see a doctor the next day.

Story 3: the death of Hua Tuo

That night, Wei Junzi came to see Cao Cao. He was sweating and looked flustered. Cao Cao asked strangely, “what’s the matter, sir?”

Wei Junzi knelt to the ground: “the student didn’t dare to delay when he learned that someone was going to murder the prime minister.” Cao Cao was shocked and asked him what was going on. Wei Junzi took out a piece of broken paper, which was obviously burned by fire and didn’t burn up. The remaining part on it said: “… Cure diseases, open your brain and kill Cao, and live up to Uncle Huang.”

Cao Cao was shocked and said, “Liu Bei’s child, how dare you use such a poisonous trick!” Wei Junzi said: “the fourth childe must not know about this. The prime minister is well aware of it. You can’t anger the childe.” Cao Cao Cao nodded: “I know. I’ll see it tomorrow.”

The next day, Hua Tuo went to the house to treat Cao Cao. After careful consideration, Hua Tuo told Cao Cao: “the prime minister’s disease is useless with drugs, so he must have an operation.” Cao Cao asked quietly, “how should I have an operation?”

Hua Tuo said, “open your brain and take out wind saliva. The disease can be cured.” Cao Cao pretended to be surprised and said, “open your brain? Can that man live?”

Hua Tuo glanced at Cao Cao and hesitated”This operation is as like as two peas, but if the prime minister has trusted me, I will have seven points. In that time, a farmer in Sichuan had the same disease as the prime minister. Although I had some medical skills, I was afraid to do it.” the farmer said that he had so much recurrent attacks that he could not only support his family but also died. He would rather die.This was two years ago. The prime minister will know as soon as he checks it. ”

Cao Cao nodded and said, “if you open your head, whether you can cure it or not, it will hurt to death?”

Hua Tuo picked up a pen and paper and wrote a prescription: “this is my original hemp boiling powder. You won’t feel anything within three hours. The prime minister can rest assured.”

Cao Cao picked up the prescription and looked at it carefully for a long time. He laughed and said, “Sir, is it the doctor who kills people with medical skills?”

Hua Tuo was shocked: “why did the prime minister say this?”

Cao Cao took out the remnant paper and threw it in front of Hua Tuo. Hua Tuo picked it up and looked at it. His face was as gray as death. He shouted, “prime minister, I didn’t write it!”

Cao Cao picked up the prescription and threw it to Hua Tuo. Hua Tuo compared the handwriting on the two sheets of paper and said with a tragic smile, “a hundred words can’t argue, a hundred words can’t argue!”

Cao Cao said coldly, “I know you treated Guan Yunchang and you have a close relationship with Liu Bei. Even without this material evidence, if you want to open your brain to treat the disease, I also know you want to kill me.” after that, he couldn’t help saying that he asked someone to take Hua Tuo into prison and then ask him to be beheaded.

Cao Zhi, standing on the side, looked at Cao Cao’s cold eyes. He suddenly jumped up as if bitten by a snake, pointed to gentleman Wei and shouted, “it’s him. He designed to frame me! He asked me to invite Hua Tuo. He wants to frame me. He must be the second brother!”

Cao Cao looked at Cao Zhi coldly and said, “it’s a pity that he still wholeheartedly defended you in front of me, but you didn’t even want to frame him! Yes, I taught you that you would rather bear the people in the world, but not such a negative method! If you dare to do so, who dares to fight the world with you?”

Cao Zhi was so frightened that he burst into tears: “father, I was really framed!”

Cao Cao shouted: “of course I know you were framed. It’s up to you to say that? No matter how unbearable you are, you won’t kill me. It’s not good for you at all. You’re obviously used by others. What I’m angry about is that you don’t take responsibility! Get back to the house! I’m going to seal the king of Wei in Jin. Naturally, you also have your land. You don’t have to think about taking on the great responsibility!”

Cao Zhi had to go back to his mansion. Soon after, Cao Cao became king of Wei and enfevered Cao Zhi far away. Cao Zhi never had a chance to compete for power with Cao Pi. Hua Tuo was killed by Cao Cao in prison.

A few years later, Cao Cao died of illness and Cao Pi inherited the throne of King Wei. Soon he forced Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty to abdicate and became emperor himself. Because Wei Junzi helped him become emperor, he wanted Wei Junzi to be prime minister, but Wei Junzi refused. He said to Cao Pi:”The prime minister should not only have talent, but also have status. When his majesty first ascended the great unification, he needs a person of high moral integrity to help the country and stabilize the people. His wish has been fulfilled. Please give him back to his hometown for the people.”

Cao Pi was moved and helpless, so he had to reward him with a lot of gold and silver and allow him to return home.

On the other hand, Cao Pi was afraid of Cao Zhi and wanted to get rid of him, so he sent someone to call Cao Zhi back. Cao Zhi knew something bad, but there was nothing he could do, so he had to go on the road with fear. Sure enough, after entering the inner court of the Imperial Palace, Cao Pi began to question why Cao Zhi complained against the imperial court in the fief.

Cao Zhi knew that he was wronged, but seeing that Cao Pi’s intention to kill him was so obvious, he had to kneel on the ground and look at Cao Pi, knowing that he could not escape death today. Cao Pi said enough and was about to announce Cao Zhi’s crime of rebellion, suddenly a bodyguard reported to Mr. Wei for an audience outside the door.

Story 4. Clearing up gratitude and hatred

Cao Pi was puzzled and summoned gentleman Wei. Gentleman Wei knelt down and kowtowed and said, “I beg your majesty for my life.” Cao Pi said incomprehensibly, “Sir, if it’s difficult, I will help you naturally. Why should I say life?”

Wei Junzi said, “I beg your majesty to give Cao Zhi a chance of life.”

Cao Pi’s face changed greatly. Can outsiders interfere in this kind of thing? But after all, he appreciated the achievements of Wei junzi, or left face for Wei junzi, and slowly said, “Sir has no friendship with Cao Zhi. Why plead for him?”

Wei Junzi said, “Your Majesty has great kindness to his minister, so he sacrificed his life to repay him; Cao Zhi and his minister have small kindness and small hatred, which has been repaid, but the small kindness has not been repaid.”

Cao Pi puzzled and asked, “Sir, I don’t understand this. I didn’t know you before. When you gave your life to help me, you told me that it was destiny. I don’t know why. There must be another reason why you mentioned gratitude and hatred today. I’d like to hear it in detail.”

Wei Junzi smiled miserably and said, “Your Majesty, do you still remember the old woman who died in front of the city gate? It was the old woman who died in front of the miracle doctor Hua Tuo! There was a scholar driving a car at that time.”

Although it has been many years, Cao Pi still remembered it all at once: “I remember the scholar who drove the bus, but it must not be you.”

Wei Junzi nodded:”That’s Chen’s younger brother. He was studying abroad at that time. I didn’t expect such a tragic disaster at home. Chen lost his father when he was young. His mother brought up our brothers through hardships and asked him to go out to study and increase his knowledge. Chen didn’t want to travel far. His mother said that the eldest husband was ambitious, and what’s the use of having both sons around? Unexpectedly… Chen’s younger brother found him after burying his mother and told himHe was seriously ill at that time and died soon. The minister knelt in front of his mother’s and brother’s grave and swore that gratitude and revenge would be rewarded to comfort the dead. Later, when he returned to Xudu, he asked people to recommend him to the former king as a counselor. ”

Cao Pi suddenly realized:”So you killed the gatekeeper in those days because he didn’t let your mother out of the city, so she died; you killed Yang Xiu because he dissuaded Cao Zhi from fighting with the captain; you killed Hua Tuo because he didn’t come to save your mother in time; you helped me win the throne and beat Cao Zhi because I tried to save your motherI understand all this, but why is Cao Zhi so kind to you? ”

Wei Junzi said, “on that day, Cao Zhi begged the captain to allow Hua Tuo to treat his old mother seven steps in the middle of the city gate. This kindness should be rewarded.”

Cao Pi disdained and said, “but your mother had been dead for a long time. He didn’t mention his kindness.”

Gentleman Wei shook his head and said, “the people who ran to ask Hua Tuo for his mother that day gave him all the gold and silver given by his Majesty in order to repay his kindness. An ordinary people’s benefactor still wants to repay, not to mention Cao Zhi’s? Minister doesn’t want to owe anyone.”

Cao Pi sighed and said, “well, what do you want me to do? Just let him go? You know, Cao Zhi’s conspiracy to rebel is unforgivable.”

Mr. Wei shook his head and said, “seven steps are a reward for the kindness of seven steps. Let Cao Zhi take seven steps to write a poem. If he can’t do it, his majesty will spare him. If he can’t do it, his majesty will kill him.” he turned back and saluted Cao Zhi and said, “Your Highness, I’ve tried my best to clear up my gratitude and resentment, and live and die.”

Cao Zhi looked up at the sky and sighed. Tears were like rain. He didn’t argue. He walked away. At the third step, he began to recite poetry. Step by step, he said: “boiled beans burn bean Osmunda, and beans cry in the kettle. They were born from the same root, so it’s not too urgent to fry each other.”

After listening, Cao Pi didn’t speak for a long time. Finally, he waved and let Cao Zhi go. Wei Junzi saluted deeply and left.

At the gate, Cao Zhi caught up with Wei Junzi: “Sir, take your time. Cao Zhi has something to ask.”

Mr. Wei looked back at him. Cao Zhi bowed his hand and said, “Mr. Cao Zhi’s means are unpredictable. Cao Zhi was killed by Mr. and saved by Mr. Cao. I’d like to know his real name. It’s not worth my life.”

Wei Junzi laughed: “you are famous all over the world. Of course, you know that Wei Junzi is not my real name. I have a clear conscience in my life, but I don’t act aboveboard and aboveboard. I have no face to leave my real name! Wei junzi, hypocrite, there are no gentlemen in the state of Wei. I’m just one of these countless hypocrites.”

Three days later, Cao Pi heard a report that on the western outskirts of the mountain, next to two solitary graves, gentleman Wei was dressed in green and died with a pot of poisonous wine beside him. Cao Pi remained silent for a long time and asked people to bury him. The bodyguard asked whether to erect a monument. Cao Pi shook his head and said, “why do people with clear gratitude and resentment need to erect a monument?”

The bright moon is high in the hills, and there are three solitary graves, which are clear of gratitude and hatred, and unknown through the ages.

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