Chinese myths and legend: Greedy woman

There is a man who has two wives. The first is rich and the second is poor. She was so poor that she didn’t even have a piece of cloth that she had to carry the child on her back with bark. She sweeps the leaves every day to make a living.

One day, as usual, she carried the child to the woods to sweep the leaves. She put the child on the ground and went deep into the woods. Soon after she left, a monkey picked up the child, climbed up the tree and teased him. When the woman turned around and disappeared the child, she burst into tears.

Greedy woman

At this time, the monkey was holding the child and jumping from one tree to another.

The child heard his mother’s cry, and he also cried. The woman looked up and saw the monkey in the tree holding her child.

The woman sang a song. When the monkey heard the song, he danced, slowly came down from the tree and gave the child to his mother.

The monkey asked the woman, “how did you get to this point? You are such a wonderful singer, but you come here to sweep the leaves every day. ”

The woman replied, “I’m too poor to live on.”

Then the monkey said:

“Walking along this road, you will see a path on the left. Walking along the path, you will soon see a tree full of fruit. Some fruit will shout to you: ‘take off me! Take off me! ” You should not pick them, but those silent fruits. ”

The woman did what the monkey said.

She went to the tree full of fruit. Some fruit asked, “take me off, take me off!”

But she didn’t pick them, only those silent fruits. Then she came back, told the monkey everything, and showed her the fruit.

The monkey said to her, “go home, close the door and cut the fruit.”

When the woman came home, she cut up the fruit, which was full of gold and silver. She divided the gold and silver into three parts: herself, her husband and her husband’s first wife.

But the woman was too few and said, “I know how to get it myself.”

The next day, she also took the child, went deep into the jungle, threw away her harness and tied the child with a branch, just as a poor woman did. Then he put the child on the ground and wandered around. At first, the monkey was not there. Later, he came back and saw the child. He felt very strange. He thought to himself, “is this woman so ungrateful or so greedy? In short, we should find out why she came again. ”

The monkey picked up the child, climbed up the tree and teased him. When the woman saw that the child was gone, she sang like the previous one, and the monkey danced like that and came to the ground.

Then the monkey gave the child to the woman and asked her:

“You didn’t give you enough yesterday!”

The rich woman didn’t want to admit that it was another woman who came yesterday, so she replied:

“Yes, too little. I want more.”

So the monkey told the woman to take only the silent fruit, just as he told her last time.

But when the woman came to the tree, she thought, “I don’t know. What does the Monkey think of me?”! I’m not so stupid! ”

She took off the fruit that shouted “pick me, pick me”, and then came back to show it to the monkey. The monkey asked her to go back and cut the fruit.

The woman did what the monkey said. But after the fruit was cut, it was not gold and silver, but all kinds of reptiles and beasts, which tore up the women one by one and ate them.

So you should always be satisfied with what others give you.

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