Chinese myths and legend: Legend of Nian beast

It is said that in ancient China, there was a monster called Nian. Its head had long tentacles and was ferocious“ “Nian” lived deep under the sea for many years. It climbed ashore every new year’s Eve, devoured livestock and hurt human life.

Therefore, every new year’s Eve, people in villages help the old and the young to flee to the mountains to avoid the harm of Nian animals.

Legend of Nian beast

On New Year’s Eve this year, people in Taohua village were helping the old and the young to take refuge in the mountain. An old beggar came from the village. He was seen with a walking stick in his hand and a bag in his arm. His silver beard was elegant and his eyes were like a bright star.

Some villagers closed the windows and locked the doors, some packed their bags, some led cattle and sheep, and people shouted everywhere. There was a scene of hurry and panic. At this time, who cares about the begging old man.

Only an old woman in the east of the village gave the old man some food and advised him to go up the mountain to avoid the Nian beast. The old man stroked his beard and said with a smile: “if my mother-in-law lets me stay at home all night, I will drive the Nian beast away.”

The old woman looked at him with startled eyes and saw that he was white haired and childlike, hale and hearty, and had an extraordinary air. But she continued to persuade and begged the old man to laugh without saying anything. Mother-in-law had no choice but to leave home and take refuge in the mountain. At midnight, “Nian” beast rushed into the village. It found that the atmosphere in the village was different from that in previous years: in the east of the village, his wife’s husband’s house, red paper was pasted on the door, and candles were bright in the house“ The beast trembled and screamed.

Nian glared at her mother-in-law’s house for a moment, then screamed and rushed over. Near the door, there was a sudden “bang bang” explosion in the hospital. Nian shuddered and dared not move forward.

It turned out that Nian was most afraid of red, fire and explosion. At this time, the door of her mother-in-law’s house was wide open. I saw an old man in red in the hospital laughing“ “Year” was shocked and ran away in confusion.

The next day was the first day of the first lunar month. The people who came back from refuge were surprised to see that the village was safe and sound. At this time, the wife suddenly realized and hurriedly told the villagers about the promise of begging for the old man.

The villagers crowded to his wife’s house. They saw red paper pasted on her door, a pile of unburned bamboo in the yard was still “popping”, and several red wax candles in the house were still glowing

In order to celebrate the arrival of auspiciousness, the villagers changed new clothes and hats one after another, and went to relatives and friends’ homes to say hello. This matter soon spread in the surrounding villages, and people knew the way to drive away the Nian beast. The custom spread more and more widely.

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