Chinese myths and legend: Lu Da San plays the Sea Dragon King

There is an island on the East Ocean. There is a village on the island called Lujia village. Long ago, there were more than a dozen farmers surnamed Lu living in this village. They grow some bowls near the sea and the mountains, catch some sand crabs, fish and shrimp in the sea, and make a living. It was dry and rainy on the island. People had to kill pigs and sheep and go to the Dragon King temple outside the village to pray for rain. If the Dragon King is happy and gives some rain, the farmers can get a good harvest. In this way, offering pigs and sheep every year also makes people suffer. This year, there was another severe drought. People could not live, so they left their hometown one after another and went out to make a living. Finally, only Luda family was left.


The Luda couple have two sons. The wife said:”Lu Da! The grass roots on the mountain are scorched and the bark is soft. We’d better run for our lives! ”

Lu Da San plays the Sea Dragon King

“No! I’ll find a way. ” Lu Da said, “spring is coming soon. We can’t miss the season.”


The next day, Lu Da came to the Dragon King Temple and saw a corner of the temple collapse. The sea dragon king sitting on the was covered with winding cobwebs on his head, body and waist, and the offering table was broken, with a hole as big as his head. Lu Da went to the statue of the Dragon King, bowed and said:


“Dragon King! It’s just that you’re not human. Now the door is deserted and there’s no incense, not even a person who sweeps the floor and waves the dust. If you can have a heavy rain and let me have a good harvest this autumn, I promise you a big play. You don’t want people to have all pigs and sheep for you. I’ll give you a living head. Do you think so? If so, we’ll make a deal and rain now. ”


Lu Da finished and went home to prepare farm tools.


In the Dragon King Temple, crab essence is on duty this day. After listening to Lu Da’s words, he dared not delay, and hurried back to the Crystal Palace to report to the Dragon King. The Dragon King stroked the dragon’s beard and pondered: I’ve eaten everything, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks and delicacies. This fresh living head is worth a taste. Moreover, in recent years, my temple has been in disorder and incense has not continued. We should take advantage of this opportunity to flourish. So she invited Feng Po and Lei Gong and brought shrimp soldiers and crab generals to Lujia village to rain.


Besides, Lu Da came home to tidy up farm tools. Near noon, there was a thunder, and suddenly heavy rain poured down. The rain is like the east sea tide rising and the Tianhe River bursting and pouring.


After the rain, Lu was busy cultivating and sowing. In order to taste the taste of the head, the Dragon King also secretly helped and asked the shrimp and crab to fertilize and eliminate insects in the field of Lu. The seedlings grow day and night. In the harvest season, the rice is golden, like broken gold. Lu Da was busy harvesting and drying the whole field. The Dragon King waited steadily for his confession.


It was not until new year’s Eve that Lu Da took a broom to the Dragon King temple. When the dragon king saw him coming empty handed, he was wondering. He saw Lu Da bowing and saying:


“Dragon King! We have an appointment. I promise you a big play, a living head. I brought it today. Please watch the play first and then eat the head. ”


After that, he danced around the temple with a broom in his hand, turned forward and rolled back, which made the temple dusty. The Dragon King was about to get angry and turned to think: forget it, maybe he can’t hire the drama team and replace it casually. Let’s wait and taste the head!


After Lu Da danced, he threw away his broom, smiled and came to the altar and said:


“Now invite the Dragon King to eat his head!”


Then he fell down under the table and drilled his head out of the hole in the table. The Dragon King was surprised to see a head suddenly appear on the altar. He wanted to eat, but he didn’t know how to start. When I looked around, I couldn’t even see a knife. I thought I had to tear it by hand. He stretched out a pair of dragon claws as thin as wood and three inches long fingernails and grabbed Lu Da’s head. Seeing this, Lu Da was busy shrinking his head and came out from under the table with a smile: “Dragon King: you’ve seen the play and tasted your head. What about me? I have paid my wish. We don’t owe each other. I hope we can take care of each other next year. ”


Then he picked up the broom and walked away. The Dragon King was so angry that the dragon’s eyes opened wide and the dragon’s whiskers stood upright:


“Well, you poor boy, dare to play tricks on the king and want me to take care of you next year? I want you to have no harvest to relieve my hatred. ”


He ordered crab essence:


“In the coming year, only its long roots will be allowed in Luda’s fields, not its results.”


The next year, Lu Da just swollen the sweet potato. Thanks to the efforts of crab essence, the sweet potato looked like a thigh. When the dragon king heard that Luda had a good harvest again, he called crab essence. Next time, only fat leaves are allowed, not strong roots and flowers. Coincidentally, Lu Da planted Chinese cabbage this time, and the crab essence raised the Chinese cabbage like a millet basket.


The Dragon King failed to retaliate twice, but was greatly benefited by Lu, and was furious. The prime minister came out and said:


“It’s not difficult for the king to take revenge. It’s easy to send a pawn to catch Lu Da.”


As soon as the dragon king heard this, he called the crab and sent him away.


In addition, Lujia village has been another scene this year, and the villagers who went out have returned to their hometown one after another. Although everyone in Lu is not rich, they can live on. When the crab came to Lu’s gate, Lu and his wife were discussing housework in the kitchen. I only heard Lu Da say:


“… ask adati crab to cook it and eat it as a dish.”


Lu Da meant that Ming’s eldest son went to the sea to catch sand crabs. The crabs were surprised when he listened:


“No! Before I came in, they all knew and prepared. ”


He was so frightened that he ran and crawled back to the Crystal Palace and told the Dragon King what had happened. He said that Lu Da was a divine man and had not been prepared. If he hadn’t escaped quickly, he might have died.


When the dragon king heard the speech, he believed it and doubted it. Prime Minister GUI said:


“The king doesn’t have to be upset. I’ll go with the king in person and know.”


In the evening, the Dragon King and Prime Minister GUI went out of the sea, hid their bodies and came to Lujia village. The prime minister said:


“King, I go in through the front door and you go in through the back door, so Lu Da can’t escape.”


At this time, Lu Dagang came back from farming, threw a turtle caught in the ditch to the children playing in front of the door, and went into the house to prepare dinner. Just before dinner, a neighbor shouted outside the door:


“Uncle Lu, the rhubarb (cow) at your door has run away!”


It turned out that the big yellow cattle tied to the back door broke the cattle rope and ran away. Hearing this, Lu Da hurriedly shouted at the door:


“Ah Da, give the turtle to ah Xiao. Get a rope and follow me out the back door to catch rhubarb.”


As soon as the prime minister tortoise heard this, Lu Da wanted to give himself to ah Xiao and go to the back door to catch the king. He thought he’d better slip away. As soon as the Dragon King at the back door heard that the turtle at the front door had been caught and handed over to ah Xiao. Lu Da and Ah Da came to the back door with a rope to catch themselves. They were so frightened that they could not care about the life and death of the prime minister turtle and fled back to the Dragon Palace.


The Dragon King and Prime Minister GUI met by the sea. They complained to each other and congratulated each other secretly.


Since then, the Dragon King did not dare to be embarrassed with Lu, and the harvest of Lujia village was getting better and better year by year.

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