Chinese myths and legend: Shennong tastes all kinds of herbs

In ancient times, grain and weeds grew together, and medicine and flowers bloomed together. No one could tell which food could be eaten and which herbs could cure diseases. People live by hunting. The birds in the sky are less and less, and the animals in the ground are less and less. People have to be hungry. Who wants to have sores and diseases, no medicine and no medicine, and take off the skin if you don’t die!

Shennong looked at the suffering of the people and felt pain in his heart. How to feed the people? How to cure people? Shennong thought hard for three days and nights and finally came up with a way.

Shennong tastes all kinds of herbs

On the fourth day, he took a group of subjects from his hometown Suizhou Lishan to the Northwest Mountain. They walked and walked. Their legs were swollen and their feet were cocooned. They kept walking. They walked for seven or forty-nine days and came to a place. I saw mountains one after another, canyons one after another, and the mountains were full of strange flowers and plants. I smelled the aroma all the way. Shennong they were walking forward when suddenly a group of wolves, insects, tigers and leopards came out of the canyon and surrounded them. Shennong immediately asked the subjects to wave the whip and beat the beasts. One group was beaten away and another came up. It took seven days and seven nights to drive away all the wild animals. Those tigers, leopards and pythons were scratched one by one by the divine whip, and later turned into stripes on their skin.

At this time, the subjects said it was too dangerous here and advised Shennong to go back. Shennong shook his head and said, “you can’t go back! The people of Li are hungry, hungry and ill. How can we go back? ” He said, leading into the canyon to the foot of a vast mountain.

Half of the mountain is inserted in the clouds, surrounded by knife cut cliffs. There are waterfalls hanging on the cliffs, mossy and smooth. It seems that you can’t go up without a ladder to the sky. The subjects advised him to forget it and go back as soon as possible. Shennong shook his head: “you can’t go back! The people of Li are hungry, hungry and ill. How can we go back? ” He stood on a small stone mountain, facing the high mountain, looking up, down, left and right, making up his mind and trying to find a way. Later, people called the small mountain he stood on “Wangnong Pavilion”. Then he saw several golden monkeys climbing along the hanging ancient rattan and the rotten wood lying on the waist of the cliff. Shennong had an idea. Yes! He then called the subjects, told them to cut wood poles, cut vines, build shelves against the cliffs, build one layer a day, from spring to summer, from autumn to winter, and never stop work, whether it’s windy, rainy, snowy or frozen. It took a whole year and 360 floors to reach the top of the mountain. It is said that the scaffolding used by people to build buildings later is the way to learn from Shennong.

Shennong took his subjects, climbed the wooden frame and went to the top of the mountain. Hey! The mountain is really a world of flowers and plants, red, green, white and yellow. Shennong liked it very much. He told his subjects to guard against Wolves, insects, tigers and leopards. He picked flowers and plants himself and tasted them in his mouth. In order to taste all kinds of herbs here and find food and medicine for the people, Shennong asked his subjects to plant several rows of fir trees on the mountain as a wall to prevent wild animals, and build thatched houses inside the wall. Later, people called the place where Shennong lived “wooden city”.

During the day, he led his subjects to the mountain to taste all kinds of grass. At night, he asked his subjects to start a bonfire. He lit the fire and recorded it in detail: which grass is bitter, which is hot, which is cold, which can satisfy hunger and which can cure diseases.

Once, he put a piece of grass in his mouth and tasted it. In a moment, the sky whirled and fell down. The subjects hurriedly helped him sit up. He knew that he was poisoned, but he could no longer speak. He had to use his last strength to point to a red ganoderma lucidum grass in front of him and his mouth. The subjects hurriedly put the red ganoderma lucidum into their mouths and fed it to him. Shennong ate Ganoderma lucidum, the poison gas was relieved, his head was not faint, and he could speak. Since then, people have said that Ganoderma lucidum can bring back the dead. The subjects worried that it was too dangerous for him to taste the grass like this, so they advised him to go back down the mountain. He shook his head again and said, “you can’t go back! The people of Li are hungry, hungry and ill. How can we go back? ” Then he went on to taste the herbs.

After he tasted one mountain of flowers and plants, he went to another mountain to taste them. He still climbed it with a wooden pole. I have tasted it for forty-nine days and traveled all over the mountains here. He tasted that wheat, rice, millet and sorghum could satisfy his hunger, so he asked his subjects to take the seeds back and let the people plant them. This was the later grain. He tasted 365 kinds of herbs and wrote Shennong’s materia medica. He asked his subjects to take it back and cure the people all over the world.

After tasting all kinds of herbs, Shennong found grain to satisfy hunger and herbs to cure diseases for the people. He came to Huisheng stronghold and was ready to go back down the mountain. When he looked around, the wooden frame built all over the mountain disappeared. It turned out that the wooden poles that built the frame took root and sprouted in the rain. Over the years, they even grew into a vast forest. Shennong was in trouble. Suddenly, a group of white cranes flew into the sky and took him and several subjects who protected him to the heaven court. Since then, Huisheng stronghold has been full of fragrance all year round.

In order to commemorate Shennong’s achievements in tasting all kinds of grass and benefiting the world, the common people named this vast forest as “Shennongjia”. The Huisheng village where Shennong ascended to heaven was renamed “liuxiang village”.

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