Chinese myths and legend: The Legend of Meng Jiang Nu

According to legend, during the Qin Dynasty, a family surnamed Meng planted a melon, and the seedlings climbed up the wall to the Jiang family and bore melons. When the melon was ripe, a melon scored across two courtyards! Open a look, there is a white and fat little girl, so she gave her name Meng Jiangnu. Meng Jiangnu grew up, ten miles around, eight miles of old folks, everyone knows that she is a good person, live well, smart and clever, and can play the piano, poetry, writing a good girl. The old couple even treated her like a jewel in the palm of their hands.

At this time, Qin Shi Huang started to catch grooms everywhere to build the Great Wall. A gentleman named Fan Xiliang, a scholar, was so frightened that he ran away from home. He was so thirsty that he just wanted to take a break and find some water when he heard a shouting and a running sound. It turned out that the arrests were being made here too! He had no time to run, so he jumped over a nearby wall. It turned out that the wall was the Meng family’s back garden. At this time, it happened that Meng Jiangnu followed her maids out to visit the garden. Meng Jiangnu coldly saw a man hiding under the loofah stand, she and the maid just shouted, Fan Xiliang hurried out, bowed and begged, “Miss, Miss, do not shout, do not shout, I am a refugee, save my life!”

Chinese myths and legend: The Legend of Meng Jiang Nu

Meng Jiangnu took a look, “Fan Xiliang is a white-faced scholar-like, quite handsome, and the maid went back to report to the magistrate. In the back garden, the old official asked Fan Xiliang about his hometown, his surname and name, and why he jumped the wall into the courtyard. Fan Xiliang gave an oral answer. The officer saw that he was honest and knew how to read and write, so he agreed to hide him at home temporarily. After hiding him in Meng’s house for some days, the old couple saw that he was a good-looking man with generous manners, so they discussed recruiting him as a son-in-law. When they discussed with their daughter, she also agreed. The marriage was settled when Fan Xiliang mentioned that Fan Gongzi was also willing.

In those days, the army was in turmoil, and people were arrested twice a day for their husbands, so no family would always leave their marriage. The old couple discussed, chose an auspicious day, invited relatives and friends. Set up two tables of banquets, joyful day, the two on the wedding ceremony. As the saying goes: “people have their own luck, the sky has unpredictable wind”. The couple married less than three days, suddenly came a group of magistrates, did not allow the points, pulling hard to take Fan Gongzi away!

This trip is obviously bad luck, Meng Jiangnu day crying, hoping ah! But the eyes of a year, not only people did not expect, the letter also did not come. The woman was so relieved that she spent several nights making cold clothes for her husband and going to the Great Wall to look for him herself. Her parents, seeing her obstinate look, could not stop her, so they agreed. Meng Jiangnu packed her clothes, said goodbye to her parents, and set out on her journey. Meng Jiangnu kept going to the north, crossing mountains and water.

Meng Jiang Niang Nü packed her clothes, said goodbye to the two elders, and set out on her journey to find the lost. When she was hungry, she nibbled on cold biscuits; when she was thirsty, she drank cold water; when she was tired, she sat on the roadside and rested her feet. One day, she asked an old gray-haired uncle who was hunting firewood, “How far is this place from the Great Wall?” The old man said, “Far, far away is Youzhou, and the Great Wall is still north of Youzhou.” Meng Jiangnu thought to herself, “Even if the Great Wall is far away, I will walk to the sky to find my husband!”

Meng Jiang Nü walked even when the phoenix was blowing, and she walked even when it was raining. One day, she came to a deserted place where there was no village in front of her and no store behind her, and it was dark and she was tired, so she ran to the broken temple. The temple is quite large, only half a person deep in the barren grass and grimacing statue of God. She was alone, a young woman, Bur is very much. But she couldn’t care less, and found a nook and went to sleep. During the night, she dreamed that she was studying with her husband at the table, when she suddenly heard a smashing sound and a group of arresting officers came in. She woke up with a start, it turned out to be the phoenix blowing the broken temple doors and windows in the rattle. She sighed and saw that it was going to be bright, and picked up her package and went on her way.

One day, she walked exhausted, and felt cold. She just wanted to rest her feet, and then she fainted with a thud. When she woke up, she realized she was lying on a hot bed in her hometown. The landlady rolled out soup for her and made brown sugar and ginger water, for which she was grateful. She felt a little lighter after sweating a bit, so she struggled to get up and continue her journey. The landlady pulled her with tears in her eyes and said, “Your sister-in-law, I know you are eager to find your husband, but you are as hot as coals, can I bear to let you go! Sister-in-law, look at your feet, they’re all bloody, they’re still feet!” Meng Jiang Nü took a look at her feet and they were not bloodied. She stayed at the old lady’s house for two more days, and left again before she got well. The old woman shed tears while saying, “What a good daughter-in-law she is! God, please be kind and let all couples in the world be reunited!” Meng Jiangnu finally arrived at the place where the Great Wall was built. She asked the workers of the Great Wall: Do you know where Fan Xiliang is? When she asked one of them, they said they didn’t know. She asked another one, but they shook their heads. She didn’t know how many people she asked; only then did she find out about the folk workers from the neighboring village who were repairing the Great Wall. The workers from the neighboring village enthusiastically led her to the workers who were working with Fan Xiliang to build the Great Wall.

Meng Jiangnu asked, “Brothers, are you working with Fan Xiliang on the Great Wall?”

The group said, “Yes!”

“Where is Fan Xiliang?” The group looked at me, and I looked at you. No one said a word with tears in their eyes. When Bon Jiangnu saw this scene, she was buzzed, and her hair was on end. She asked with wide eyes: “Where is my husband Fan Xiliang?” Seeing that they couldn’t hide it, the group stammered, “Fan Xiliang died last month… from exhaustion and starvation!”

“Where is the corpse?”

“The guys said:” Too many people died to be buried, the supervisors were told to fill in the Great Wall!

Before the guys said anything, Meng Jiangnu slapped her hand on the Great Wall and cried out in pain. She wept, wept. Thousands of workers, all bowed their heads and shed tears, only crying the sun and moon, the sky and darkness, only crying the autumn wind, the sea raised the waves. Suddenly, there was a loud “clatter” and the Great Wall collapsed like a big section, revealing a pile of human bones. So many bones, which one is her husband? She suddenly remembered the story she had heard from her mother when she was a child: the bones of a loved one can seep into the blood of a loved one. She bit her middle finger and dripped blood to identify the corpse. She carefully identified the tattered buttons of her clothes and recognized her husband’s bones. As she watched the bones of her husband, she cried her heart out.

While she was crying, Qin Shi Huang was passing by with a large group of people inspecting the border wall.

When Qin Shi Huang heard that Meng Jiangnu had cried down the wall, he immediately became furious and thunderstruck. He led his three armies to the corner of the mountain and wanted to deal with Meng Jiangnu himself. But when he saw Meng Jiangnu was young and beautiful, her eyebrows were clear and she looked like a flower, he wanted to take over Meng Jiangnu. Meng Jiangnu refused to comply! The first emperor of Qin sent some grannies to persuade, and also sent Zhao Gao with a crown and cape to persuade, but Gai Jiangnu refused to die. Finally, Qin Shi Huang came out in person. When Meng Jiangnu saw Qin Shihuang, she wanted to die in front of this tyrant. But then she thought, her husband’s grievances had not been avenged and the people’s grievances had not been avenged, so how could she die in vain? She held back her anger and listened to Qin Shi Huang’s nonsense. When Qin Shi Huang saw that she did not say anything, he thought that she was willing, so he said even more enthusiastically: “You ask! As long as you obey me, I will give you whatever you want, gold and silver mountains!”

Meng Jiang Nü said, “I don’t want gold and silver mountains, I just want you to promise me three things!”

Qin Shi Huang said, “Not to mention three things, even 30 things, I will comply with you. You say, the first one!”

Meng Jiangnu said, “The first thing is to build a monument for my husband, repair his grave, and fill it with a sandalwood coffin.”

When Qin Shi Huang heard this, he said, “Okay, okay, I’ll give you this one. Quickly say the second!”

“The second thing, you have to give my husband to wear mourning, streamers and jars, followed by the hearse, led the civil and military officials crying and buried.” 、

Qin Shi Huang heard, how can this work! I am an emperor, how can I give a burial to a small people ah! “This one won’t work, tell me the third one!”

The emperor said, “If the second one doesn’t work, there is no third one!”

Qin Shi Huang took a look at the situation, do not agree, see the mouth of the fat can not eat; agree, will not let the world’s people laugh. And then thought: “Who cares whether it is shameful or not, and who dares to shame me, I will kill him. Thinking of this he said: “Good! I promise you the second one. Tell me the third one!”

Meng Jiangnu said, “The third thing, I want to stroll the sea for three days.”

Qin Shi Huang said, “That’s easy! Okay, you can do all three!”

Qin Shi Huang immediately sent people to build a monument for Fan Hiliang, repair the tomb, purchase a coffin, prepare mourning clothes and white streamers to invoke the spirit. On the day of the funeral, Fan Xiliang’s hearse was in front, Qin Shi Huang followed closely behind, draped in hemp, wearing mourning, really became a filial son. When the funeral was over, Meng Jiangnu said to Qin Shihuang, “Let’s go swimming in the sea, after swimming to get married.” Qin Shi Huang was really happy. The beauty of the I do not know what to do, suddenly heard a “flutter”, Meng Jiangnu jumped into the sea!

Qin Shi Huang saw anxious: “decision, quickly, quickly to me to salvage the sea.”

The salvage people just a sea, the sea on the clam – clam – set off a huge wave. Salvage people see the situation is not good, rushed to the boat. This big wave how to come so coincidentally? The Dragon King and the Dragon Lady sympathized with Meng Jiangnu, and when they saw her jump into the sea, they rushed to get her to the Dragon Palace. After that, they ordered the shrimp soldiers and crab generals to raise the wind and waves. Qin Shi Huang was lucky to escape quickly, or be swept away to the sea.

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