Chinese myths and legend: The story of a fox pretending to be a tiger

In the Warring States period, when the state of Chu was the most powerful, King Xuan of Chu was surprised that all the northern countries were afraid of his great general Zhao Xi’s shirt. So he asked the Minister of the central court why.

At that time, a minister named Jiang Yi told him the following story:

“Once upon a time, there was a tiger in a cave. Because he was hungry, he ran outside looking for food. When he came to a dense forest, he suddenly saw a fox walking in front of him. He thought this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so he jumped over and caught him effortlessly.

Chinese myths and legend: The story of a fox pretending to be a tiger

But when he opened his mouth and was about to eat the fox into his stomach, the cunning fox suddenly spoke:

“Hum! Don’t think you are the king of beasts and dare to swallow me up. You know, heaven and earth have ordered me to be the king of kings. Whoever eats me will be severely punished and punished by heaven and earth.” the tiger listened to the fox’s words with half faith, but when he tilted his head and saw the fox’s arrogant and calm appearance, he was not surprised. The original noise Zhang’s arrogance and domineering posture have disappeared most of the time. Nevertheless, he still thinks in his heart: because I am the king of beasts, any beast in the world will be afraid of me. And he is ordered by the emperor of heaven to rule us!

At this time, the fox saw that the tiger hesitated to eat it. Knowing that he had believed his words, he raised his chest more arrogantly, and then pointed to the tiger’s nose and said, “why, don’t you believe what I said? Then come with me now and walk behind me to see if all the wild animals are scared out of their wits when they see me, The tiger thought it was a good idea, so he did it.

So the fox opened the way in front, while the tiger followed carefully. Not long after they walked, they vaguely saw many small animals scrambling for food in the depths of the forest. However, when they found the tiger walking behind the fox, they couldn’t help but be shocked and run away.

At this time, the fox proudly turned to look at the tiger. Seeing this situation, the tiger couldn’t help feeling a little frightened, but he didn’t know that the beasts were afraid of themselves, and thought they were really afraid of the fox!

The cunning fox’s plan succeeded, but his power was entirely because he borrowed the tiger to threaten the animals in a favorable situation, and the poor tiger was fooled and didn’t know it!

Therefore, the reason why the people in the north are afraid of Zhaoxi shirt is entirely because the king’s soldiers are in his hands. That is to say, what they fear is the king’s power! ”

From the above story, we can know that anyone who bullies others by the power of authority or bullies others by the power of his position can be described as “fox pretending to be tiger’s power”.

Fox pretends to be tiger means: fake: borrow. The fox took advantage of the tiger’s power. It is a metaphor for bullying people by relying on the power of others.

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