Chinese Myth: The Goddess Chang’s fly to the moon

It is said that one year in ancient times, there were ten suns in the sky, which made the earth smoke and the sea dry. People could no longer live.

This event startled a hero named Hou Yi. He climbed to the top of Kunlun Mountain, transported his divine power, opened his divine bow and shot down nine redundant suns in one breath.

The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon

Hou Yi’s unparalleled Kung Fu was respected and loved by the people, and many people with lofty ideals came to learn art. The treacherous, cunning and evil minded pengmeng also mixed in.

Soon Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind wife named Chang’e. In addition to passing on his skills and hunting, Hou Yi stayed with his wife all day. People envied this loving couple.

One day, Hou Yi went to Kunlun mountain to visit friends and ask for a way. He happened to meet the queen mother who passed by, so he asked the queen mother for a bag of fairy medicine. It is said that taking this medicine can immediately ascend to heaven and become an immortal.

However, Hou Yi was reluctant to leave his wife, so he had to temporarily give the fairy medicine to Chang’e for collection. Chang’e hid the medicine in the treasure box on the dresser, but Peng Meng saw it.

Three days later, Hou Yi led his disciples out hunting. The sinister pengmeng pretended to be ill and stayed.

Shortly after Hou Yi led his people away, Peng Meng broke into the backyard of the inner house with a sword and forced Chang’e to hand over the magic medicine.

Chang’e knew she was not pengmeng’s opponent. When she was in danger, she made a quick decision, turned to open the treasure box, took out the fairy medicine and swallowed it.

Chang’e swallowed the medicine and immediately floated off the ground, rushed out of the window and flew to the sky. Because Chang’e was worried about her husband, she flew to the moon nearest to the world and became an immortal.

In the evening, Hou Yi returned home, and the maids cried about what had happened during the day. Hou Yi was shocked and angry. He took his sword to kill the villain. Peng Meng had already escaped. He was so angry that Hou Yi beat his chest and feet and shouted. Grief stricken Hou Yi looked up at the night sky and called his wife’s name. At this time, he was surprised to find that today’s moon was particularly bright and bright, and there was a shaking figure that looked like Chang’e.

Hou Yi hurriedly sent someone to Chang’e’s favorite back garden, put a incense table, put her favorite honey and fresh fruit, and offered a distant sacrifice to Chang’e in the Moon Palace.

After hearing the news that Chang’e became an immortal on the full moon night, the people set up incense tables to pray for good luck and peace to the kind Chang’e.

The emperor of heaven was also moved by Chang’e and Hou Yi’s spirit of sacrificing themselves for the happiness of the villagers. Later, he named Hou Yi the general of heaven and reunited them on the Mid Autumn Festival.

From then on, Chang’e and Hou Yi lived a happy life in the sky.

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