Chinese Tales of Legendia: A careful story

Due to his father’s strict requirements, Jia Huangzhong was admitted as a Jinshi at the age of 15 and became a school scholar. Jia Huangzhong is an official, honest and upright. He was very punctual in Xuanzhou. One year, there was a famine, and many people starved to death. Jia Huangzhong cooked with his own rice and saved thousands of people. When he worked in Jinling, he found dozens of boxes of gold and silver treasures hidden in the Treasury, which were invaluable. He immediately cleaned them up and reported them to the imperial court.

A careful story

Song Dazhong was very happy and praised him, saying that if he hadn’t been honest, these treasures of the previous dynasty would have been lost; In addition, Jia Huangzhong’s mother was specially summoned to praise her meritorious service in teaching her son, which can be compared to Mencius’s mother.

However, Jia Huangzhong is too serious and cautious, and he often can’t make a quick decision in case of major events. Later, he was sent to work in other places. When he said goodbye to Taizong, Taizong warned him: “be humble and cautious. Both monarchs and ministers should do so, but if you go too far, you will lose your status as a minister.” When Jia Huangzhong died, his family was very poor. The emperor specially gave him 300000 yuan and 300 liang of silver to his old mother in recognition of his integrity and selflessness as an official. His mother taught his children well.

Cautious means: now it is described as cautious and careful, and dare not neglect at all.

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