Chinese tales of legendia: catching cicadas

the rain comes down in a deluge.A burly man was searching in the muddy forest.

“Don’t hide, I see you.” the strong man stared at the grass in front and shouted, but he didn’t get any response.The strong man lifted his feet and waded slowly into the grass.A slight noise came from behind, but it could not escape the strong man’s ears.He suddenly turned around and saw the branches and leaves of a tree stirring in the rain.The strong man sneered and walked towards the tree.The tree suddenly fell down. The strong man was not flustered. He raised his foot and kicked it out suddenly. The tree “clicked” and broke. The strong man found a thin rope tied to the tree.The other end of the rope extends behind him.”No, I’m in the trap!” without waiting for him to turn around, the knife light appeared in the grass behind him.The strong man shouted. It seemed that he had been caught. He jumped forward and seemed to fall, but he stood up on the ground with his hands, his feet rose and kicked back in a series.With the sound of “bang bang”, a man in black behind him stumbled out, pulling a blood line with a shiny steel knife in his hand and stirring it with the rain.The man in black withdrew more than ten steps, rolled down in the grass, and disappeared like a snake with a burst of noise.

The strong man did not catch up, but spread his hand and looked at the blood smeared on the wound in the palm of his hand.”It was a close call. I almost lost my life. Fortunately, I escaped the robbery with my foresight and dexterity, but I still suffered some skin trauma.”


catching cicadas

A middle-aged man stood for a long time in front of the broken Dragon King Temple on the top of the mountain in the rain, staring at the paper pasted on the wall.At the right end of the paper, write three big words in thick ink – wanted notice.Then there was a line of words denouncing the crime. After the words, it should be an ugly face, but the paper was torn off half at this key point, leaving only half of the incomplete face.The middle-aged man looked at it for a long time, stretched out his hand and pulled down the remaining half of the wanted notice. He muttered to himself, “unexpectedly, even this kind of wasteland has posted a notice.”

He went into the temple and rested against the corner.

After a while.

“Who?” the dozing middle-aged man felt someone standing in front of him in a trance, instinctively got up, drew a knife and cut off the vague figure in front.The blade was forcibly retracted by the middle-aged man less than half an inch away from the visitor, because the other party didn’t know how to dodge.He was a strong young man. He looked like a genuine farmer, bared a pair of fat feet, and his simple round face was full of confusion. He turned his eyes slowly and slipped on the knife for a long time before he suddenly reacted and shouted, “strong, robber!” then he awkwardly stepped back, picked up a large stone in front of the shrine and easily raised it over his head,He stared at the middle-aged man with hostility.

“I’m not a robber, I’m a robber.” the middle-aged man put his knife into the scabbard and waved to the young man, “I’m sorry to scare you. I’m a constable, named Wei Li. I’m looking for a villain, the person above. Do you recognize it?” Wei Li handed over the half wanted notice.The young man then bumped and couldn’t compare the positive and negative: “what is it? I don’t know the word.” Wei Li pointed the paper right over to the young man: “this is a wanted warrant, on which is a big villain, a key criminal wanted by 13 provinces…”

“Only half a face… With a thick beard, how can you recognize it?”

“This is the only half I saw on the outer wall of the temple. In fact, even the whole one is useless. The thief can change his face, and the painting on it may not be his true face. However, some marks can’t be covered up, such as the scar on his face.” Wei Li pointed to a thick line obliquely drawn on his cheek on the wanted notice,”He has a nickname ‘golden cicada thief’, which means that he is good at getting rid of the shell of golden cicada. Many experts came out to round him up and escaped. I heard that he often haunted nearby recently, so I followed him. I had found his trace, but I lost someone in the deep mountains and forests. I haven’t seen his true face. I almost took you as him just now. Fortunately, you don’t know martial arts. HeYour martial arts are very powerful. We have met several times secretly, and I am a little inferior. It is difficult to keep him when we get out of the mountain and enter the plain. I want to catch him here, but I need help. Can you help me? ”

“Of course I would, but I’m stupid and careless. I always help. People in the village call me silly column. Two days ago, I was scolded as a hooligan by Aunt Li who took a bath for rescuing a drowning pig.”

“Silly column, aren’t you tired of holding a stone and talking to me?”

“Oh,” silly column put the stone back on the ground, “I don’t think so.”

Wei Li watched silly Zhu’s actions with great interest: “although you don’t know martial arts, you are full of strength.” as soon as he talked about this topic, silly Zhu immediately came to the spirit and talked freely: “I am a natural divine power. I can lift it with one hand just like lifting a calf.” after that, he stretched out his hand to try. “No need.” Wei Li hurriedly dodged away.

“Really, if you don’t believe me, I’ll show you something else.”Silly column was not satisfied. He looked around and saw a dusty copper tripod in the corner of the wall. He went over and held the tripod arm tightly with his arms. He carried the force several times in a row. If he really lifted the huge tripod weighing more than hundreds of kilograms off the ground, he couldn’t lift it up. He was so red that it didn’t help. Finally, he let off his strength and put down the copper tripod again.”I’m not bragging. It should be possible to try again.” silly Zhu spit in the palm of his hand and went to hold the tripod.

Wei Li looked at him, shook his head and said to himself: it seems a little difficult to rely on this stupid guy alone. I don’t know if I can find other helpers.

Here comes the helper!

“I’m scared to death. Help, a wolf is chasing me!” a young woman rushed into the temple in panic.

Silly pillar complained, “it’s all your fault! I almost raised the tripod and gave you such a cry. It’s useless.” he looked up outside the temple and couldn’t help laughing: “where’s a wolf? It’s obviously a wild dog. Look, it scared you like this.”

The woman put a burden on the ground and said shyly, “I’m naturally timid. I lost my way to this barren mountain today. It’s scary to see anything.”

“Sister, don’t be afraid. I’m a constable. I’m chasing a key criminal. I want to ask you a favor…” Wei Li repeated what he said to silly Zhu to the woman again.

“What? There are bad guys. I won’t stay here. It’s too dangerous.” the woman’s face changed greatly. She looked frightened. She hurriedly packed up her things and was about to escape. However, she heard Wei Li’s way: “he’s a murderous thief. Maybe you can meet him as soon as you go out. With his personality, when you see a beautiful woman like you, he will take you first and then this one.”Wei Li raised his palm and drew a few gestures at the woman’s neck. She was so frightened that she tightened her neck and looked pale, but she didn’t dare to take a step out of the temple door again.

Wei Li then said, “it’s getting late. It’s raining heavily outside and there’s no one nearby. I don’t think it will take long for him to find shelter from the rain. We only have the power of three people to control him, otherwise no one can escape his poison. I have a very powerful overpowering drug on me. As long as I can trick him into taking a little, I’ll make sure he can’t move. Which of you has food?”

“I have more than ten pieces of bread in my bag, which I brought to my relatives.” the woman opened the bag

The first two candles of the statue were lit.

A flash of lightning reflected an iron tower like figure at the gate of the temple.

The man dragged mud and water into the temple. The bearded and scarred face looked very ferocious against the flickering candle. A pair of bright eyes shot sharp eyes and scanned the three people who had previously stayed in the temple.

Silly Zhu’s attention was all focused on the tripod and didn’t pay any attention to the visitors. Wei Li looked calmly, as if he had inadvertently looked up and nodded friendly to the uninvited guest. Only the woman trembled and bowed her head involuntarily by the scar faced man’s eyes. Wei Li coughed and motioned the woman to stabilize her mood.

The Scarface man ignored them and sat down in an open space near the door. Without saying a word, he stared at the rain in silence.

The atmosphere in the broken Temple suddenly became silent. Only the patter of rain outside the temple and the hard breathing of silly columns in the temple could be heard.

Except for the silly column buried in moving the tripod, others seem to have varying degrees of depression.

Wei Li took the lead in breaking the deadlock: “sister, it’s getting late. I’m hungry. Take out the dry food we brought.”

The woman looked nervous and unloaded the burden. She took out a cake from the inside and handed it to Wei Li. Wei Li said to the Scarface Han not far away, “brother, you can eat some. It seems that the rain will have to rain for some time. First, cushion your stomach so that you can resist the wind and cold.” she also said to the woman, “sister, send a cake to brother, too.”

The woman answered, took a piece of cake, moved slowly, reluctantly came to the Scarface Han, looked timidly at his face, and said in a trembling voice, “big brother, big brother… Eat, eat.” due to excessive tension, her hands shook violently, and the cakes fell to the ground.

Wei Li rushed over to pick up the cakes on the ground and said with a smile, “my sister has never seen the world. She can’t speak when she sees strangers. She also soiled the cakes. I’ll change one for you.”

The Scarface man raised his hand and said coldly, “no, I don’t want to eat.”

Wei Li turned around, winked at the woman, and they returned.

The action failed, but the woman breathed a sigh of relief and her expression relaxed a lot. Wei Li stared at the woman and motioned her to sit down.

Glancing at the scarred man again, he found that his Adam’s Apple moved. This subtle action strengthened Wei Li’s confidence.

“He’s swallowing!” Wei Li said in his heart, “hum, see how long you can endure.” then he called silly column again: “brother, don’t bother to eat.”

“Oh.” silly pillar promised to get close to them, but his eyes kept aiming at the tripod and muttered reluctantly, “I can lift it when I’m full.”

Silly Zhu grabbed a dough cake, just bit it, raised his eyes, and suddenly saw the Scarface man sitting on the ground. He couldn’t help staring at the obvious face, then raised his hand, pointed at the Scarface man and shouted, “he! That big beard…” Wei Li quickly answered: “don’t talk at dinner.” silly Zhu didn’t pay attention to Wei Li’s face and still said:”And on his face…” eat. “Wei Li pushed the cake in his hand into his mouth to stop him from talking. He explained to Scarface:” my brother has a brain problem and always says something irrelevant. ”

Silly column insisted on speaking, but his mouth was stuffed with cakes. He could only make a vague sound of “sobbing”. He had to swallow the cakes in his mouth quickly, make room for his mouth and continue to say, “where’s your paper? Take it out and have a look.”

But the scarred faced man suddenly got up, grabbed most of the remaining cakes from silly Zhu and swallowed them. It seems that he is really hungry.

Silly column was also confused by the sudden move of the Scarface man. He stayed for a moment and said, “he robbed my cake!”

The Scarface suddenly shook violently and scratched his fingers in his throat, but he couldn’t spit out anything.

Wei Li sneered, “I thought I was strong, but I didn’t think I was a greedy guy. I knew you wouldn’t doubt this stupid brother. The overpowering drug wasn’t on the cake. In my hand, I put it on his cake when I stuffed the cake into his mouth, but you thought the cake he had bitten was safe.” Wei Li looked at the shaky Scarface happily,”Choke” pulled out the knife and shouted, “die!”

With a little remaining strength, Scarface Han dragged silly column to block him by his neck, blocking Wei Li’s attack. Wei Li was not in a hurry to attack, but forced Scarface han to retreat with a knife, forcing his back against the bronze tripod, and there was no way to go back. Silly column struggled to wriggle out of Scarface Han’s hand and flashed aside. Wei Li saw the opportunity and immediately took the knife to scarThe man cut off his feet. The man jumped into the cauldron, avoiding the blade. Wei Li was surprised: he was drugged and moved so skillfully. He was about to wield his knife again, but there was an absolutely unexpected scene. The silly column standing next to the cauldron couldn’t help holding the huge cauldron. This time, he raised the cauldron and stood in the cauldronThe scarred face man raised it to his head. Silly column shouted excitedly, “I raised it, and I said I would succeed if I had enough.” “good job, throw him down quickly.” Wei Li said happily to silly column.

“OK, here you are.” but silly Zhu threw the tripod with others and ran straight into Wei Li.

This time it was Wei Li’s turn to step back and scold: “fool, you want to kill me.”

Wei Li retreated to the door. The tripod was close to his chest. He was so anxious that he leaned back and used the body method of an iron plate bridge. He watched the tripod pass by, hit the door plate and rushed out of the door with the Scarface man. Then he stood up. Before he had time to breathe, he opened his mouth in surprise and looked out of the door.

The Scarface Han, who was already outside the temple, turned forward and got out of the tripod. In the middle of the air, his feet flew together and kicked on the jumping door panel. The door panel pulled up a wet “rain tail” and quickly shot back into the temple and quickly hit Wei Li’s chest.

Wei Li raised his knife and set the door upright. Then he heard a loud crack. The door cracked into two. The Scarface man’s strong feet broke through the door, clamped Wei Li’s neck and twisted him to the ground.

Wei Li struggled and shouted, “come and help.” the woman immediately came forward to help Wei Li. Instead of helping Wei Li, she started to point all the way down the acupoints of Wei Li’s body until he couldn’t move.

At this time, the slow response silly column came late. The woman turned back and showed a pair of scissors to silly column.

Silly column looked at the woman in surprise: “what are you doing?” “nerd, they are a group.” Wei Li, who was subdued, said angrily.

Silly column turned his eyes and thought for a while before he said to the woman, “Oh, so you are also a bad man.”

The woman took away the scissors and said with a smile, “yes, we are all the way, but we are not villains. The real villain is him!”

“Golden cicada thief, you can’t escape this time.” scar faced Hansong opened his feet and looked at Wei Li who fell askew on the ground. “You must be surprised that I still have the strength to fight back when I was drugged by you? Who asked you to choose my daughter-in-law as the druggist?”

The woman looked at the Scarface Han with gentle eyes, and then said to Wei Li, “I mixed the poison free ‘naoqingsan’ in your overpowering drug, and your drug will be dissolved in his body only for a moment. I deliberately pretended to be timid and didn’t let you doubt, and gave him a hint when I sent him cakes.”

Silly column seems to be confused by this sudden accident.

“What’s going on? I’m confused who is the bad guy.”

Scarface Han said, “our husband and wife are bounty hunters who specialize in catching wanted criminals in Wulin secondary school. The goal this time is the golden cicada thief.” the woman said to silly Zhu again: “this guy is really good at disguise. Today he pretended to be a constable to deceive us both. If I didn’t know the details in advance, I’d believe his lie.”

“Don’t listen to their nonsense. He’s the golden cicada thief. Help me catch them!” although Wei Li couldn’t move, he kept fighting.

“You have some truth, but…” silly Zhu’s idea still stayed in the woman’s words, and asked suspiciously, “the thief in the painting has a beard.”

“Such thieves are good at changing their appearance. Who knows what they will look like. Maybe the wanted notice is painted with a fake beard to confuse people.”

“What about the scar? How do you explain it? You’re the only one here.” Wei Li still tried to explain.

The Scarface man responded calmly: “a masked man in black attacked me, scratched my face with a knife, and he got hit by my feet and ran away. You see, this painting uses black ink, but this scar is red. It is obvious that he added it after biting his finger and dipping it in blood. He knew that there was a wound on my face, so he made a fake on this painting to frame me.””You’re nonsense. I haven’t had a fight with anyone today.” Wei Li roared at the top of his voice.

The Scarface man frowned, pulled down a cloth strip under the shrine and stuffed it into Wei Li’s mouth: “shut up, you always affect my mood.” the Scarface man patted the dust on his hands, suddenly his eyes brightened, stretched out his hand and pulled out something from under the shrine, a set of black clothes. The Scarface man smiled and narrowed his eyes into a line: “now how can you deny it?”Wei Li’s face was twisted, but his mouth was blocked and he couldn’t speak. Scarface Han raised his black clothes to silly column: “look, this is the evidence of his fight with me. My shoe prints are still printed on his clothes.”

Silly column patted his head and said, “why is it so complicated? The more I listen, the more confused I become.”

The scarred faced man patted silly column on the shoulder and said, “fellow townsman, things in the Jianghu are strange and changeable.”

“I’m stupid at first. If you tell me such a complicated paste thing again, I can’t understand it. When the rain stops, I’m going home to farm.” silly column, with a confused face, went out of the temple door and walked down the mountain.

The Scarface man looked at his back and said mockingly, “it’s useless to talk to such a mindless person. Madam, let’s go and escort him to the Yamen to get a reward while it doesn’t rain.”

But the woman suddenly “eh” said, “Xianggong, what do you think this is?” he handed over a bronze medal, “I found it on the ground.” Scarface Han took the bronze medal and looked at it carefully, and his face changed gradually: “this is the waist token of the constable, and he is also a famous arrest with identity. I often deal with people in the government and know this. We caught the wrong person. It turned out that he is really a constable.”Scarface Han quickly untied Wei Li’s acupoints and said with a smile: “Sir, I’ve offended our husband and wife just now. I’ll forgive our husband and wife’s rudeness.” Scarface Han said soft words politely. After all, it’s not a good thing to treat officials so rudely just now.

Wei Li didn’t blame them, but grabbed the black suit, leaned over to the candle and looked carefully. He stretched out his hand to pinch a pinch of black short hair from the front flap and looked at it in front of his eyes. Suddenly, he suddenly realized, “it’s stubble, he shaved his beard!” Wei Li grabbed the wanted notice and said to the woman, “lend me your scissors.”Wei Li took the scissors, raised the notice and quickly cut it down along the man’s cheek. He soon cut an arc-shaped piece of paper from the paper and threw it aside. Then he stared at the residue in his hand and suddenly laughed.

The couple didn’t understand what he was doing. They came together to watch the fugitive without beard on the picture.

Wei Liwu kept laughing: “look who the shaved fugitive looks like?” the couple looked at each other, their eyes full of confusion.

Wei Li reminded, “you and I have sharp chins, but the person in this picture is a round face.”

“It’s silly.”

“Yes, we smart people who thought we were right were fooled by that fool. He was the one who fought with you in the woods, and he painted the scar. He was chased by you, so he shaved his beard, took off his night clothes and fled to the temple. He hid his night clothes while I was napping. He pretended to be silly and fooled us all, so he easily caught usThe hunter ran away under his eyes. “Wei Li almost laughed and cried:” the mantis catches the cicada, and the Yellow finch is behind. I didn’t expect that the cicada escaped in this story. ”

“Chase!” the hunter and his wife immediately chased out of the temple door, and Wei Li’s laughter echoed in the temple.

When the two men reached the hillside, Scarface suddenly stopped and thought, “No.” why not? “” how did he know that I was fighting with the golden cicada thief in the woods? “Thinking of this, Scarface tried hard and said,” no, we’ve been fooled again! Go back. ”

When they rushed back to the temple, Wei Li had long disappeared.

The Scarface picked up the pieces of the wanted notice on the ground and put them together. He stretched out his fingers to draw along the beard of the half face and stopped at his jaw. It was obvious that a slightly pointed chin had been cut off from the face, and the shape of the face became round


Wei Li stood on a ferry with a proud smile on his face and was complacent about his tact: I don’t know how the couple got along in the Jianghu. I didn’t even know this vulgar skill. I just took another turn under the scissors and changed the shape of my face. Now I shaved my beard and flew away. Who can recognize me? I just didn’t understand one thing.Wei Li took out the bronze medal of the constable’s identity and played it in his hand: which careless official left this life-saving thing in the temple?

“It’s my card.” a familiar voice came. Immediately, Wei Li felt that as soon as his belt tightened, the whole person was raised by a powerful force.

The boatman held Wei Li in one hand, lifted his straw hat with the other hand, revealed silly Zhu’s simple and honest round face, looked at him with a smile, and said slowly, “how can you get out of the shell this time?”

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