Chinese Tales of Legendia: Cowherd and Weaver Girl

Vega lives in the east of Tianhe. She is the youngest daughter of the emperor of heaven. Because she is good at weaving, everyone calls her “Vega”.

The weaver girl works hard and busily every day. In the morning, she weaves a radiant sunrise; At noon, she came out of a cloudless sky; At dusk, she weaves a colorful sunset; In the evening, she was busy decorating the black brocade with glittering.

Chinese Tales of Legendia: Cowherd and Weaver Girl

She works very hard every day, but she is very lonely, so she is always unhappy. In the west of Tianhe, there is a cowherd. His job is to raise cattle in the sky. He wants the cattle to eat grass and bathe them. He works a lot every day. But Niulang is a hardworking and down-to-earth young man. He works hard every day and raises the cattle in the sky strong and well. The emperor of heaven appreciates him very much.

One day, the emperor summoned the Cowherd and the weaver girl.

“Weaver girl, I think you work very hard every day, but you are always unhappy. You are not young. I want to marry you to a cowherd. Do you want to?” the emperor asked weaver girl.

Zhinv knew that Niulang was an honest and responsible young man, so she said:

“Everything is up to her father.” then she bowed her head in shame. The emperor of heaven was very happy and said to the cowherd:

“Niulang, I love this little daughter most. She can be said to be versatile. I think you are also a promising young man. Now I betroth my daughter to you. Do you want to?”

The cowherd looked at the weaver girl and thought she was a gentle and lovely girl, so he readily agreed.

Since then, the Cowherd and the weaver girl have lived a very loving life. They often hold hands, travel in the sky and enjoy. Vega felt so fresh and interesting about everything, because she had never gone out to play before. Her busy work every day could not give her a chance to rest.

The cowherd is the same. In the past, because he wanted to herd cattle, he could only go to the grassland every time. Now she is accompanied by weaver girl and plays everywhere together. It’s very happy.

However, they all forgot each other’s work. The weaver girl forgot to weave. As a result, the sky was blank and there was no beautiful sky anymore; The cowherd forgot to look at the cattle. As a result, the longicorn ran around and ruined the Tianting. The emperor angrily said to them:

“You two are so disappointing to me. You only know how to play all day, but neglect your work. I decide to punish you well. From today on, you go back to your jobs. You can only see each other once on July 7 every year. You are not allowed to see each other except that day. If you violate orders, you will be executed.”

Since then, cowherd and weaver girl had to endure the pain of Acacia and work at the same time. They only looked forward to July 7.

Because magpies sympathize with the experience of Cowherd and weaver girl, they build a bridge for them on July 7 every year, so that they can meet on the magpie bridge and tell each other about the pain of Acacia.

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