Chinese Tales of Legendia: Donkey becomes wife

Once upon a time, there was a scholar. He fell in love with a young lady. They often dated in an ancient temple.

On this day, they were dating again. The scholar was in high spirits all the way. As he walked, he blew a small song with leaves. He was very happy.

Donkey becomes wife

Walking along, I met a mangy monk. The mangy monk was in a hurry and looked left and right. Seeing him, he looked a little cunning. He stopped him and said, “little benefactor, where are you going?”

The scholar smiled and said, “Hello, master! I’m going to meet my sweetheart. She’s waiting for me in the ancient temple ahead“

“What?” The mangy monk exclaimed, “you said the girl in the ancient temple is your sweetheart, my God! No, she was caught by a strange bird. Go and save her“

The scholar was worried and asked loudly, “master! Where can you see the strange birds flying“

“I wonder that the bird flew to the black forest with the girl in its mouth.” The monk pointed to the direction of the black forest.

After hearing this, the scholar ran away. He had only one idea in his mind to save his sweetheart quickly.

When I was running, I heard a chirping bird cry overhead. When I looked up, I saw a strange bird holding a shoe with its beak and claws rubbing against the tree. The scholar saw that it was his sweetheart’s shoes. It’s over. Has your sweetheart been eaten by strange birds?

The scholar was surprised and angry. He climbed up the tree several times and grabbed the strange bird to strangle it. The strange bird begged: “don’t kill me! Don’t kill me. It’s not me who took your sweetheart. You let me go and I’ll help you find it.

“Ha, that’s strange!” The scholar said, “you are a bird. How can I believe you?”

“Trust me, only I can help you find your sweetheart.” The strange bird struggled.

The scholar thought it might be useful to leave it, so he let it go and took it on the road. They walked and walked until it was dark, but they didn’t find any trace of the strange bird. The scholar was tired and hungry. He ate some wild fruits and lay down under the tree for a while. Unexpectedly, he fell asleep soon.

When he woke up the next morning, the scholar remembered the strange bird and found it sleeping beside him. He was very happy. He thought that the strange bird had not deceived him and decided to treat it like a friend in the future, so he gently woke up the strange bird and set out on the road together.

They spent a whole day through the dense black forest and came to another forest. The strange bird said, “there is a high mountain at the end of the forest, and there is a cave under the high mountain. Where is your sweetheart. The scholar couldn’t wait to go to the depths of the forest. Sure enough, he saw a high mountain at the end of the forest. There was a big cave at the foot of the mountain. Looking inside, there was a dark cave. At the edge of the cave stood a beautiful girl crying.

The scholar asked strangely, “little girl, why are you crying here?”

The girl replied, “I was caught by a strange bird. Can you save me home?”

The scholar immediately replied, “of course I’ll save you, but I have to find my sweetheart first. She was caught by a strange bird and came here.” Then he stepped into the cave, and the girl followed him closely.

The strange bird said, “well, I don’t think the big bird is in the cave.”

The girl said, “yes! It may be on the top of the mountain“

After listening, the scholar went out of the cave, looked at the high mountain and said, “then let’s go up the mountain to find it!”

The strange bird flapped its wings and said, “OK! I’ll fly you up“ Then he squatted beside the scholar. The scholar jumped over the strange bird and pulled the girl in front of him. The strange bird flew into the sky and reached the top of the mountain in the blink of an eye. They saw that the top of the mountain was covered with glittering gemstones and glittering gold. The scholar only glanced at these precious stones and gold, and went everywhere to look for his sweetheart. He searched all the places on the mountain, but he didn’t find her. The scholar sighed, worried, and sat on the top of the mountain with heartache.

The girl came up to him and said, “Why are you sad? You see, I’m not ugly. Now there are so many precious stones under our feet. Isn’t it good for us to take them back and buy a big house to get married“

The scholar said sadly, “I don’t see what you look like. I don’t care about the gemstones all over the ground. I just want to find my sweetheart. I’ll be happy when I know she’s still well.”

Suddenly there was a dark cloud in the sky. The scholar looked up and saw that it was a big bird. The big bird rushed over, picked up the scholar, flew to the sky and finally landed in a big yard. The yard was surrounded by high walls. The big bird threw him down, rattled and flew away.

The scholar was still knocked dizzy on the ground. He staggered to his feet and saw a donkey not far away. The donkey was very strange. When he saw him, he burst into tears and rubbed it against him.

At this time, an old woman came out of the house, ignored him and took the donkey to grind wheat. The donkey looked at the scholar pitifully while pulling the mill.

The scholar looked at the poor donkey, went to the old woman and said, “mother-in-law, please let the little donkey rest! It looks pathetic“

The old woman said, “ho! He is a working beast. Why pity him. If you pity it, you can help her pull the mill“

The scholar promised to work for the donkey without thinking about it. The little donkey was happy and added his face. The scholar worked until night. He was very tired. He and the donkey fell asleep in the mill.

The next morning, the scholar woke up and found that the little donkey in his arms had become his sweetheart. He opened his eyes in surprise and shouted, “my God! Oh, my God! Am I dreaming“

His voice woke up her sweetheart. She blinked her beautiful big eyes and said, “this is not a dream. This is my home. My father wants to try your sincerity, so my father dressed up as a leprosy monk. Both strange birds are my father’s pets and girls. She is my sister. The old woman is my old servant, and the little donkey“

“It’s you…” the scholar laughed and said, “so, did I pass their test?”

The sweetheart smiled and said, “of course, first you are not afraid of danger, then you refuse my sister’s temptation, and you don’t even look at those gemstones. The most valuable thing is that I became a donkey and you still have feelings for me, which shows that you really love me.

The scholar said seriously, “of course, no matter how your family tests me, I’m not afraid, because I have only you in my heart.”

Soon after, the scholar married his sweetheart in the blessing of their parents. They have been living a very happy and happy life.

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