Chinese Tales of Legendia: Huang Daopo

During the Yuan Dynasty, a lot of cotton was planted in Songjiang area, but the people were still short of clothes and cloth. Why? It turned out that at this time, people had to peel the cottonseed by hand before spinning cotton cloth.

It took a lot of time and energy. Often the fingernails fell off, and they couldn’t peel much. At this time, a Huang Daopo learned a good textile skill from the Li people from Yashan, Hainan. She was determined to reform the textile technology in her hometown and make the villagers live better.

Chinese Tales of Legendia
Huang Daopo invited an old carpenter to design a wooden hand ginning cart according to the way that the people of Yashan used two slender iron rods to roll away cotton seeds.

This kind of ginning cart is hand-operated by two people and cotton seeds by one person. It is clean and labor-saving, and the efficiency is greatly improved. But with the ginning cart, it’s still slow to play cotton with the original small bamboo bow! Huang Daopo went to the cotton playing master to discuss the reform of cotton playing tools.

The reform is the 4-foot long wooden rope string bow we occasionally see today. In this way, the textile technology has been greatly improved, and the people can wear all kinds of colorful, beautiful and bright cotton clothes.

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