Chinese Tales of Legendia: Mermaid legend

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named zuoer by the sea. She was sixteen years old. Her mother died early. Her father often went fishing at sea. Her stepmother took the opportunity to scold zuoer.

That day, Ying’er went to the sea and unknowingly walked to a wasteland. From a distance, she saw a strange mud pool, puffing bubbles. Ying’er guessed that there was a sea clam there, so she went into the water to touch it. Suddenly, Ying’er felt an invisible force clinging to her legs and wanted to break free, but she was caught more and more tightly, and the whole person slowly sank

Mermaid legend

I don’t know how long later, Ying’er opened her eyes, but found herself lying in a big house instead of the wasteland just now. This place is resplendent and magnificent, like a palace, with furnishings that Ying’er has never seen. The girls in gauze long skirts smiled and helped Ying’er bathe and change clothes, and then pushed her to the mirror. Ying’er couldn’t help but be stunned. Who is this beautiful girl? She smiled with two dimples.

Ying’er soon met all the people in the village. They warmly invited Ying’er to stay. In the next two days, Ying’er was very happy. In particular, a third childe always inadvertently appeared beside her, which made her uneasy and unspeakable joy.

But when she woke up on the fourth morning, Ying’er suddenly found that her arms were itchy. She rolled up her sleeves and was stunned. She saw that the whole arm was covered with fish scales. She quickly lifted her clothes and saw that she had some on her body. Ying’er pulled hard. A large area of fish scales fell off, but they grew out again soon.

“If you don’t leave here and return to the world before dawn, you will become a fish.” The girl who spoke was fei’er. I learned from the girls’ jokes that fei’er had always secretly liked the third childe. Thinking that she would become a monster covered with fish scales, Ying’er couldn’t help shivering. She hurriedly asked, “how can I return to the world?”

“The fountain in the garden can suck you back.”

The fountain was like a big mouth, which swallowed Ying’er into the dark at once. When he opened his eyes again, he was already lying in the mud. The gauze skirt has disappeared. It’s still the original rags.

To Ying’er’s relief, all the scales on her body disappeared. But suddenly he thought of the third childe, and he also disappeared. Ying’er was disappointed. When she got up, Ying’er found that there was a small pearl in her palm.

As soon as her stepmother saw Ying’er, she yelled, “where have you died these days?” Ying’er discriminated that she was trapped on the lonely reef by the tide and handed the little pearl to her stepmother, which was regarded as avoiding a severe beating.

In the twinkling of an eye, she has been home for more than ten days. Ying’er is haggard day by day. She never knew that it was such a painful thing to miss someone. The third childe’s voice and smile did not leave her for a moment. Ying’er felt that if she didn’t see the third childe, she couldn’t live. She ran to the wasteland and jumped into the mud.

When Ying’er opened her eyes, she was already happily lying in the arms of the third childe. He lost a lot and stared at Ying’er’s face and refused to leave for a moment. Fei’er stood in the distance and looked at the scene with resentment in his eyes. Three days later, Ying’er grew scales. When she returned to the world, she sent a small pearl around her. Ying’er simply used this way to travel between the world and the Crystal Palace.

That day, when she returned home from the sea, there were a group of strangers in the house. A strange man claimed that he met Ying’er in the place of fireworks and gave her a pearl every time. He has bought Ying’er from his stepmother.

Ying’er tried to run away, but several strong men surrounded her. He tied Ying’er’s hand and pulled it out of the door. Ying’er has made up her mind and won’t go with them even if she tries her best. In her struggle, she suddenly remembered the little pearl in her hand. Maybe it had something to do with the third childe. Thinking of this, Ying’er concentrated on reciting the third childe’s name. She only felt light and cold. Ying’er was surprised to find that she was already in the sea. The sea has been in high tide, and the sky and earth are gray. It is vaguely visible. This is the sea area near the mire.

Ying’er was born by the sea. She has a good water quality, but her hands are tied. She can swim with the strength of her legs. She just feels that her body is sinking. Ying’er’s chest seems to be burning. She knows she will never see the third childe again.

“Ying’er, Ying’er!” It was this familiar call that woke Ying’er up. When she saw the third childe in front of her, she couldn’t help crying. The third childe’s body could only be described as flesh and blood. Each scar was scorched yellow, and the meat turned over, which was very ferocious. The original handsome face is also scarred, which makes people unbearable.

“What are you?” Ying’er was so distressed that she didn’t know what to say.

“People here can’t appear in the world. Once they appear, they will be tortured again before they die, but you can’t sink in the sea. In order to save you, the third childe swam out of the mud at the cost of his own life…” fei’er’s vicious heart was stopped by the third childe.

Three days later, Ying’er’s fear still happened, and fish scales began to grow on her.

“You’d better go back to the world. Although you are dead there, you can be reborn again. If you really become a fish, you won’t be so lucky. I’m afraid he won’t recognize you even if you swim in front of the third childe“ Fei’er said with a sneer.

“Reincarnation?” A glimmer of hope rose from the bottom of Ying’er’s heart, “that is, after more than ten years, I can come back and see the third childe again?”

“Well thought, I heard that there is something called Meng Po Tang. After drinking it, you will forget the things of your previous life. How can you remember the third childe more than ten years later?” Feier laughed.

Ying’er got up sadly and shook her head slowly: “as long as I can see the third childe, I’d rather be a fish.”

Ying’er endured the pain in her heart and spent the last day with the third childe. Towards midnight, Ying’er slipped into the garden and fei’er waited there. Ying’er asks fei’er for help. After she becomes a fish, she puts her into the fountain so that she can silently watch the third childe in the years to come.

The scene in front of her became bigger and bigger. Soon Ying’er found herself crawling at fei’er’s feet and couldn’t make a sound anymore.

Feier picked up Ying’er without expression. Instead of putting her into the fountain, he walked outside the palace.

“You lied to me!” Ying’er shouted silently. Fei’er said with a smile: “I was a ghost in the world. I fell in love with the third childe and devoted myself to cultivating in a clam shell. I didn’t expect you to take my love away. I turned into you in the fireworks willow lane and cheated three pearls. I wanted to end your relationship with the third childe…” she threw it hard and Ying’er went to the sea and really became a fish, I’ll never see the third childe again.

Frustrated Ying’er no longer struggled and floated along the water. She couldn’t see the third childe. It was the same everywhere she went. Suddenly Ying’er’s body tightened and a lot of fish were crowded around her. It turned out that these fish were caught by the fisherman’s net. Ying’er was bought by an old man as soon as she got ashore. A piece of water folklore grass passed through her ear and hurt deeply.

The old man scraped Yinger’s body with a knife on the left and a knife on the right. The pain made her eyes twinkle and her whole body tremble. After scraping, he was cut on his stomach with a pair of scissors. Ying’er had already fainted with pain. It turned out that it was such a painful thing for fish. At this time, the oil pan was already boiling. The old man threw Ying’er in, and a burst of great pain hit her. She suddenly understood how the injury on the third childe came that day. In order to save her, he could endure such pain, but it was a pity that he couldn’t stay with him forever. This pain was thousands of times more painful than the pain on his body. Ying’er was dark and didn’t know anything.

In a trance, Ying’er heard her name called.

“Ying’er, you woke up and scared me to death.” The third childe hugged Ying’er and wept with joy. It turned out that Ying’er had returned to Yuren village

A few months later, Ying’er married the third childe, and she never had fish scales on her body. But to her surprise, Feier seemed to disappear. Ying’er inquired about fei’er’s whereabouts from the sisters in Yuren village. Her face darkened and sighed for a long time: “she didn’t want me to tell you. You can escape the last difficulty and become a fish man. It is the internal alchemy of right and wrong in your mouth, otherwise you will go to the world of reincarnation“

“Fei’er gave me Neidan. What should she do?” Ying’er hurried.

“She has become a fish in three days.”

Ying’er suddenly remembered what fei’er said when she put her into the sea that day: “I don’t want you and the third childe to love each other. Third childe, I don’t want to live because of you. Let’s go with it“

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