Chinese Tales of Legendia: Pee out of Zhixian

In the third year of Guangxu, Wang Qingshi, a scholar in Laiyang, came to the capital for the exam like many other people in the country.

Wang Ju people and they stayed in an inn called “Fu RI Sheng”. Many Ju people, like Wang Ju people, also continued to live in this inn.

The inn has more than 30 guest rooms with a zigzag structure. There is a big yard in the middle. The children go in and out, face to face, and they get familiar with it slowly.

Chinese Tales of Legendia: Pee out of Zhixian

Wang Juren’s schoolboy, Wang Xiao, is only 12 years old. He has a wide forehead, black eyes and a round face. He is cute and naive. Everyone loves him. Wang Ju Ren often praises me as a child. If it weren’t for that little problem, I wouldn’t change it.

What’s the matter bed-wetting. Almost every night, Wang Xiao draws on his mattress.

If the mattress is wet, it will naturally be dried. So as soon as the sun comes out every day, Wang Xiao’s urine mattress is put up on the clothes drying pole in the “Fu RI Sheng” courtyard.

Everyone made fun of him. Maybe Wang Xiao was used to teasing and didn’t feel embarrassed at all. A Henan Ju Zi Bao Qian liked to tease him. Pointing to the urine trace, he said, Wang Xiao, this time he peed well, like a goose. Wang Xiao showed a pair of tiger teeth, smiled at him, made a grimace and said, at that moment, I dug down the goose and baked it for the master. All laugh.

The meeting is over. In the days waiting for the release of the list, the people were relaxed and often gathered to drink together because they were about to leave.

That night, Wang Ju Ren and several Ju Zi got drunk and were driven by Wang Xiao before they reluctantly climbed to bed.

The next day, Wang Xiaoyou dried his urine mattress again. Bao Ju people came to joke with him again. He pointed and said, what’s the painting this time? Squinting his eyes for a long time, he said, unlike chickens and ducks, unlike cats and dogs. Suddenly he said, this side is sharp, this side is round, and this side seems to be a crescent moon. How did you pee like the territory of our county?

Soon, Wang Juren high school and Bao Juren failed to make the list.

Wang Ju Ren stayed at home for three years and was appointed county magistrate. Who would have thought that it was the county where Bao Ju Ren came from.

The elated Wang Zhi county immediately took office. On the way, Wang Xiao bravely said to the master, master, you can still pee in bed once and pee out of the territory of a county. Master, I want me to say that you must have a grip in your hand to govern this county. It’s just you pee!

Half a month later, they arrived in office. Soon Bao Ju’s people came to visit. Wang Zhi county was naturally happy to see his old friend. Later, the two had frequent contacts.

A year later, on the Mid Autumn Festival, Wang Zhi county invited Bao Juren and several squires to drink and enjoy the moon.

That night, everyone had a few more drinks. Bao Ju people joked with Wang Xiao: Wang Xiao, do you still draw in the dark? With his tongue wide open, he said to some squires, you don’t know. This Wang Xiaoke is amazing. When people take a pee, they pee like the territory of our county. Speaking of this, he paused, patted his forehead, seemed to realize something, and said, alas, Lord Wang happened to come here as a parent official. Doesn’t it mean that you peed out Lord Wang’s county magistrate? The other squires were all monks. Seeing that everyone didn’t fully understand, Bao Ju told them carefully. When Wang Xiao heard this, he thought Bao Ju was praising his ability. Without much thought, he said, no, no, I can’t do that. Our master peed.

The people stared, and Wang Zhixian blushed. Wang Xiao found that he had said the wrong thing, covered his mouth and hid in a corner.

Early the next morning, Bao Qian came to apologize. Bao heaved people to the end, said a lot of good words with a sad face, and almost reached out to fan his mouth. Wang Zhixian Lian said, “it’s okay, it’s just a joke!”

However, when the county master peed, he became a magistrate of the county – but the joke spread.

Wang Zhi county felt something was wrong. Although it was a joke, it showed a great disrespect.

Wang Zhixian was uneasy. More and more afraid of what.

Soon there was another news that Wang Zhi county had wet his bed again. This time, people peed out a territory of Henan Province.

Before long, the governor of Henan came to inspect. Unexpectedly, the governor also heard the rumor. The governor looked at Wang Qingshi and said half jokingly and half seriously that there would be no waves without wind. It must be your usual domineering that made people hate you and make jokes for you. Then the conversation turned and said you wouldn’t replace me. Wang Zhixian trembled with fear.

After the governor left, Wang Zhi county was still fighting with his legs. Then he always thought about what the governor said, and felt that the governor was overtones in conversation. The more he thought about it, the more frightened he was. Soon, Wang Zhi county became ill. His family was busy with the treatment of the middle court. After half a month, he was able to slow down. But the new rumor came back leisurely.

At this time, Wang Zhi county began to doubt whether he had entered a big conspiracy.

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