Chinese Tales of Legendia: Pei Ye

Mr. Pei is very famous in this small county. People say that the old man reads old books – people in small county don’t say ancient books, but old books. Mr. Pei’s book is a vertical version from right to left. In addition, it is needless to say that Mr. Pei’s brush calligraphy, but the couplets written by him are witty and humorous, which makes people in the small county enjoy talking about.

How good is Pei’s handwriting, but there is a little story. That was a long time ago. When the people’s Republic of China was just established, Pei, who was in his early twenties and educated, got a temporary job in the government and copied and wrote for the government. Of course, it was necessary to write notices. But the notice he wrote with a brush was pasted on the wall at the gate of the government, and it was taken away after one night, and it was the same again and again. The Secretary and county magistrate were highly vigilant. They thought it was a sign of sabotage by enemy agents, so they arranged for the public security bureau to catch it. They really caught it. But the results made people laugh and cry. Those arrested were all Miao Hong, without any words and deeds of enemy agents. One of them was a unit chief in the government. Asked them why they did it, they all replied that the word was well written and itched. They couldn’t resist it for a moment, so they went to take it off.

Chinese Tales of Legendia

Pei’s handwriting is very good, so many people come to the door to ask for calligraphy, especially the opening ceremony of the company’s shops, hoping to get Pei’s calligraphy, which is a gold lettered signboard. Of course, there is another reason. Mr. Pei’s son is Xiao Pei, deputy director of the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the small county. Xiao Pei once told Mr. Pei that it’s best not to write signboards for others, so that no one can use them as tiger skin and it’s hard for him to do things.

In fact, Mr. Pei doesn’t want to write for the shop, but the reason is not what Xiao Pei said, but that hanging his own words in the shop is too vulgar and cheap! I’m an old book reader. How can I be with brother Kong Fang? It’s just that the town is so big that people can’t refuse, but Lord Pei can often hide by writing his own couplets.

One day, a man came to his pasta shop and asked for words. He said that he had opened several shops with complete pasta, which can be said to be “four door Qi” in mahjong. Master Pei had an idea and immediately waved. The visitor looked happy and thought, it’s hard to find master Pei’s words. Nonsense! But when he finished reading Pei Ye’s couplet, he hummed and exited in embarrassment. The couplet is like this – the first couplet: make a fortune in the East, West, North and South; Second couplet: ten thousand words into treasure; Horizontal scroll: Mahjong four doors. There are still those who don’t give up and still ask Lord PEI for words. At noon that day, Mr. Pei was squinting at the thread bound book on the recliner. A paunchy man came to the door and asked for a word, saying that he was willing to give Mr. Pei a reward of 100 yuan per word. The appearance and tone of being rich and powerful made Mr. Pei despise in his heart. He hated the arrogance of rich people most. Lord Pei asked the visitor what he did. Someone said, “I’m going to open a bowling alley in the city.” “bowling? What’s that?” Mr. Pei asked. The visitor smiled and said, “there’s no such thing in the town now, but you can see it on TV. It’s just knocking down a few things like wine bottles with a ball.” Pei gave a long “Ho” and quickly grabbed a pen and waved his hair – couplet 1: six or seven wine bottles; Second couplet: three or five throwers; Horizontal scroll: roll. Someone came to see it and left knowingly.

When director Xiao Pei knew this, he gently advised Mr. Pei: “don’t do this, as long as others do legitimate business and operate legally…” before he finished, Mr. Pei interrupted: “I’m angry when I see his rich and rough appearance. Has he read old books?”

In this way, Lord Pei was much quieter. But Mr. Pei was also fooled. Someone came to the door to ask for words, saying that it was for the opening of the antique bookstore, which wanted to sell some Chinese classics, classical books and so on. Mr. Pei was very happy. Such good things are really rare now. After listening to this man’s extraordinary speech, Mr. Pei’s palm itched, so he wrote down according to the couplet provided by the visitor – the first couplet: Wang Guowei, Qian Zhongshu’s treasure of Sinology; Second couplet: an article on Chibi Fu from ancient times. Lord Pei also stamped his seal to show his solemnity. People thanked him again and again. After he left, Mr. Pei was still excited for a long time.

Half a month later, Mr. Pei wandered in the street. He saw a store whose name was his own book. He thought he had never written a store name. After careful observation, he thought of the couplet he had written for the antique Bookstore half a month ago and shouted that he had been deceived. Because the name of the store is the kingdom of clocks and watches. Mr. Pei came home angrily. He didn’t think about food and tea, and the old book couldn’t read any more. Director Pei was surprised to see his father like this, so he asked the truth. Mr. Pei told him the reason and said he would file a lawsuit with the man. Director Xiao Pei said, “people didn’t steal or rob, and you didn’t have evidence to prove that you didn’t write. How can we fight this lawsuit?” he said that the boss, surnamed Xu, knew that he had opened several shops in the city, including watch shops and gold and silver jewelry stores.

“Do you mean it’s over?” Pei was a little annoyed.

“I think it’s OK. Just be careful in the future.” director Pei was afraid that the old man was angry, so he comforted him.

Master Pei thought about it and said, “that’s not possible. There must be an explanation. Don’t worry about it. I have my own opinion.”

A week later, boss Xu saw his report in the county newspaper, praised his enthusiasm for the education of his hometown, presented thousands of ancient books to the county middle school, and distributed photos of his infinite scenery at the donation ceremony. Boss Xu thought, this is a good deal. The old man doesn’t want money. As long as he donates old books, he will not only repay Mr. Pei a favor, but also win him a good reputation. Maybe he can become a member of the CPPCC in the county in the future. The more boss Xu thinks, the more proud he is.

“Now the children studying in the county have old books to read, and my words are not written in vain.” Mr. Pei is also very proud.

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