Chinese Tales of Legendia: The Doctors

Daoguang thirty years in December, cold. Dayao Mountain in Central Guangxi, Mo Village in Dongxiang.

Mo Yangang, who was over seventy, sent a patient away. He was lying in the master’s chair and closed his eyes. Li Bin, who was stained with blood, rushed in. Although it was nine cold days, he was sweating.

Li Bin whispered to Mo Yan. Mo Yan’s face suddenly changed and ran to the lobby with Li Bin step by step. In the lobby, a man of about 20 curled up on the ground, with messy clothes, blood stains all over, closed eyes and pale face. Li Bin explained that he went to Shuangji mountain to collect herbs. When he met the man whose left leg was clamped by a wild boar, he was unconscious because of excessive blood loss, so he carried him back in accordance with the master’s instruction of good living.

Chinese Tales of Legendia: The Doctors

After Mo Yan inspected the man’s wound, he ordered Li Bin to prepare medicine and personally prick acupuncture and moxibustion to stop bleeding and apply medicine to the man. When the man’s vital signs were stable, Mo Yan was sweating all over and his head was hot.

Mo Yan ordered his family to clean up the dirty blood at home and along the way, and never disclose it to outsiders. He also said to Li Bin, “you should change your clothes and place the injured in your bedroom. He has lost too much blood and needs chicken soup to supplement his physical strength.”

After the man was settled down, a thousand generals led troops into the door and bowed to Mo Yan, who was sitting on the grand master’s chair in the middle of the lobby: “greetings to Mo Ye. The lower officer chased a long haired bandit, and someone ran away with him in this direction. I haven’t seen Mo ye for a long time, so I came in to greet Mo Ye.” he sniffed his nose and said strangely, “Mo ye, why is there blood in the house?”

“On a cold day, I killed a chicken to warm up. Adults happen to be here. We might as well have a drink together.” Mo Yan turned to the kitchen and shouted, “are you ready to serve?”

Li Bin walked out of the kitchen door with the chicken that had not been plucked and said, “not yet. Please wait a moment.”

Mr. Qian said, “thank you, Mr. mo. I’m going to chase the long hair bandit. I’ll visit again when I have a free time in the future. The long hair bandit started an incident in Jintian village on the other side of the mountain more than ten days ago, which is known as the kingdom of heaven and frequently disturbed the people. Mr. Mo is careful.”

Mo Yan held Qianzong’s hand and said, “like Qianzong’s heroic officers and soldiers, why don’t you worry about bandits?”

General manager Qian looked pleased and said, “only in this way can he be worthy of the mighty emperor’s grace.” after saying that, he left quickly, and there was already a silver note in his hand.

Mo Yan was born in Xinglin aristocratic family and has thousands of acres of fertile land. He is one of the few rich families within a hundred miles. He had hoped that his only son would also be a doctor, but his son worshipped Huo Qubing since childhood and joined the barracks. He was determined to make achievements on the battlefield and killed himself in the war between Daoguang and foreigners in the past 20 years. On the way out to practice medicine, Mo Yan met a young Li Bin whose parents had just died. He brought him back, taught him to read and write, and tried his best to teach medical skills and cultivate him to make up for his son’s regret. Li Bin is naturally intelligent. He has inherited the mantle when he is young and weak. After Mo Yan entered his seventies, he only sat at home and went out for treatment by Li Bin.

On New Year’s Eve, although it was said that the whole village worshipped their ancestors and drank and set off firecrackers as in previous years, Mo Yan felt a strange atmosphere enveloping the whole Mo Village.

Near midnight, there was a knock on the door. Li Bin went to open the door. It turned out to be president Qian.

Mr. Qian said, “it’s helpless to bother Mr. Mo late in the night of new year’s Eve. We’re tired. Mr. Mo is considerate, but we’re blind. The soldiers fight with the long haired bandits, but we don’t see a penny of military pay!”

“Oh.” Mo Yan thought a little and said, “what does Qianzong mean…”

Looking at Li Bin’s departure, President Qian smiled and said, “Lord Mo, I know you can’t lack chicken, duck and fish for the new year, but do you know that the soldiers can only plug their teeth with cold water?”

Mo Yan had heard the implication of his words and closed his eyes in silence.

Qianzong said with emotion: “the soldiers are fighting so hard to protect the rich people from being robbed by bandits.”

Mo Yan opened his eyes and said, “I bought new year goods for my neighbors years ago, but now I really don’t have any silver. Besides, last month, President Qian didn’t pull 500 stone rice from me? And I heard that he didn’t pull it into the barracks, but pulled it to Xunzhou for cash… I just heard that. Please don’t mind.”

Qian Zong was very angry and sneered: “as a rich man under the protection of the imperial court, Mo ye would rather give away his money to those poor people, but ignore the imperial court officers and soldiers in hunger and cold. Mo ye not only didn’t contribute money to suppress the bandits, but tried to hide the bandits. How to explain?”

Mo Yan was startled and said calmly for a moment: “adults should have evidence to speak! Although I am not an official and have no right in my hands, I must fight back against the framed accusations involving my family and life, even if I go to Beijing to plead for justice!”

Qian Zong became angry. He pulled out his waist knife, stepped forward and threatened, “old man, hand over the hidden bandits quickly! I’ll kill the imperial court now!”

Mo Yan shouted angrily: “corrupt officials and treacherous ministers, people are doing, heaven is watching, you can’t escape God’s punishment in the future!”

Qian Zong waved his knife at Mo Yan. Suddenly, there was a thunder like roar behind him: “don’t bother God in the future, I’ll send him to hell now!” just for a moment when he was stunned, a sharp knife plunged into his body from behind him, blood gushed out, and he fell down softly.

Mo Yan was stunned. It was Aaron, the man hurt by the iron clip, who he personally rescued.

When Mo Yan looked at the man’s wound, he knew at first glance that Li Bin was lying. The iron clip of Taoshan pig must have iron teeth. If it is hurt by it, it must hurt both sides of the leg, and the wound must leave tooth marks, but the man’s wound is left by a knife. Li Bin certainly knew that Mo Yan would see through at a glance, but at that time, he could only rely on Mo’s house to escape the pursuit of officers and soldiers.

A long bowed to Mo Yan and thanked him for saving his life. He took a step forward and said, “Mo ye, enter the Holy Church!”

Mo Yan shook his head and said bluntly, “I respect heaven and earth, not ghosts and gods.”

In a rage, Aaron pulled out his knife from Qianzong’s body and forced Mo Yan. Li Bin hurried forward and separated the two.

Mo Yan, fearless, said to Li Bin: “I know you are the leader. Under your guidance, all the men aged 15 to 50 in Mo Village have joined the church. They will go to the battlefield in the future. The old, women and children will go to relatives in other villages. In the future, Mo Village will go to the village empty and exist in name. What I don’t understand is that since it is a saint, now the country is in trouble, why don’t you resist the invasion of foreigners with the imperial court?” Speaking of this, he couldn’t help but think of his son. He was filled with grief and tears. “My son defended his country and died in the war. He died in his place!” Mo Yan stared at ah long and asked, “what’s the holy thing if he doesn’t hustle outside and feel uneasy inside?”

“Those who slander the holy religion are demons, and holy brothers and sisters can be killed!” Aaron suddenly bypassed Li Bin and stabbed Mo Yan in the chest.

Li Bin was stunned for a moment, pulled out the knife at his waist and shouted wildly to cut at a long.

“Bin’er!” Mo Yan shouted with all his strength, “the doctor is kind-hearted. You can’t raise the butcher’s knife!”

Li Bin lost his knife, cried loudly with Mo Yan in his arms, and hurried to rescue.

“No need.” Mo Yan stopped Li Bin, looked at him and said, “I see that you are usually reserved and think you are timid. Unexpectedly, you have lofty aspirations and take the happiness of the people all over the world as your own responsibility. Although I don’t agree with you, I’m also very happy. However, I still remind you that doctors are kind-hearted!”

With tears in his eyes, Li Bin choked and said, “remember my master’s teachings all my life. I’m just practicing medicine with the army.”

“Am I really just your master?” Mo Yan asked in a trembling voice.

Li Bin cried, “Dad!”

Mo Yan looked at Li Bin and smiled contentedly.

Aaron was very frightened and murmured, “I don’t want to take his life. He met him with his chest.”

Mo Yan turned to Aaron and said in a weak voice: “I knew for a long time that you had never left after you entered Mo’s house. Your brothers came in late at night and plotted with you to coerce me into your organization. First, I could raise military expenses for the Taiping Army and second, I could heal the wounded soldiers. If I didn’t obey, I would die. When I died, how do you know where the gold and silver treasures in Mo’s house are?” Mo Yan breathed heavily and said intermittently, “in the bedroom… Under the bed… Dig three feet… Cellar…” suddenly, he pulled out the knife stuck on his body, and blood gushed out in an instant. He shouted with the last strength of his life, “don’t let bin’er be hurt, bin’er must hang a pot to help the world all his life!”

On February 21, the first year of Xianfeng, the leader of the kingdom of heaven ascended the throne in Mo Village, Dongxiang. He was called the king of peace and later changed to the king of heaven.

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