Chinese Tales of Legendia: The story of peacock daughter

Long ago, there lived a hard-working old man in a small mountain village inhabited by the Yao nationality. He was kind-hearted, kept his nose in the sand, and never did a bad thing.

However, fate is very unfair to him. He is almost 60 years old, but he has no children. The old couple were so sad that they didn’t say a word every day, let alone laugh. Such a day is really sad. Even eating delicious glutinous rice is tasteless, and drinking sweet rice wine is not fragrant.

The story of peacock daughter

Every year, the old couple kill pigs, sheep and sacrifice to the gods. When they get up early every day, they have to pray piously to the God and ask the God to give them a lovely child. After a long time, their sincerity finally moved the God.

On the evening of the old man’s 60th birthday, the old couple had a dream at the same time. They dreamed that a Golden Peacock, shining brightly, flew to them and said to them kindly, “kind old man! I’d like to be your daughter. ” On this strange night, his wife was pregnant.

From then on, the old couple were so happy that they couldn’t close their mouths all day, talked more and sang more songs.

Nine months later, the child was born. She was a beautiful daughter. The old couple gave her a beautiful name, Azhen ma.

A zhenma will laugh when she grows up to two months. Her laughter is as beautiful as a thrush in the mountain. A zhenma can walk in six months. She is as cute as a bird.

However, when zhenma was one year old, her aunt suddenly died. Since then, father and daughter have depended on each other, and no one can live without anyone.

Smart and beautiful Azhen Ma can herd sheep at the age of three, spin at the age of four, weave at the age of five, embroider at the age of six and work in the mountains at the age of seven. At the age of 16, she learned all the delicate work in the world.

When she was 17 years old, she was the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the world. She can embroider all kinds of flowers, plants, birds and birds with her dexterous hands. The more she embroiders, the better. She can embroider flowers and birds to fly.

When she was 18 years old, she wanted to add some of the most beautiful birds to the world, so she hid in a hut and embroidered. On the first day, a beautiful peacock was embroidered. The peacock took off from the cloth; The next day, a lovebird was embroidered, and the lovebird flew away from the cloth; On the third day, a colorful golden pheasant was embroidered, and the golden pheasant flew away from the cloth… So more and more beautiful birds began to appear in the mountain village.

She embroidered 360 beautiful birds for 360 days. As soon as these birds fly together to live in the mountains and forests and the world, the mountains and forests and the world will be more beautiful and colorful.

The story of the beautiful and clever Azhen Ma embroidering live birds spread like the wind. The greedy Lord also knew it. The leader took the initiative and wanted to marry ah zhenma as his concubine. He invited a matchmaker and drove 30 cows and 300 sheep to propose to Azhen Ma’s house.

The cattle and sheep all over the mountain could not beat the old man’s heart, and the matchmaker’s request was rejected. Later, the Lord personally brought gold, silver, silk, wine and meat to propose.

Gold, silver, silk, wine and meat could not move azhma’s heart at all. The Lord’s proposal was rejected again.

The greedy Lord tried his best not to marry the beautiful and clever azhma. He was very angry, so he ordered his men to bind azhma and take her away on the horse.

The kind old man cried and told his misfortune to all the Yao family. People were angry. They took bows and arrows together, blew horns and went after the Lord to recapture the beautiful azhma. After catching up with a mountain, the Yao family sent out crossbows and arrows together. The Lord and his horse were shot, rolled off the cliff and died. Poor Azuma was also thrown to death.

The old man saved his daughter back to the village, held her in his arms and cried dry tears, but ah zhenma didn’t come back to life. That night, she turned into a Golden Peacock and left the world. The old man’s sad cry summoned countless birds. Later, every autumn, a grand “bird meeting” will appear in the mountain.

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