Chinese Tales of Legendia: The Story of the God of Wealth

It was Sunday. The God of Wealth had nothing to do on Sunday, so he decided to come down to earth to personally inspect the changes in human life.

He stopped on the ninth heavenly cloud and looked down, and saw that the park was crowded with visitors, as many as ants.

The Story of the God of Wealth

Playground, the size of the different types of toys running, sliding, flying …… grinding, crashing sound, mixed into a pleasant natural music. In the zoo, the room with the iron fence where the animals are kept is empty and cold. I don’t know who was kind enough to release them back to nature, so they can live a free life and reproduce their offspring without fear. The restored monastery, simple and elegant, is a breath of fresh air. The rolling hills are draped with thick green vegetation. The birdsong and cicadas add infinite interest to visitors.

The god of wealth turned his attention to the city and saw that many people were living a wealthy life of lights and wine, spending days and drinking. There are also some people in the countryside who have come to the way of well-off. As the saying goes: there is wealth in the mountains, there are poor people in the flatlands. Great wealth is determined by fate and small wealth is determined by hard work! Food without work, the sky will send food into your mouth? What makes the God of Wealth unhappy is that, after so many years, how many people are still trapped in poverty, always unable to keep up with the pace of the times? A village of poor people’s housing, as if a pile of scattered toad group, dead and dull, no little life.

The God of Wealth came to earth and visited some poor villages and cottages. The sun was now setting in the west. After a day of trekking through the mountains, already sleepy and hungry, it knocked on the door of a poor man’s house. To the poor man it said, “O poor man! The reason why you can’t get rich is that you didn’t worship the God of Wealth well. If you don’t worship it well, your family will never dream of getting rich in this life.”

“I don’t have anything, so what can I offer?”

The story of the God of Wealth “Don’t you even have a hen?” The God of Wealth asked, inclining his head.

“Didn’t you say the God of Wealth doesn’t eat faint?”

“That was the God of Wealth at first surnamed Zhao, now the God of Wealth is surnamed Qian, what it eats.”

Poor people want to get out of poverty and become rich, the only hen painful to kill to the god of wealth. Soon afterwards, he really made a fortune.

The God of Wealth returned to the red earth and came to the poor man’s house, pointing at him in a reproachful tone and saying, “Why have you eaten the red silk mushroom and forgotten the grace of the tree stump? You should know that without the secret blessing of the God of Wealth, you can get rich? As soon as you get rich, you forget the god of wealth.”

“Alas! How have I ever forgotten the God of Wealth?” The poor man spread his hands, shook his head and said, “I don’t burn incense and paper for him every day, and offer him food and wine.

“These are all trivial and insignificant.”

“So, how should I pay tribute to it?”

“According to the number of your wealth, not to the God of Wealth to kill a cow, but also to it must be slaughtered a pig.”

“Throughout the ages, I have not heard of any precedent for making such an offering to the God of Wealth!”

“This is a recent rule.”

“If I don’t kill a pig or slaughter a cow to the God of Wealth.”

“You do not kill a pig or slaughter a cow to him.” He is going to inflict a severe punishment on you. Not only will he wipe out all the wealth you made, but he will also send the White Tiger of Wealth Dissipation to your house and surrender the disaster all over your house.

“Listen to your tone,” said the poor man, “are you the God of Wealth? If you are, just say so, and we will give you the cows and pigs directly. In this day and age, sending things is like carrying cotton to drill a forest of prickly shells, hanging some here and some there, and by the time it reaches your house, there is not much left, and we have gone to a cow or a pig here, but there is very little at your place.”

The God of Wealth gave a slight nod: “That’s okay.”

The poor man said, “Then please wait for the God of Wealth, I will go and pull the cattle.”

In a short time, the poor man came in with the oxen rope, pulled the God of Wealth, and then tied it with the oxen rope.

“Oh my! What are you doing here?”

“We are trying to keep the God of Wealth. For us poor people to get out of poverty and become rich, it is easy to visit our humble home and show us the way to make money.”

“Throughout the ages, there has never been a precedent of keeping guests like this.”

“It is only now that we poor people are prescribed. Without using this method, you can’t keep the God of Wealth.”

“You are breaking the law with this binding of innocents.”

“No, it can be a different story for us to keep a guest in such an evil door with good intentions.”

The God of Wealth panicked and hurriedly accompanied with a smile to ease his tone and said, “Please have mercy and let me go! I am not the God of Wealth, the God of Wealth is my family Yan, just now I was teasing you.”

“In that case, you are also considered the father of the God of Wealth. We poor people’s hearts are easily satisfied and do not expect anything rich and famous. As long as there is a god of wealth father long-term offerings in the home, blessing the family with abundant food and clothing will be satisfied. Of course, if you really get rich, the god of wealth father want what we give what. Besides, you are also the future god of wealth! How dare we neglect! As the saying goes, “If you don’t burn incense in normal times, you’ll only hold the Buddha’s feet when you’re in trouble.”

“No, I have a meeting waiting for me.”

“What kind of meeting?”

“The financial work conference.”

“Such a meeting, you need not worry, your father will not see you go, he will go to preside.”

The God of Wealth shook his head helplessly, “Alas, money ……”

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