Legendia story:Legend of Phoenix

Listen to the old people, there were Phoenix birds in ancient times. They were beautiful and smart birds, but who had seen them?

Someone has really seen it, and it was recorded in historical books more than 2000 years ago. In the third year of emperor Zhao’s reign, that is, in the winter October of 84 BC, many Phoenix gathered on the mountain on the shore of the East China Sea. The emperor thought it was a great auspicious sign and specially sent envoys to the seaside for sacrifice.

Phoenix Legend

It is said that Phoenix’s hometown is on the huangwo mountain in the Yuntai mountains of Lianyungang on the Bank of the East China Sea. In history, the place names and mountain names here are called huangwo and huangwo mountain. Many love stories of dragons and phoenixes have been spread among the people, which are true and illusory, magical and moving. This further confirms that huangwo mountain in Lianyungang is the habitat of Phoenix.

Phoenix has been a totem worship object since ancient times. Later, it was said that it turned into a divine bird and spread like wildfire. Phoenix highly integrates the characteristics of birds from character to shape. It is the king of birds. Birds respect, support, love and fear the Phoenix like people do to their brothers. People also endowed her with intelligent wisdom, lofty thought and excellent quality. As an important branch of Chinese traditional culture, she plays the role of a sacred object integrating morality, righteousness, propriety, benevolence and faith in Chinese folk culture, carries a very profound cultural sustenance, is a symbol of peace in the world and the happiness of the people, is a symbol of pure love and happy marriage, and is a beautiful mascot in the world. Lianyungang is proud of its phoenix nest and Phoenix. Lianyungang is also famous for its phoenix nest.

I have heard the name of huangwo mountain for a long time and read Zhang Xuehan in the early Republic of China, “huangwo is like a paradise, enjoying the moon, watching flowers and chanting scriptures.” After the poem, I often go to huangwo mountain to enjoy its mountain and sea features, especially the beautiful legends of dragons and phoenixes, which add the interest of searching for secrets. This year’s “Dragon Boat Festival”, I was invited to participate in the classical literature creation seminar of China Chinese Writers Association and gather with writers at home and abroad in Gaogong Island Scenic Spot to collect wind.

Yuhuangwo mountain is not the original intention of the writers. What they are most interested in is to find the legend of dragon and Phoenix, and to see the charming face of the Phoenix fairy Weiyun. We climbed the 108 level “wind worship ladder” and finally saw the “Qifeng Pavilion” in our panting. It is the legendary place where the Phoenix inhabits. Not far from here stands a bronze Phoenix Statue, which is the Phoenix fairy Wei Yun that people admire. This place is called “Danfeng Chaoyang platform”, which is the place where the Phoenix fairy Wei Yun overlooks her lover and wonderful minister. It is said that after Prince Miaoshi of Yulong returned to the sea, Wei Yunsi was eager to fly here. Facing the sea, he was eager to see the sunrise and the starry night. He hoped that one day, he would get together with his sweetheart in the next rainy season.

In order to explore the love story of dragon and Phoenix, writers who study classical literature also visited the scenic spot of huangwo mountain “three pools of flying snow”, from which the love story of dragon and Phoenix came. It is in the middle reaches of Longtan stream. It is said that Prince Miao Chen of Yulong came to huangwo mountain from the East China Sea along Longtan cave to meet with Phoenix fairy Weiyun. It is said that Miao Chen, the son of Ao Guang, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, was dignified and intelligent. When he visited the sea, he happened to see the elegant Phoenix fairy Weiyun on the cliff. The natural charm and beauty deeply attracted him, and she gazed affectionately. However, we can’t get together in Shanghai. Weiyun persistently flies all over the mountains and rivers, brings branches, plants and trees, and builds a dam in the high valley to store water and accumulate water. Where there is a will, there is a way. When another rainy season comes, the Tianshui is vast, and the rushing water forms a curve in the valley

Rivers join the sea. The wonderful minister looked at the surging stream and was very excited and went up the stream. The wonderful minister who went up the mountain for the first time eagerly wanted to see Wei Yun in the first pond “toad pond” of Dajian, but he couldn’t see it. Only a few frogs came from behind, which is the so-called “birds fly, the forest is quieter, cicadas cry, and the mountain is quieter”. Miao Chen hurried to the second pool of “little flower shoes”. He saw a girl crying. He heard that the laundry accidentally washed away the “little flower shoes”, so he swam to the beach and found the “little flower shoes” for her. The girl is deeply in love, but Miao Chen thinks of Weiyun and resolutely refuses. Just then, the girl became Wei Yun, and Miao minister was ecstatic. It turns out that the girl is testing Miao Chen. Later, this place was called “little flower shoes”. Here, the wonderful minister and Weiyun are happy and embrace the third Lake “Yulong Lake” with their hands. It is a place where dragons and phoenixes often play with the beautiful scenery of flying flowers, splashing snow and soaking clothes in mist“ “Flying snow in Santan” is a scenic spot. The rocks are strange and shaped. The streams are running and turbulent, and the splashing waves are like Shuyu beads and flying snow all over the sky. At the beginning of the Republic of China, local poets left cliff stone carvings here. Zhang Xuehan said: “the mountains are painted by Cui Wei, and the snow in the Longtan is all over Longling…” Zhang Enpei said: “for the love of immortals, the water is square, the Longtan is quiet and the afternoon wind is cool… The sound of the spring is remote, the sound of the tide is strong, adding waves and stabilizing navigation.”

“The water is not deep, the dragon is the spirit, the mountain is not high, and the immortal is the name.”. Huangwo mountain is the place where Phoenix has lived. It is a paradise like dragon and Phoenix. Wang Shiren, a poet in the Qing Dynasty, said: “Penglai should not be far away. Why go to Sanfeng to explore the secluded.” I think the range rover Penglai can only make people sigh, and the charming fairyland and magical legends of huangwo mountain are so quiet, elegant and beautiful that they are really comparable to Penglai, abbot and Yingzhou three gods mountain.

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