Chinese myths and legend: LV Dongbin sword cutting stone lion essence

Once upon a time, there was a tofu seller named Wang FA in Yongping mansion. He was good at making tofu. The tofu was white and tender. The neighbors liked to buy his tofu.

One day, suddenly a girl in white came to his house and politely said to him, “brother Wang, I’m sorry to ask you for a bowl of soybean milk.” Wang FA immediately promised: “drink, drink.” As he spoke, he took a bowl full of soybean milk and handed it to the girl. After drinking soybean milk, the girl said “thank you, brother Wang” and left slowly.

The next day, the girl in white came again and asked for soybean milk. Wang FA gave another bowl and asked the girl, “what’s your last name? Where do you live? Why don’t I know you? ”

The girl said, “my surname is Bai. My family is not far from home. I live in South Street. I know you. Brother Wang makes good tofu and fragrant and sweet soybean milk. I’ll drink a bowl every day in the future, OK?”

LV Dongbin sword cutting stone lion essence

Wang FA said, “OK, OK, drink whatever you like.” The girl finished drinking soybean milk and left again.

For several days, at this time, the girl came to drink Soybean milk. Most people in the city were called miscellaneous. Wang FA was honest and kind, and didn’t chat with the girl. That day, the girl came to drink Soybean milk. Wang FA was a warm-hearted man and filled it with soybean milk. Bai said, “brother Wang, who else is in your family?”

Wang FA said, “I have no parents and no brothers and sisters. I’m alone.”

Miss Bai said, “how lonely! Why don’t you marry a daughter-in-law to help you live?”

Wang FA said, “my family is poor and no one marries me. Besides, I’m used to marrying a daughter-in-law, but life is cumbersome.”

The white girl smiled and said, “brother Wang, I think you are really kind-hearted. Come on, I’ll tell you a secret.” Then he came to Wang FA’s side and whispered to Wang FA’s ear for a while. When he left, he warned again and again, “brother Wang, do it the way I taught you!”

Wang FA was half convinced of Miss Bai’s words. The next day, he came to Guandi temple in the south of the city early and cleaned the Guandi Temple inside and outside, up and down. The incense table was also wiped, and the statues of Guan shengdijun were wiped clean. Then he got under the table and hid. In a short time, eight dirty beggars came from outside the temple, one by one, sitting in the temple hall to rest. Wang Faqiang held his breath and didn’t dare to say anything. The eight beggars rested for a while and got up to go. Wang FA jumped out from under the altar, stopped the eight beggars, knelt on the ground, kowtowed to the master, and begged the beggars to accept him as an apprentice. None of the eight beggars paid attention to him. Wang FA grabbed the two beggars and refused to let them go. The beggars had no choice. One of them said, “do you really recognize us as masters?”

Wang FA kowtowed like a chicken pecking rice and said, “yes, yes.” The beggar said, “you get up. As long as you are sincere, we are hungry and cold, and you have to follow us. Where we go, you have to follow us. Can you do it?” Wang FA burst into tears and said, “you can do it, you can do it.” Then he got up, patted the soil on his body and walked behind the eight beggars.

Eight beggars came to a big garden, which was beautiful and quiet with ancient vines and old trees, strange flowers and plants, and hundreds of birds singing. There is a big well with eight corners in the garden. The well water is clear and transparent. Standing by the well, you can see the shape in the well water. A beggar said to Wang FA, “eight of us are poor beggars and don’t want to live. We jump into a well. Dare you jump?” With that, the eight beggars “plop plop”, one by one, jumped into the well. Seeing the bodies of eight beggars floating in the well, Wang FA was scared back two steps, took a breath of air conditioning, and thought: I would drown in vain if I jumped into the well. Miss Bai said that if I were to become a beggar, I would be able to become an immortal family. In this case, not only could the immortal family fail, but it almost became a ghost. It scared me to death. I have to go home quickly or sell my tofu.

Wang FA ran out of the garden and went to Guandi temple in the south of the city. Wang FA was familiar with the road here and stumbled back. The scene of several dead bodies floating in the well water frightened him, and he was very afraid. Wang FA returned home uneasily, pushed open the fence door and looked into the yard. The white girl was lying on the stone mill in the center of the yard and sobbing. Wang FA said, “white girl, why are you crying? You deceived me into suffering. I almost died of fear. You taught me to worship those eight beggars as teachers. Where are they eight immortals? They are clearly eight poor people. They all jumped into the well and drowned just now! ”

The white girl cried and said, “you don’t listen to my instructions… If you jump into the well, you will become an immortal. This time not only you can’t be an immortal, but also my life. Brother Wang FA, please help me! They will come to me. ”

Wang FA said, “you’re jumping around. You’re not sick or disaster. How can I save you?”

The white girl said, “I don’t lie. They are really immortal families. They won’t spare me if I reveal the secret of heaven. When I escape this disaster, I will marry you as my wife. ”

While talking, a tall Taoist came outside the door, with five long beards under his chin and a sword behind him. He said to the white girl, “evil animal! You’ve revealed the secret. I’m here to take your life! ”

The white girl was crying and held on to Wang FA tightly. The Taoist priest drew his sword in his hand, pointed at the white girl with angry eyes and said, “go! Go to Guandi temple and ask the immortals for their sins. Maybe I’ll spare your life! ”

Miss Bai gingerly dragged Wang FA to the Guandi temple. Wang FA stared and was scared into a cold sweat. The beggars jumped into the well and drowned. How did they live again?

He was puzzling. The Taoist said to Wang FA, “you can’t protect her anymore, this white girl. She is a demon. After she drinks 4749 days of soybean milk, she will have to drink your blood!”

When the Taoist priest finished, Wang FA was scared to break away from Miss Bai’s hand. The Taoist priest lifted his sword and cut it off at the top of Miss Bai’s head. The Venus splashed in front of Wang FA’s eyes. He opened his eyes and looked carefully. There was no white girl. It turned out that half of the head of a stone lion in front of the temple had been cut off, and the Taoist priest and beggar disappeared.

Wang FA began to sell tofu in the streets again.

It turned out that the squatting stone lion in front of the temple was refined by the aura of the sun and the moon. The Taoist priest was LV Dongbin among the eight immortals.

This story has been circulating around Yongping mansion. It is impossible to verify whether the story is true or false, but there was a stone lion with half a head squatting in the second street of Yongping mansion.

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