Modern Chinese Short Story: Honesty is also the best marketing strategy

The salesman of a cigarette company stood in the market and shouted, “the new brand cigarettes are fragrant and delicious, insect proof and disease-free…”

The crowd gathered around to watch the excitement.

Honesty is also the best marketing strategy

Suddenly, an old man emerged from the crowd. He helped the salesman and said, “let me add other benefits: new brand cigarettes can also make thieves afraid to enter the house, dogs afraid to bite, and smokers never grow old“

The salesman was overjoyed and thanked the old man again and again, hoping that he would explain to the audience again.

The old man said, “it’s very simple: smokers cough all night. How dare thieves enter the house? Smokers are weak and walk with crutches. Do dogs dare to bite? Smokers are prone to lung cancer. Can they live forever“

Marketing implication:

Establishing a marketing culture with “good faith management” as the core has become a top priority in the marketing industry, and only good faith is the foundation for the long-term development of enterprises. Many people believe that cheating and lying is a profitable behavior. They think that deception is well worth using. Therefore, many reputable stores often cover up the shortcomings of their goods and publish all kinds of deceptive advertisements.

They don’t understand that they lose their honest character while they get an extra point of money. Although they have gained some money in their pockets, their personality has decreased!

Finally, I don’t know how many people in the world will realize in the future that cheating is unreliable and will fail! Therefore, from the perspective of realizing wishes, honesty is also the best strategy!

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