Pangu opened heaven and earth with the first axe to split Xinhua Tianmen

In other words, after 18000 years of breeding, Pangu finally germinated into life. At the moment he gained consciousness, he couldn’t wait to open his eyes, but there was darkness around him and he couldn’t see anything. In a hurry, he pulled out one of his teeth, turned it into a powerful axe, swung it up and chopped around. In the midst of lightning, stone and fire, the first axe he swung just hit Tianmen Township, Xinhua County, Loudi City. In other words, his first axe will open the Tianmen gate, which is the origin of the name “Tianmen”.

Tianmen is not only the starting point of Pangu’s pioneering work, but also the end of Nuwa’s sky Mending Project (this is called beginning and end). Now Tianmen township is located in the northwest of Xinhua County, Loudi City, Hunan Province. It is located in the depths of Xuefeng mountains. It belongs to a Typical Alpine platform forest, with a forest coverage rate of more than 90%. It is an important part of the “great purple magpie boundary scenic spot of Xinhua”, a “key township of Xinhua cultural tourism industry” and a “demonstration township of rural tourism development”, Dozens of ancient villages that “do not communicate with outsiders” are scattered in the original ecological environment composed of valleys, terraces, waterfalls, tea gardens, clear springs and ancient trees, just like a paradise. The villagers are simple and enthusiastic, live a simple life, respect nature and fear the way of heaven. It is said that the peak here has been the gate of the fairyland since ancient times. The beacon smoke here naturally goes out, and foreigners invade. Looking back to the north of the mountain, it seems that there is a mysterious force shrouded here, full of magic.

Pangu opened heaven and earth with the first axe to split Xinhua Tianmen

In addition, with the continuous chopping of Pangu, in the chaotic universe, the clear and light ones continue to rise and become heaven, the heavy and turbid ones continue to fall and become earth, and heaven and earth are gradually formed. Pangu also grew up between heaven and earth. His head was God in heaven and his feet were holy on the earth. The sky rises by one foot every day, the earth thickens by one foot every day, and Pangu grows by two feet every day. After 18000 years, the sky becomes extremely high and the earth becomes extremely thick. Pangu creates a world full of vitality with his body, so he falls down with a smile. At the moment he falls down, his left eye flies into the sky and becomes the sun, bringing light and hope to the earth, The right eye flew into the sky and turned into the moon. The liquid in both eyes scattered into the sky and turned into stars in the night sky. The beads of sweat turned into lakes on the ground, the blood turned into surging rivers, the hair turned into grasslands and forests, the exhaled gas turned into breeze and clouds, and the sound turned into thunder.

Pangu dedicated his body to the earth, turning his head into Mount Tai in the East, his feet into Mount Hua in the west, his left arm into mount Hengshan in the south, his right arm into mount Hengshan in the north, and his abdomen into mount song in the middle. Now in Loudi, the mysterious land of ancient plum mountain is on the left arm side of Hengshan Mountain, which turns into Nanyue. It is where Pangu’s heart is located, that is to say, everything on the land of ancient plum mountain is bred by Pangu’s heart, and this is why the land of ancient plum mountain has beautiful mountains and rivers and full of vitality, and has become the place where Pangu’s descendants live for generations. According to the current words, It’s here.

However, when it comes to this, the author has to raise a question. The story explains the things behind Pangu very clearly, but there is only one important thing that has not been mentioned in a word, that is, the whereabouts of his groundbreaking divine axe (such an important thing, according to common sense, is very unlikely to be forgotten unless it is deliberately not mentioned). Where the hell has this axe gone? As we all know, Loudi is the hometown of Chiyou, the God of war, and the weapon he uses is a big axe. In fact, this big axe is Pangu’s opening axe. After Pangu fell to the ground, he put the divine axe on his chest. When his body turned into earth and mountains, the divine axe naturally fell on the earth of Gumei mountain, where his heart turned.

At the junction of Langtang town and menggong town in Xinhua County, there is a mountain with strange peaks. The local people call it “Hufeng mountain”. This mountain has a magnificent and strange landscape, including Hufeng village, Hufeng temple, Fulu top, baibuling waterfall, basalt Gallery, boy worship Guanyin, rhinoceros watching the moon, Suqin sword and other strange scenic spots, and the divine axe fell here at that time. In fact, a long time ago, this mountain was not called “Hufeng mountain”, but “axe Feng mountain”, because whenever there was lightning and thunder, the sharp cold light would be emitted on the top of the mountain. This is the natural psychic axe polishing the axe blade with lightning. Although the divine axe has infinite power, not everyone can control it. Once it falls into the hands of demons and heretics, it may lead to disaster. Local people, in order to keep the secret of the divine axe, invariably change the name of “axe Feng mountain” to “Hufeng mountain”. Until Chi You, the king of Jiuli, leads Meishan, the divine axe has its new owner, The name of “Hufeng mountain” has not been changed.

Chi Youben was a leader of Meishan who was bred from Pangu’s mind. He was good at making five weapons, was brave and good at fighting, and inherited Pangu’s divine axe. Under his command, Meishan tribe developed rapidly. Its sphere of influence was no longer limited by Meishan area, and began to open up territory. At this time, on the land of China, there were two tribes with rapid development and strong strength, and their leaders were not mortals. One was the Yellow Emperor and the other was the Yan Emperor. Chiyou first led his troops to occupy Emperor Yan’s territory. Emperor Yan’s tribe was not the opponent of Meishan tribe at all. Emperor Yan had to turn to the Yellow Emperor. The two tribes joined forces and finally fought with Chiyou in Zhuolu.

I have to say nothing about this divine axe here. The ten square artifacts handed down in ancient times are: Pangu sky opening axe, Nuwa sky mending stove, Fuxi Bagua mirror, Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan sword, Shennong hundred grass beads, Dayu Zhenhai needle, Houyi sun shooting bow, King Yu Jiuzhou Ding, Chuanguo Heshi Bi and jiangshang God sealing stone. The power of Pangu’s Kaitian axe is naturally the first of all artifacts, and Xuanyuan sword is the magic weapon of the Yellow Emperor to unify Chinese people, ghosts and gods and command the world. Its attack power is second only to Kaitian axe. Chi you fought Yan Emperor. Why did Yan Emperor not fight back? First, Meishan tribe was really fierce. Second, Yan Emperor used ordinary weapons. How could he defeat Chi You’s Pangu divine axe. But the Yellow Emperor is different. The weapon in his hand is also an ancient artifact – Xuanyuan sword.

However, even if the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan sword was in hand and joined hands with the Yan Emperor against Chiyou, its combat effectiveness was slightly lower than that of Chiyou, and Xuanyuan sword was slightly inferior to Pangu’s sky axe, so it was defeated by Chiyou all the time, so that “nine battles and nine defeats”. Zhuolu, the decisive place, was actually his base camp. If it were not for “heaven sent Xuannv to teach the Yellow Emperor’s soldiers to believe in magic symbols”, Chiyou has already successfully unified China.

In fact, according to common sense, the unification of China by Chiyou is the way of heaven. First, Chiyou tribe is originally the place where Pangu’s heart is transformed, and it is the authentic descendants of Pangu who are connected with Pangu’s heart. Second, Chi you inherited Pangu’s Kaitian axe, which was actually equivalent to the scepter of ordering China, but at that time, the person in charge of heaven was the embodiment of the three pure Qi left by Pangu after he fell to the ground (the legendary “Sanqing”, which is equivalent to Pangu’s soul), that is, the Supreme Lord, the emperor of the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty and the leader of Tongtian cult. After they held a meeting to study, considering Chi You’s irritability He was aggressive by nature, and Meishan tribe was also a group of Biao defenders. After weighing for the sake of all the creatures in the world, he decided to replace him with the kind-hearted Yellow Emperor. Therefore, he edited and directed the great play that the nine heavenly Xuannv helped the Yellow Emperor defeat Chiyou, which became the reason why later literati writers no longer mentioned the whereabouts of “Pangu Kaitian axe” in order to cater to the orthodox thought of Confucianism.

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