Snake Lang

Once upon a time, there was an old aunt who was widowed in her early years and had three beautiful daughters around her. One afternoon, the old lady came back from the mountain to collect firewood. On her way, she accidentally fell into a gully and broke her leg. She kept shouting for help, but no one saved her. It’s getting dark. My aunt is very worried. At this moment, she heard a voice saying, “old man, why are you sitting in the gully alone?”

The eldest mother looked around and didn’t see anyone. She was so frightened that her whole body kept shaking“ Are you… Are you a man or a ghost? Why can’t I see you“ She asked.

“I am neither a man nor a ghost. I am a python.” As soon as the voice fell, I heard a “rustling” sound nearby, and then a python as thick as an ox leg came out of the grass, which frightened the old aunt and kept shivering.

“Don’t be afraid, old man. I won’t hurt you.”

“So… What do you want to do?” The old lady kept shivering.

“I’m here to save you!”

“Are you here to save me?” The old aunt was puzzled“ Why are you just me“

“I know you have three beautiful daughters. If you promise to marry one of them to me, I will help you heal your legs and take you home.”

The eldest mother thought that this place was deserted. If she didn’t agree, she had to wait here to die, so she agreed to the Python’s request. The python found some herbs, chewed them and put them on aunt’s legs. Then she asked aunt to tear a cloth from her body and wrap her legs. After a while, the old lady’s leg didn’t hurt. The boa constrictor asked his mother to ride on him and sent her home.

“Old man, please keep your promise and give me your daughter! If you don’t keep your word, don’t blame me for being rude“ The python looked at the old lady motionless and said.

Looking at the terrible Python and the long tongue and beard, the old aunt didn’t dare to refuse, so she had to say, “please avoid and wait a minute. Let me ask my daughter to come out and see who is willing to marry you.”

The old aunt called out her three daughters, told them what had happened before and after, and then said, “daughter, mom didn’t mean you to jump into the fire pit. Mom can’t help it! You three sisters think about it and see who will marry Python“

As soon as the old lady’s voice fell, the eldest daughter shouted: “no, no! Who wants to marry a python“ The second daughter also shouted, “no, no! Who dares to marry that ugly and scary thing“

The third daughter saw that her sisters were unwilling to go. Worried that her family would be retaliated by the python, she thought for a moment and said, “Mom, I am willing to marry the python for you and your two sisters to live safely.” With that, she shed sad tears.

The old aunt called the python out and spoke back to the python. That night, according to Python’s request, the third daughter married python.

The next morning, the boa constrictor was about to take his third daughter away. The mother and daughter hugged each other and cried bitterly.

Python took her third daughter into the deep mountains and forests, and then took her into a cave. The third daughter followed the python in the dark cave. She was anxious and afraid, and her tears couldn’t help flowing down. Suddenly, the cave was shining, and a glittering palace appeared in front of me. Gold and jade were piled everywhere, carved beams and painted buildings, and hung with red colors, which almost dazzled the eyes of the third daughter. When she turned around, the terrible Python was gone. Standing behind her was a gorgeous and handsome young man. The third daughter was surprised and asked:

“Ah, what the hell is going on?”

The young man answered, “girl, I’m the snake king in this area. I heard about the beauty of your three sisters, so I’m determined to get one of you. Now, my wish has finally come true. Girl, there are countless gold and silver, countless satins and rice noodles in my palace. Let’s love each other, share glory and grow old“

After listening to the snake king’s words, a warm current poured into the heart of the third daughter. With a sweet smile, she took the snake king’s hand and walked to the glittering palace

The third daughter and the snake king had a happy newlywed life. Because she missed her mother and sister, she said goodbye to her husband, went back to her mother’s house to visit her mother and sister, and told her mother and sister about her happy life after marrying a python.

After hearing this, the two sisters admired their sister very much, especially the eldest sister regretted: “Alas! I blame myself for being so stupid. If I had promised to marry python, shouldn’t I enjoy the prosperity of the third sister’s family today“ She thought about it and finally made up her mind: “yes! I want to marry python, too“

After the third daughter left, the eldest daughter also went into the mountains with a basket on her back. In order to meet the boa constrictor, she specially chooses the place where the grass is deep and the forest is dense. She kept searching and searching, from morning to evening, from dusk to dawn, and finally found a python in a grass. The python was sleeping.

The eldest daughter gently put the python into the back basket, then picked up the heavy Python and walked back happily. On the way home, the boa constrictor in the basket woke up and stretched out a long tongue to lick her neck. Not only was she not afraid, but she was happy and said to the python, “Hey! Don’t be too busy making out, let’s talk at home“

Back home, the eldest daughter put the python on her bed and was busy cooking. After dinner, the eldest daughter said to her mother, “Mom, I also found a python. I’m going to marry her in the evening! From now on, I can live a rich and comfortable life“ Then he went into the bedroom and slept with the python.

The eldest mother couldn’t guess whether it was a disaster or a blessing for her daughter’s reckless behavior. It was not easy to interfere. Seeing that it was late, she went to bed.

Soon after the eldest mother lay down, her daughter’s folklore heard her daughter’s voice in the bedroom: “Mom, it’s thigh!”

The old aunt thought it was a joke between the newly married couple, so she didn’t say anything.

After a while, the eldest daughter trembled in the bedroom and shouted, “Mom, it’s the waist!”

The old aunt couldn’t understand what her eldest daughter meant and didn’t move.

After a while, the daughter’s sad voice came from the bedroom: “Mom, to… To the neck!” Then there was no sound.

The old lady felt something was wrong, so she quickly turned over and got up, lit the torch and went to check. She saw that the terrible Python had swallowed her eldest daughter, leaving only a lock of hair exposed outside!

The old aunt was sad and worried. She walked around in her bedroom, but she couldn’t think of a way to save her child. Finally, she had to bear the pain to light her cottage and burn the python with a fire.

The next morning, the old lady picked up several unburned bones of her daughter in the ashes and dug a pit with tears. Then he said, “daughter, it’s all because you’re too greedy! That’s why it came to such a tragic end“

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