Tales from Modern China: Begging for a range of services

Big Liu was eating alone in the open-air stall. A dirty beggar came over and begged him: “brother, give me a few dollars for dinner.”

Seeing his pity, big Liu thought that there was ready-made food on the table, so he filled a bowl of rice, sandwiched some fish and pork and handed it to the beggar.

Begging for a range of services

But the beggar shook his head and said, “well, my stomach is bad and I can’t eat greasy. Just give me some money and I’ll buy bread.”

Big Liu understood that he met a occupation beggar and asked for money without food. So Liu said, “I don’t have cash on me, and money is in my Alipay.”

The beggar said, “it’s all right.” Then he took out his mobile phone from his cotton padded jacket and opened the Alipay software. He said, “sweep it.”

Liu was stunned and embarrassed: “unfortunately, my mobile phone is dead.”

The beggar said, “that’s easy.” He took out another power bank, put it on the table and said, “it’s full, charge it!”

Big Liu stayed there. It seems that the professional beggar is against himself. Big Liu doesn’t want the beggar to take advantage of him. He said, “I almost forgot that my mobile phone was short circuited and couldn’t open yesterday. I’m going to have it repaired today.”

At this time, the shopkeeper couldn’t hold back. He asked big Liu with a tiger face: “wait a minute, you don’t have cash and your mobile phone is broken. So you don’t want to check out, do you?”

Big Liu couldn’t answer for a moment.

At this time, the beggar patted big Liu on the shoulder and said, “brother, don’t be afraid.” Then he opened a page on his mobile phone and handed it to Liu. Big Liu looked silly.

The beggar “hee hee” smiled: “it doesn’t matter if you don’t have money to settle the bill. I also do microfinance here. Come on, fill in your personal data and tell me how much money you borrow. Let’s talk about the interest slowly.”

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