Tales from Modern China: Really think of themselves as officials

Wang De’s appearance, hands and feet is very leadership, a wedding company director will be a glimpse of him, let him in the name of a city vice mayor act as a professional witness.

Whenever the wedding officiant fussily announced “here is the witness Wang vice mayor on stage for the new marriage”, not only the new family feel the scenery, Wang De himself is also aspirational, as if really as the vice mayor.

The wedding company for this wedding package, set a price of 12,999 yuan. This day, they met a stingy customer, dead set on erasing the change, only to 12,000 yuan. In order to facilitate the business, and do not want the guests have to follow suit, the head of the wedding company will say, 12,000 yuan can also be, but the witness level to drop a drop. In this way, the business was negotiated.

To the wedding, just listen to the host read aloud: “Here is the witness Wang mayor on stage, for the new wedding.” Shouted three times in a row, but Wang De like being cast a fixation, sitting motionless on the chair. Backstage staff rushed to Wang De’s side, reminding him that it was his turn to go on.

Tales from Modern China

Who knows, Wang De is a person who loves to take the bull by the horns, tilted his head and said, “He called the mayor of Wang, not me.”

The staff laughed bitterly and said, “You are now the mayor of Wang.”

Wang De’s eyes glared, “Teng” stood up, indignantly said: “I did not make a mistake, they …… they have no reason to demote my post?” After saying that, he sat down on his butt again.

Seeing that it is impossible to close, the director came over, gently patted Wang De’s shoulder, whispered in his ear: “Wang vice mayor, you may not know, now the anti-corruption wind is tight, no city and county leaders dare to show up in such occasions, we are to protect you ……”

Before the words were finished, Wang De, like a chicken blood, abruptly stood up, straightened his straight suit, and walked towards the stage with great vigor.

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