The story of Nezha making trouble in the sea

Once upon a time, there was a great general named Li Jing. His wife gave birth to a child. She gave birth to a round meat ball and rolled around on the ground. Li Jing said, “this must be a monster.” Take out the sword and chop at the meat ball. It’s strange. As soon as the meat ball splits, a male doll jumps out of it. His fat face is cute.

Li Jing was stunned. He didn’t know what to do. A fairy came to him. The fairy said, “Congratulations, Congratulations! I know you had a baby boy. This doll is great. Let me take him as an apprentice. ” Then he took out a bracelet and a handkerchief and gave it to Li Jing. “This is a gift I gave to my apprentice. This bracelet is called heaven and earth circle, and this handkerchief is called huntian Ling.”

The story of Nezha making trouble in the sea

This doll is Nezha. When he was seven years old, one day the weather was very hot. He went to the sea to take a bath. He swayed in the water with huntian Ling, which caused a big wave. The big wave shook the Crystal Palace of the East Sea Dragon King. The Dragon King was so frightened that he sent a night fork to see what was going on.

When Yasha came out of the water, it turned out that it was a baby taking a bath. He raised his axe and cut it. Nezha was so clever that he quickly threw himself in a flash, took down the heaven and earth circle and threw it at Yasha. Don’t look at this little circle of heaven and earth. It’s heavier than a mountain. It just hit Yasha’s head and killed him at once.

When long Yu heard that night had been killed again, he was so angry that he blew his beard. He asked his son, the third prince, to take the soldiers and catch Nezha. What are his soldiers? They are shrimp, fish, clams and crabs.

The third prince rushed out of the water and said to Nezha, “is it you who killed my Yasha?”

Nezha said“ It’s me, it’s me. I’m taking a good bath. Without asking, your yecha took an axe and hit me. I touched him with the circle of heaven and earth, and he died. He’s so big that he can’t afford to be beaten at all? ”

The third prince was unreasonable, raised his gun and stabbed him. Nezha let him several times, but the third prince just didn’t let him go. Nezha was in a hurry and threw the huntian Ling away. The huntian Ling immediately spewed out a lot of flames and wrapped the third prince tightly. He couldn’t escape. Where? He beat the heaven and earth circle again and killed the third prince, which scared the shrimps and crabs into the water.

As soon as the third prince died, he showed his original shape. It turned out to be a little dragon. Nezha dragged him to the shore and thought: Dad, one belt is missing. Can I take out the Dragon tendon of the little dragon and rub a belt for Dad? He pulled out Bruce Lee’s tendons one by one and took them home.

When the dragon king heard that his son had also been killed by Nezha, he was sad and angry. He turned into a scholar and left the Crystal Palace to find Li Jing. The Dragon King said angrily to Li Jing“ Your good son killed my Yasha and fattened my third crown prince! ”

Li Jing said“ Are you mistaken? My son Nezha is only seven years old. Can he kill someone? ”

The Dragon King said, “if you don’t believe it, ask him.”

Li Jing found the front room and the back room, and then found Nezha in the garden. He couldn’t find Nezha anywhere. It turned out that Nezha was hiding in a small room, rubbing dragon tendons. Li Juan found him easily: “what are you doing in this small room?”

Nawang said, “Dad, I killed a little dragon today and pulled his tendon. I’m rubbing your belt.”

Li Jing knew that Nezha had really made a big mistake. I had to take him to the Dragon King. When Nezha saw the Dragon King, he said, “old uncle, please don’t be angry. I didn’t mean to kill your third prince. He stabbed me with a gun. I let him several times, but he kept chasing and hitting me. I couldn’t help it. I just returned my hand and accidentally killed him. You see, this is the Dragon tendon taken from him. Just give it back to you. ”

When the dragon king saw his son’s Dragon tendon, he was even more sad and said, “can you kill my son for nothing? I’ll go to the heavenly palace and sue you. ” With that, he rode the clouds to the heavenly palace.

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