Chinese modern story: a special trip

Recently, while listening to the podcast, I heard a special life experience.

The narrator is a blind girl. The host asked her what her favorite thing to do. She blurted out: “I like traveling!”

The host was surprised and asked her, “this may offend you. You can’t see. What can you do when traveling?”

The girl laughed like a silver bell and said, “many people have asked me the same question. You people with normal eyesight will feel very strange: I can’t see anything. It seems that there is no need to travel at all, right?”

The host said shyly, “yes, we all call traveling ‘seeing the scenery’. Since you can’t see it, where does your fun come from?”

Chinese modern story

The girl said: “When I come to the bustling night market, I can hear the laughter of tourists, smell the aroma from the oil pan, and feel the crowding they pass by with me; when I go to the temple, I can feel the solemn and ethereal atmosphere, hear the Pilgrims’ pious prayers, and a kind elder sister comes to hold me and tells me that there are steps in front of me and I should be careful when stepping; I go to the beach and listen to the tide beating the reef The sound of surging waves, touching the delicate beach with my fingers, and breathing wet and fresh air… These are my precious life experiences. When I get old, it’s good to slowly recall these travel times! ”

The host still had some doubts: “so, didn’t you encounter anything unpleasant when you were traveling?”

The girl said, “of course, my mobile phone was stolen; people ridiculed me as’ blind people still run around ‘; and people who ignored my plight when I asked for help. But I don’t think these are anything. Haven’t you people with clear eyes met these unpleasant things?”

Hearing this, I suddenly realized that the blind can’t see, so they will try to mobilize other senses to perceive the all inclusive world. On the contrary, we people with clear eyes face our mobile phones every day and indulge in the screen between square inches, but gradually turn a blind eye to the world around us. When we travel, we just “punch a card” in front of the “online popular scenic spots” , even if you visit here. Who can’t see the world?

Everyone’s life is a one-way journey, and the “scenery” outside the window is also fleeting. If you miss it, your life story will leave a permanent blank. It’s better to put down your mobile phone, take a deep breath and observe the world around you. Maybe you will find a wonderful story you’ve never noticed before.

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