Chinese Modern Story: Deep feeling underground

Story 1: going far

That summer, I went away for the first time from Shaanxi to a place called Baisha in Jincheng, Shanxi Province to go down the kiln well and do coolies.

I haven’t done this kind of work before, and I haven’t seen coal. Xiao San told me that it’s just a rough job with no technical content, as long as I have a little strength.

Xiao San began to go down the kiln well just after he was 18 and made a lot of money, but he always felt that it was not enough. His object AI Dongmei doesn’t want him to go. She says it’s too dangerous. She wants him to stay at home and marry him. He said, “I haven’t built the building yet. I haven’t bought the color TV yet. You just want to tie me with a trouser belt.”

AI Dongmei said solemnly, “I don’t like you because of this.”

Deep feeling underground

The junior said, “I like you. I just went to the kiln well. I want you to eat well and wear well.” Ai Dongmei smiled and blushed. She was very beautiful. Little three said, “your face is like an apple. I like apples. They are sweet and crisp.”

Junior three expressed feelings with AI Dongmei in front of me. They thought I didn’t understand personnel.

I said, “Xiao San, why don’t we go today and get married with your sister-in-law?”

Xiao San seemed to wake up and said, “let’s go. We won’t go again. We can’t catch the train.” Ai Dongmei said, “come back early.”

I saw AI Dongmei’s eyes shining like a water well. I swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Xiao San finally finished talking with AI Dongmei. At the moment when Xiao San turned around, AI Dongmei’s tears rolled down.

I said, “Ai Dongmei cried.”

Little three said, “no matter her.”

I said, “she’s crying. Xiao San, why are you so hard hearted.”

Little three said, “you think I want to be a coal digger. Next year, I’ll pee in the kiln well for three years. Two stones are sandwiched between two people. I’m not sure if I’ll be a cake one day. I don’t want to have a good life with her.”

When the car crossed the Yellow River, I saw that it was very thin and narrow. It was not as magnificent as the book said.

Xiao San smiled and said, “the book says Shenzhen is full of gold. Why don’t you go to Shenzhen?”

I’m too lazy to argue with him. The scenery along the way is fascinating.

After getting off the train and changing cars, I finally got to the place called Baisha.

I saw the high derrick, the colorful flags on the derrick, the black coal and my companions as black as coal.

The mine owner looked at me like an animal and said, “your arm is too thin.” then he slapped me on my shoulder and I almost fell.

The mine owner said, “there’s still a little strength. Stay.”

I was so excited that I swallowed. This is one of my problems.

Xiao San later said that I smiled like a eunuch seeing the emperor, a slave face. I said, “I eat by strength, not as an official.”

Xiao San thinks I’m too young. He says that when I do things outside, I should talk to people and ghost. I nodded and called him Shifu. He immediately put on the airs of Shifu: “you should look around and listen to all directions underground. Where there is anything abnormal, you should learn to run for your life. There is no scenery underground.”

Story 2: going down the well

Underground, we worked with mules. Xiao San did technical work and shot. He would be fine after shooting. He found a place to lie down and smiled foolishly with a miner’s lamp on AI Dongmei’s picture.

My partner and I put the coal on the rack truck with a shovel, then drove the mule to pull the coal to the open ground and pour it on the mine truck. Finally, the crane lifted the coal to the ground.

It was a shaft. We could see a round sky when we looked up underground. It was very bright in the morning and slowly faded, like a clock.

The underground is dark, and the miner’s lamp on our head is also dim yellow. I can’t figure out why mules can see it?

Xiao San said that when these mules went down the well, they ate and lived below. They really couldn’t work. Only then did they have a chance to go up to the ground. Over time, they get used to it below.

The junior said to us secretly that if he could get some steamed bread from the canteen for the mule to eat, he would have more strength and run faster, so he could work more and earn more money.

Every time Xiao San goes down the well, he always gets some grass for the mule, and the mule always licks his hand. He patted it on the head, did not speak, and let it lick.

I saw the mule’s eyes were big and warm, like AI Dongmei. I don’t want this feeling. Xiao San also has it. Xiao San said that the mule licked his hand and AI Dongmei kissed him. Then he laughed so loudly that two rows of white teeth seemed to be set on a black face.

Xiao San sometimes sleeps well and will help me. That must be because he wants me to write a love letter to AI Dongmei.

I wouldn’t have written a love letter, but Xiao San asked me to write it. I wrote it several times.

One day, Xiao San said seriously. I wrote in my letter that he kissed her and hugged her. In fact, he didn’t kiss her or hug her. He asked me what’s the advantage of writing like this?

I said, I thought you kissed her.

I saw Xiao San swallow a mouthful of saliva, like a mule remembering the smell of the grass he ate before he went down the well.

Xiao San sometimes tells me about AI Dongmei, as if he doesn’t say that he feels uncomfortable.

He said that AI Dongmei made embroidered pillows, which were mandarin ducks playing in the water; Said that AI Dongmei sang folk songs for him, which was very good; Said that AI Dongmei’s bra was small. He wanted to buy her a large one, but he didn’t dare to buy it. He was afraid that people would say he was a hooligan

The little three talked like a talkative woman, but I didn’t bother at all. I think his words are more or less nutritious.

Story 3: accident

In autumn, we went to Jincheng. The junior bought AI Dongmei a red sweater there. I emboldened him and went to the underwear area of the mall together. There we bought AI Dongmei an underwear and made a joke there.

The salesman asked him how big he bought. He blushed and said he didn’t know. The salesman said he didn’t know what to buy! He glanced at the salesman and said, “it’s similar to you.”

The salesman blushed, but it didn’t happen in the end. Maybe she saw that we weren’t bad people.

Then we went to the post office and sent it back. Little three put a letter in it. This time he wrote it himself. There was only one sentence: my heart, you know; Your heart, I know.

It is better for me to say this than a thousand words. He smiled and was very happy.

Things came suddenly. That morning, we had dinner together. Xiao San said he would go down the well first and put down the coal so that we wouldn’t wait for work.

It happened when he was alone underground. The gas exploded. He was burned beyond recognition. When he was rescued, I couldn’t recognize him.

We sent him to the hospital in a coma. The owner of the mine begged us to keep it a secret like his grandson. Because such a thing happened, his mine would have to be scrapped. He said that no matter how much it cost, he would cure Xiao San.

Two days later, Xiao San woke up. He still couldn’t speak. I called his name, his eyes moved, and his hearing was good.

A month later, he was able to speak, but his voice changed. Although the doctor skinned his face, the little three in front of me was no longer the same little three.

Little three said that AI Dongmei must not recognize him. She must not marry him. He is too ugly.

Xiao San told the mine manager that he only wanted 100000 yuan of compensation. The mine manager wants to bargain with him. He said there was a gas explosion underground.

Knowing the power of this sentence, the mine manager immediately promised to give him money. The mine manager asked him to write a note to the effect that it was over and no longer repented. He wrote it.

A few hours later, the mine manager gave a passbook with his name on it. They handed in their passbooks and notes in one hand.

Story 4: ending

After living in the hospital for more than a month, Xiao San can get out of bed. Xiao San said, “if such a mine is kept, it will kill others. I’m going to the Mining Bureau.”

I accompanied him to the Mining Bureau. Xiao San said what happened under the patio.

A few days later, a group of people came. They went down the well and inspected it. They said that there was a great potential safety hazard and had to blow up the kiln well.

They said they would do it, and the mine owner tossed like a headless fly. Before pulling down the derrick, Xiao San said there were several mules below.

The mine owner said with a gray face, “the kiln is gone. What do you want those mules to do?”

Little three said it was all life.

The last time Xiao San went underground, he covered the eyes of each mule with black cloth. He was afraid that the light would hurt their eyes.

When he did this, all people’s eyes and mule’s eyes were wet. Each mule licked his hand with its tongue.

When winter came, I went home with Xiao San. The closer we were to home, Xiao San became more timid.

Finally, he told me to go back first. He said he had to go to AI Dongmei’s village to see her first. If she didn’t recognize him, he would be single all his life.

I didn’t go home. I followed him quietly. I hope AI Dongmei recognized him at a glance. I’m afraid that if AI Dongmei doesn’t recognize him, he will be unhappy.

He stood in front of AI Dongmei’s door. He called her name.

AI Dongmei came out and she was wearing the red sweater he sent back. He shouted, “Ai Dongmei!”

She looked at him, apparently she didn’t recognize him.

He shouted again, “Ai Dongmei!”

She looked at him with beautiful eyes and said, “I must have seen you somewhere.”

He shouted again, “Ai Dongmei!”

AI Dongmei suddenly jumped in front of him. She untied his clothes. She cried out, “Xiao San, how did you become like this?”

It turned out that Xiao San was wearing a sweater she knitted one by one.

The two held each other tightly until AI Dongmei’s parents came out.

I stood there in tears. I was a redundant person. Then I walked back. I wanted to tell the people in the whole village that they were going to drink Xiaosan’s Xi bar.

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