Chinese Modern Story: Farmer and bustard

A farmer had just sown seeds in the field, but cranes and geese came almost every day and ate up all the seeds he had just sown. The farmer had to set up many nets and rope traps for catching birds in the field. As a result, one bustard was caught together. One of its feet was firmly fastened and could not escape. It had to say to the farmer:

Farmer and bustard

“Please let me go! Because I don’t belong to cranes or geese. I’m just a bustard, a very docile bird! I never hurt other birds. I always respect my predecessors and honor them. Even if they are old, I never abandon them. Besides, I’ve never done anything bad. ”

The farmer answered:

“Yes. I don’t know what you just said; I know you well. But now I have caught you with cranes and geese; They did a lot of bad things. Now, you have to die with them. “

This fable tells us: be careful not to mix with bad people.

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