Chinese Modern Story: Fight against the financial fan

Story one

During the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a rich man named Zheng Deshui in Yishan village. His family had countless fertile fields, thousands of houses, and operated more than a dozen restaurants and tea shops. Most of the Inns on the post road from Shandong to the capital were opened by him.

On this day, Zheng Deshui was taking a nap. Housekeeper Liu hurried over and said nervously, “Sir, it’s bad!” Zheng Deshui sat up and asked disapprovingly, “what’s the matter? Is it the collapse of the sky?”

Fight against the financial fan

Housekeeper Liu sighed and said, “the financial fan has been transferred from Dongping mansion to our prefect. Do we have a good day in the future?”

“What? Did the land scraper really come here?” Zheng de kicked the tea table over with his foot, and the cups and dishes broke to the ground.

The real name of a financial fan is Qian Guangming. Every time he becomes an official, the wild goose has to pluck its hair. No one in the surrounding counties hates him.

“Master, the money fan is the cousin of the uncle of the uncle of the Pearl Mingxiang master. 80% of the prime minister wants to make a big profit in our rich land. He has a big backer, and no one can cure him!” the housekeeper said bitterly.

“If others can’t cure it, I’ll cure it! I don’t believe that the emperor can’t control greedy people. When will the wealth fan take office?”

“There are still two months left.” housekeeper Liu has inquired clearly.

“That’s good. I have to fight him!” Zheng Deshui whispered to housekeeper Liu.

Before the Mid Autumn Festival, financial fans took office and asked who was the richest here. There is no doubt that Zheng Deshui has become his first choice. As long as Zheng Deshui’s family property is his own, he can easily get the white silver. But his men reported to him that all the shops opened by the Zheng family were closed except the Dongcheng restaurant, and Zheng Deshui himself hid. The financial fan thought that the old boy was smart enough, so I started from Dongcheng restaurant. He called his son Qian Ding and arranged a plan like this.

In the small government office, Qian Ding idles all day. Every time he extorts villagers, he takes the lead. People give him the nickname “Qian Er Chuan Zi”.

At noon that day, Qian ersuanzi led a large group of gangsters to Dongcheng restaurant. Seeing guests coming in and out one after another, Qian erchuanzi thought, look at this source of customers, they don’t get 100 liang of silver a day, but tens of thousands a year. Dad said it was a good idea to “plate” the restaurant. As soon as Qian Er chuanzi entered the door, the servant brought him a master chair and put it in the middle of the store door. The gangsters blocked the guests from entering at the door. As soon as shopkeeper Wang saw the situation, he smiled and said, “young master, please come to the elegant room on the second floor. We have good wine and food to serve you!” shopkeeper Wang let it go again and again, but Qian erchuanzi didn’t move. Seeing this, the guests fled the restaurant. Qian erchuanzi smiled and said, “I want to set up this restaurant. How much should you calculate!”

Shopkeeper Wang said with a sad face, “childe is joking. How dare I be the master of such a big event. Please make a decision.”

“Then call him quickly. I’m going to take away the shop today!” supported by his father, Qian erchuanzi has always been arrogant.

Shopkeeper Wang went to Zheng Deshui in a depressed mood and came back with his head held high after an hour. He said to Qian ersuanzi in a loud voice: “the owner said that he would take out 10000 liang of cash from the East City restaurant. He didn’t give money to seize it, so he asked me to light the store! The owner also said that he had plenty of money and build a new one after burning it!”

When he ran into someone who didn’t want to die, Qian Er chuanzi had no idea. He quickly sent a servant with long legs to ask the master for instructions. After a while, the boy replied that the master agreed to give money to the shop. Qian Er chuanzi said, “ten thousand is ten thousand. This shop will be called money tomorrow!”

Story two

The name of Dongcheng restaurant is Qian, but its business is deserted. I haven’t seen a penny since it opened for a month. When Qian Er chuanzi inquired, he knew that the Zheng Xicheng restaurant was reopened, and the diners would rather run five miles to eat there. After another month, they lost 2000 silver and finally closed down. In desperation, the financial fans had to reduce the price and transfer the restaurant, but no one dared to take it.

After losing the money, the financial fan was anxious and angry. He decided to repair Zheng Deshui himself. Early that morning, the financial fan took his son and three classes of government servants and went straight to the zhengjiazhuang garden. I thought Zheng Deshui would go out to meet him. After knocking on the door, I saw housekeeper Liu and several servants come out slowly and let the financial fan to the living room.

As soon as the financial fan sat down, he played the magistrate’s style and ordered him to say, “go and call Zheng Deshui out quickly. I have something to say!” housekeeper Liu replied: “master Qian, it’s a pity that officer Zheng is away from home. Before leaving, he told me to take full charge of all the housework.”

Who can play with authority when people are not at home? The financial Fan said, “first thing, the dog is not good at management. Dongcheng restaurant will offer it to you again!”

“OK! Zheng Yuanwai said that master qian can only give you 8000 taels of silver for the restaurant. If you agree, I’ll give you the silver ticket he left.” the money fan Hu ziqiao went to heaven, but if you don’t agree, he will pay more in the future. He clenched his teeth and handed over the contract before it was over.

“My second thing is business!” the financial Fan said in an official voice, “when the river is built in the spring of next year, Zheng’s family has a great career. He has to pay 100000 liang of silver anyway!”

Housekeeper Liu said, “master Qian, the emperor has always appropriated money to build the river. I’ve never heard that the people have to pay. You should apportion it according to reason and law!”

“This official administration is a party that is not in accordance with the law. I has the final say. I will take away your family confiscated without paying the money!” the financial fans are very aggressive. Today, they are going to take Zheng Deshui’s operation. The two strings of money and three classes of Yamen are clamoring for Liu Guan to take the title deed.

Housekeeper Liu said, “master Qian, I really can’t decide this. Wait until Zheng Yuanwai comes back!”

“You can’t wait for him to come back. You can either take the money or hand in the land lease today!” said the financial fan. Since the ancient road “broken county magistrate”, not to mention that the financial fan is the magistrate, housekeeper Liu said: “the key to the bank is in the charge of Zheng Yuanwai personally, and the land lease is in my hand. Please open a voucher, and Zheng Yuanwai will come back and take it to the Yamen to pay money!” the financial fan thought that taking the land lease would force Zheng Deshui to pay money, so he issued a seizure voucher.

As soon as the confident financial fan left, Zheng Deshui came out of the back hall, took the seizure certificate covered with the seal of the magistrate and said to housekeeper Liu, “with this certificate, I have evidence when I see Lord Kangxi. You hurry to pack me up and I’ll go to Beijing to report to the imperial court!” after that, he whispered to housekeeper Liu. Housekeeper Liu said knowingly, “Sir, you can rest assured!”

Early the next morning, there was a lot of noise outside the magistrate’s Yamen, and the money fans were unknown. The housekeeper went out to inquire and reported: “housekeeper Liu of Zheng’s manor asked someone to carry a huge plaque to the yamen, and they asked the master to welcome him!”

“Welcome?” the financial fan was confused there.

Story three

As soon as the financial fan came out of the yamen, housekeeper Liu shouted, “kneel to welcome the emperor!” then he opened the red silk cloth on the giant plaque, and saw two colorful golden dragons painted on the plaque, with four big characters “virtuous and kind people” written in the Royal pen. The financial fans recognized that this was the handwriting of Lord Kangxi. How dare they neglect it. They knelt in front and followed with a crowd.

After the ceremony, housekeeper Liu said in a loud voice, “Lord Qian, Kangxi’s southern tour is stationed in Zheng’s manor, and the Zheng family gives everything they have to welcome him. His old man praised Zheng’s virtue and gave this plaque. He promised that the Zheng family would not have to pay all kinds of taxes in the future. Before leaving, he also gave a yellow jacket and a waist token to go in and out of the Forbidden City.”

The financial fan wanted to make money. Unexpectedly, he stabbed the hornet’s nest and quickly ordered the housekeeper to get the title deed. Housekeeper Liu reminded: “Lord Qian, it’s too late now. Member Zheng rushed to the capital last night to meet Lord Kangxi and tell the emperor!”

Hearing this, the financial fan fell to the ground and couldn’t get up. After the Yamen helped him to the inner mansion, he suddenly thought that the Zheng family went to Beijing to sue the emperor, and I would also give gifts to Lord Mingzhu, so that Xiangye could plead with the emperor to save his life. As a result, the financial fans quickly packed some soft goods and luggage, and the two men immediately set out for the capital.

Because it was a private matter, the financial fans did not dare to stop at the post station, but the party found that all hotels along the way were closed, and the nearby villagers closed their doors when they saw them. The financial fan thought that Zheng Deshui must have done it secretly. It seems that I really shouldn’t fight him.

Without a hotel to rest, financial fans have to sleep in the open air. They take a lot of gold and silver treasures, but they are like beggars along the street. They wait for more than ten days before they get enough to eat in Henan. After a few days’ journey, he finally arrived in the capital and rushed to Mingzhu mansion early in the morning.

However, when the financial fans saw that several seals were pasted on the gate of Mingzhu mansion, they were surprised. Suddenly, a group of captors emerged behind them. The leading official shouted, “you are the Yanzhou governor Qian Guangming, come with us to the Ministry of punishment!” in this way, the unknown financial fans were locked in the prison.

The housekeeper managed a lot of money before he learned the news. It turned out that Mingzhu had been dismissed and investigated for her participation in abolishing the crown prince, and her family had been confiscated. Officials in Beijing also said that Zheng Deshui, a local citizen, was received by Lord Kangxi. When Lord Kangxi heard about the corrupt deeds of a magistrate, Long Yan was furious and immediately ordered a thorough investigation. Hearing this, the financial fan immediately collapsed in the prison. The patron fell down, and the Emperor himself asked for the blame. There was only one way to die waiting for him.

Half a month later, the financial fan was dismissed and the two men were distributed to Ili together. The weak Qian Er Chuan Zi died of a serious illness during the escort. Not long after, the money fan who lost his son also died. The greedy men lost their lives for money.

In order to rectify the administration of officials, Emperor Kangxi selected Jin Yifeng, who had always been honest, as the magistrate. The people everywhere praised the emperor’s grace. But as soon as magistrate Jin took office, he encountered a great difficulty. It turned out that it rained heavily here for more than ten days, and most crops were flooded, resulting in no production. The disaster was serious. What should he do?

Jin Yifeng is in a mess. His subordinates say that Zheng Deshui is asking for a meeting outside the house. Jin Yifeng quickly invited Zheng Yuanwai to the inner hall. Zheng Deshui said quickly, “Lord Jin, the villain donated 500000 stone grain to help relieve the disaster and save the villagers from water and fire!” upon hearing this, Jin Yifeng said with awe: “officer Zheng is worthy of a man of virtue and virtue outside! After the disaster, I will fold a note to the emperor and ask you for a plaque of merit and virtue!”

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