Chinese Modern Story: Forever Butterfly

At that time, it was just raining. The asphalt pavement was wet and cold, and the lights were green, yellow and red. We took shelter from the rain under the arcade and saw the green mailbox standing alone across the street. In the big pocket of my white windbreaker is a letter to my mother in the south.

Yingzi said she could hold an umbrella and post the letter for me. I nodded silently and handed the letter to her.

“Who told us to bring only a small umbrella?” she said with a smile, holding up her umbrella and preparing to cross the road to post the letter for me. The drizzle from her umbrella splashed on my glasses.

With a sharp brake sound, yingzi’s life gently flew up and slowly fell on the wet and cold street, like a butterfly at night.

Chinese Modern Story

Although it is spring, it seems to be autumn.

She just crossed the street to post the letter for me. This simple action will teach me to never forget. I slowly opened my eyes and stood blankly under the arcade, with hot tears in my eyes. All the cars in the world stopped and the crowd poured into the middle of the road. No one knows that the one lying on the street is mine, butterfly. At this time, she was only five meters away from me, so far away. Bigger raindrops splashed on my glasses and into my life.

Why? Just an umbrella?

However, I saw yingzi crossing the road quietly, wearing a white windbreaker and holding an umbrella. She’s going to post a letter for me. That’s a letter to my mother in the south. I stood at a loss under the arcade, and I saw the eternal cherry walking to the middle of the street. In fact, it didn’t rain much, but it was the biggest rain in my life. And the letter is written like this. Does young yingzi know?

“Mom: I’m going to marry yingzi next month.”

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