Chinese Modern Story: Go to mourning and recognize relatives

During the reign of Emperor Kangxi, there was a man named Li Wei in Fengxian County, Xuzhou. He wanted to be an official, but he couldn’t even pass the exam. As soon as he gritted his teeth, he spent a lot of money to donate a fifth grade member wailang. Later, when he came all the way to the official Department of the capital, he found out that the candidate officials had to be recommended by the senior officials to get the real shortage. Otherwise, he was afraid that he would have to “wait” until the year of the monkey.

Li Wei was so angry that he drank in a restaurant. He couldn’t help lamenting that he had no way to be an official and no way to serve the country. At this time, a middle-aged man came to Li Wei and said he could recommend him as an official with real shortcomings, but Li Wei must do something for him first. Li Weiyi looked at the middle-aged man. He was in his forties and dressed in ordinary clothes, but his temperament was by no means ordinary. He must be a powerful man in the court. As soon as Li weilue thought, he promised to come down. The middle-aged man didn’t say much anymore. He raised his feet and left, leaving only a man named Wei Xing to explain what he had done to Li Wei.

Chinese Modern Story: Go to mourning and recognize relatives

It is only said that edongchang, governor of Shandong Province, has served as a senior official in the frontier for many years, but his son ole is ignorant. Edongchang wanted his son to become a dragon. He bought the scholar’s and Ju Ren’s fame all the way for his son. This year, he bought the examiner of Chunwei Dabi in the capital to ensure that his son was a scholar. Unexpectedly, after entering Beijing, Ole ate wildly, gambled wildly, whored indiscriminately, and soon became ill. As a result, he became braided before entering the examination room. Afraid of responsibility, his servant put his body in Hulu temple and ran away. There was a beggar named Huang San who was loyal and begged all the way to Jinan mansion to report his funeral. Edongchang was so sad at the news that he had to order his men to go into the capital to pick up his son’s coffin and mourn for three days. As for Huang San, he arranged to be a porter.

On the day of mourning, the house of Hubei was cold and desolate. There was no friend who came to send funeral paper for OLE. Dongchang of Hubei was not embarrassed. At noon on the third day, there was a burst of painful crying outside the door of e house: “brother e!” then a mourner came in and cried, “brother e, you met me Li Wei by chance in the capital, but you were chivalrous and courageous to help my little brother in poverty…”

Now, the whole family of E was stunned: e Le has always been selfish and asked him to help others. He was afraid that the sun would come out from the West! Unexpectedly, edongchang was so excited that his lips trembled: “please talk to the guests in the hall!” Li Wei entered the hall and paid a big tribute to edongchang: “uncle, please accept my nephew!” edongchang didn’t rashly agree. He wanted to set up a plate of this unknown Li Wei first.

Li Wei answered Dongchang’s quirky questions like a stream. He said he came from Fufeng County, Xuzhou. He was originally an alternate official in the capital, but he got nothing because there was no recommendation. When the money was spent and there was no way out, he got to know Ole, who generously funded his silver back home. On the day of parting, they married Jinlan and agreed to be named on the Oregon gold list. Li weiding came to the capital to congratulate him. Unexpectedly, after returning home, Li Wei was surprised to hear that ole had unfortunately died, so he changed his appointment in the capital to Jinan for mourning

The whole family of Hubei listened to the Arabian Nights, while Dongchang of Hubei remained silent. While drinking tea, he asked Li Wei about his son’s clothes, appearance, behavior and temperament. Li Wei’s vivid description of OLE is not bad at all. Finally, Li Wei took out a topaz wrench and said that he had exchanged keepsakes with ole… Now they were all right.

“Nephew –” e Dongchang couldn’t help crying. He got off the master’s chair and hugged Li Wei. They cried together. When the slaves saw the master mourning, they all shouted like fighting

In this way, Li Wei became the guest of honor of the Hubei government that night. During the banquet, edongchang asked Li Wei to choose a prefect who was really lacking in Shandong to take office, but Li Wei put his wine glass and said: “I have made a golden orchid with brother E. now I have enough wish to serve his uncle and mother in the house for brother E. what can my husband ask?” Mrs. e smiled, while edongchang narrowed his eyes and said: “Since you don’t want to go out to be an official, then be a personal scribe in the governor’s Yamen. I’ll take care of you sooner or later.”

“Thank you, uncle!” Li Wei hurried out of his seat and paid homage. The eyes of several yamen masters behind him were red: although “in three years of Qing Dynasty, 100000 snowflakes and silver” However, no matter how fat the magistrate is, he is not worth a small scribe in the governor’s Yamen! All the silver money paid to the governor by the state governments, scholars, farmers, industry and commerce is in the hands of the personal scribe. If you intercept some casually, you can save a lot. This boy is tricky!

This is exactly the case. After Li Wei became a close scribe, Shandong officials must first inform Li Wei if they want to work in edongchang. Naturally, their tribute silver Li Wei also “smiled” impolitely, but he was very measured. He took only one tenth every time, and every few months, someone always sneaked into Li Wei’s room to get money.

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