Chinese Modern Story: Hard work is needed on the road of life

Do you want to be a happy person? I hope you learn to be diligent first. Do you want to have diligence? I hope you don’t waste your time. Because time is the chain of happiness, and life rolls out infinite happiness for you.

The most precious thing in the world is not only good psychological quality, but also diligence. The most precious diligence is not only physical diligence, but spiritual diligence. Diligence depends on perseverance and eternity. Writers say that diligence is a key to open the door of the palace of literature; Scientists say that diligence makes people smart; Politicians say that diligence is the cornerstone of realizing ideals; Ordinary people say that diligence is a traditional virtue. It can be seen that diligence is rich in what great heritage and charm. If human beings abandon it, it will never work.

Diligence is the only way to success. Without it, genius will become a fool. Success = hard work + correct method + less empty talk. The best things in the world are created by labor and diligent hands. Hard work can yield fruitful results. If we want to succeed in our official career, we still need a pair of hard-working hands.

Since ancient times, people who have made great achievements can not do without the word “diligence”. One’s life lies in diligence. Diligence can make up for one’s weakness. No pains, no gains. Diligence can be obtained. If one is not diligent, he will be hungry, and if he is not diligent, he will be foolish. On the road of life, diligence is the strength. How can you get happiness? You still have to go boating hard. One day’s hard work can get a night’s sleep; If you work hard all your life, you will have a long sleep of happiness.

Since ancient times, people who have made achievements in learning can not do without the word “bitter”. He who eats bitterness is a master. April showers bring May flowers. The road of life is full of thorns, and the road of life is full of war smoke. Only those who have a strong will and work hard can reach their destination with laughter.

Chinese Modern Story

If you don’t move forward in life, you don’t know how far you are going; Life should not be hard-working and unreasonable. Genius comes from diligence, fools from laziness, and wise people are willing to be diligent little bees. Diligence is the twin of wisdom, laziness is the brother of stupidity. Diligent people are good at using time. Lazy people always have no time. Diligence is the master of time, laziness is the slave of time. People’s life must be busy. Only when they are busy can they reflect their value and win the desired harvest.

No animal in the world is more diligent than an ant, but it is the most silent. If people on every road can learn to be ants, then people who do nothing will be far away. If you don’t sow in spring, you won’t grow in summer, harvest in autumn and taste in winter. If human beings want to survive in competition, they must be diligent, and if they want to develop in society, they must struggle. Through the ages, any success and harvest is the result of down-to-earth, hard work and hard work.

We will never despise diligence. Only with diligence can you harvest. Each of us carries a ladder of harvest, that is diligence. Those with lazy hands will be poor; Those who work hard get rich. If you want to be rich, you must climb fearlessly. Just like mountaineers climbing Mount Everest, you must overcome countless difficulties and obstacles. Cowards and lazy people cannot enjoy the joy of harvest and embrace abundance and happiness.

The path leading to bread winds through the hard-working swamp and the path leading to clothes, passing through a flower free land. Whether it is the road to bread or the road to clothes, it is a journey that requires diligence and hardship. The brilliance of youth, the realization of ideals, the meaning of life, and even human survival and development… Are all contained in these two words – diligence!

Only diligence can heal the wounds of poverty; Only diligence can shine the aura of happiness; Only through diligence can mankind see hope and a bright future. The shining life is built by diligence, the intelligent life is accumulated by diligence, the great life is displayed by diligence, the ordinary life is tamped by diligence, and the strong will and bearing ability are deepened through diligence, which is the foundation of every era. Diligence is not just words, but practical actions. We should persevere in the hardship of diligence and never retreat.

Industry is diligent and waste is playful; Action comes from thinking, but destruction comes from following. In the official career of life, we choose diligence without hesitation. She is a midwife who has achieved almost everything in the world. As long as we hold the diligence to think, hold the diligent hand to cultivate, hold the diligent heart to treat the work, and remain persistent in the world of mortals, then our life will bloom sparks and make the time of life more shining and wonderful.

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