Chinese Modern Story: Innocent dog

Recently, ah, the neighborhood is often infested with thieves, the only one elevator house in many owners have been stolen things. Once, one afternoon, the thief stole from the fourteenth floor to the twentieth floor, and no one found.

The security guards of the innocent dog neighborhood would of course love to catch the damn thief, but the security guards are more than capable, because the security guards in this neighborhood can at best be called doormen, and although there are twenty of them, none of them are under the age of fifty, and two are even middle-aged women in their fifties.

Innocent dog

For the owners’ accusations, the security guards were so helpless that one of them said, “I suggest you get a dog at home.” For a neighborhood of owners who are so common as to return to their homes, the vast majority of them are working class, and few are really rich. One owner said, “If we could afford a dog, we wouldn’t live here. Besides, the things stolen by the thief don’t add up to a dog.” Another owner said, “Even if we had the money to buy a dog, we don’t have the time to keep a dog.”

Of course, there are individuals in this community who have both money and time to spare.

In a few days, a family really bought a dog, and this dog is said to be worth a lot of money.

The dog’s head is very tall, a lot bigger than ordinary dogs, the dog looks very fierce. One day, there is a water delivery to the family to send buckets of water, before entering the door, the dog was dumbfounded, said to give as much money as they dare not come back to deliver water.

The dog is a woman, to be specific, is a very plump young woman, thirty-five, six years old, walking up the buttocks twisted a little exaggerated. But this woman does look very beautiful and quite temperamental, with “beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful” to describe, not too much. In the words of a security guard uncle: “can sleep with her one night, free to do a year of security are worth.”

The woman is a single, strictly speaking, is a single husband, her husband has been away for years, specifically what to do, no one in the community knows.

The dog, after all, is a dog, often to the middle of the night on the “ow” barking non-stop.

The city’s nightlife starts to get rich after 10 o’clock, the neighborhood is home to tens of thousands of people, every day there are people out in the middle of the night. The dog barked endlessly whenever it heard the footsteps of strangers. The owners of the neighborhood often scold the dog for this, saying, “What a dog, barking in the middle of the night, so that people can not sleep.” “What bird dog, let it be a dog in the next life.” Some people also said, “A dog is really good, it is so fierce barking, which thieves still dare to come looking for death.” Of course, there are also people who really can’t stand it.

One day, a homeowner’s children in the middle of the night by the dog’s barking scared cry, the child’s father fire are to come, shouted at the owner of the dog: “Which family has a short-lived unattended dog, has been barking ‘soul’ ah, I will chop it off some day.” The woman also did not dare to show weakness, aggressively scolded at the man: “My family dog is not your business, you have money to raise dogs too.” At this point, a security guard came forward to mediate, saying, “Dogs, barking is a normal thing, not barking, it is still called a dog?” The security guard went on to say, “You see, it is because of the dog’s barking, the community for half a year have not come to the thief.”

Since then, the owners of the community has naturally accepted this reality, and slowly get used to sleeping in the dog’s barking.

However, suddenly one day, the community without the sound of barking dogs, very quiet, so quiet that people feel a little scared.

Some owners are not used to it and can’t sleep without hearing the barking of the dogs.

Two days, three days, four days, passed, the community still no one heard the dog barking, and no one has gone to the woman who has a dog.

Some owners started scolding the dog again, saying, “What’s going on, where did this dog die, always waiting for it to bark?” Some owners said, “Could it be that the woman was also bored by the dog barking and gave it sleeping pills?” Some owners said, “It’s not true that the man killed it, right?” Others said, “Maybe the dog and the woman were not at home at all, and the woman took the dog on vacation.”

And so a few days passed, still no one heard the dog barking, and no one saw the woman.

District security guard said: “It’s winter, we must pay attention to fire prevention. Now there is no dog barking in the district, pay more attention to theft prevention.”


The woman had an accident, the dog also died.

This news or the public security came to the community, the community security and owners only know. That night at eleven o’clock, public security drove a police car into the neighborhood.

The woman was raped and killed. The dog was strangled to death by a wire. Later, it was said that a thief reported the case.

At this time, one of the owners living next door to the woman just said, “It seems that night I heard the woman screaming for help, but because the dog’s voice was too loud, I thought I was dreaming.”

Hearing so, one of the security guards uncle sighed: “Why, these days, do not keep a dog at home.”

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