Chinese Modern Story: Lethal candle night

Jin Huan asked the maid to call Xu Qian into the bridal chamber from the banquet. Once she changed her shyness in the past, she took off her cap and asked the maid to bring wine and vegetables to drink with the groom. Xu Qian quickly declined and said that he had drunk too much today. The future is long. He will drink enough with Jin Huan! Jin Huan doesn’t want to say that she thinks of you day and night. Finally, she has today. How can she not get drunk. Then the maid was supported out. The two newcomers drank happily. You drank one cup and I drank one cup. Gradually, Xu Qian couldn’t support it and fell asleep in bed.

At this time, all the guests in the hospital were full of wine and food. They were about to leave the table to say goodbye. Suddenly, they heard several strange noises in the bridal chamber. Then the door was knocked open, and the groom lost his head and took the way. The family followed, not in a hurry, thinking that the groom was drunk and would be fine after running for a while. Unexpectedly, the groom had been running to a big river in front. The family felt that it was bad and rushed forward to hold the groom. But one step late, the bridegroom “plopped” and jumped into the rolling river.

Lethal candle night

“No! The bridegroom jumped into the river and saved people!” cried the shore. Several people who knew the water jumped into the river to save people, but they didn’t see the shadow of the bridegroom after working hard for a long time. One by one, the family members came back to report to their master. Jin Huan’s mother was furious: “bastard! There are so many of you that you can’t even hold on to one person. Obviously, you are desperate to save your son-in-law and intend to harm my son-in-law!” the servants shouted wrongfully. Jin Huan’s mother glared at them: “don’t instigate! Don’t hurry to find a boat to salvage around. If you can’t find someone, you won’t forgive me!” they took the order and hired four boats to encircle me up and down the river, But I didn’t find the groom until dawn. The next day, with a dozen servants, Jin huanniang came to the County Yamen to play drums and complain about her grievances. Wuzhi county had not been promoted to the court for many days. Seeing that there was a case today, he was particularly energetic. He patted the hall and shouted, “who is under the hall and what grievances do you have?” Jin huanniang knelt in front of the hall and complained: “I’m Jin, Xiaomin of this county. Just because my daughter got married last night, my son-in-law drank a few more cups, rushed out of his bridal chamber and disappeared by the river. Xiaomin suspected that the servant was dissatisfied with his master’s strict discipline and deliberately murdered my son-in-law. Please make the decision.”

Wuzhi County asked, “did anyone find it?”

The servants quickly explained, “he jumped into the river and died. The body has not been found yet.”

“Why don’t you save when you die?”

“It was really a sudden thing. My uncle was drunk and ran away. We followed him all the time. We never thought he would jump into the river. We just came forward a step late. We have seen it with our own eyes. We have worked in the Jin family for many years. There is no reason to plot against my uncle.”

Wuzhi County interrogated other witnesses one by one, and the answers were all right. He shouted, “Kim, you are unreasonable! It’s obviously your son-in-law who jumped into the river. How can you falsely accuse others? Beat the woman 50 boards and blast her out of the hall!” Wuzhi county was a little angry. Originally, it thought it was a real big case and could be used as a capital to boast in the future. Unexpectedly, it was just an accident, so it threw all its anger on Kim.

After hearing this, Kim explained, “calm down, my Lord. The people’s wife still has something to say. They said they threw themselves into the river. Why can’t people live or die? How can we punish the people’s wife before things are clear?” After hearing this, Wu Zhi county thought it was reasonable, so he led a group of people to the river. When he saw the river rolling and the turbid waves churning, he thought that the body could not be salvaged for a moment, so he went back to the county government. Later, Jin didn’t come back to the county government to complain, so the case was settled.

A few months later, Wu Zhi county was transferred and a new young county magistrate named Zhu Mingqing was appointed. He was resourceful and courageous, good at understanding the people’s feelings, and was very honest. After he took office, he immediately cleared up all the accumulated cases. When reading the paper, he saw the case of Xu Qian throwing himself into the river. He wondered: this Jin family knew that his son-in-law threw himself into the river. Why should he sue his servants? Soon I heard that in recent months, Jin Jin Huan, the daughter of Jin family, had a hot fight with Zheng Shufu, the eldest son of the county inspector. Zhu Zhixian thought it over and over again and realized that Jin’s complaint probably didn’t mean to blame anyone, but to tell the county and his family that the groom really committed suicide in the river. Then why did she do this? Is there something hidden in it?

One afternoon, Zhu Zhixian disguised himself as a fortune teller and visited Jin’s house. When he saw an old woman washing clothes in front of the door, he pretended to borrow a stool and sat down. After waiting for a while, Zhu Zhixian looked around and suddenly said to the old woman, “Oh! There are dark winds around you. I’m afraid it’s not an auspicious place!”

“What nonsense does Sir say? We’re fine here. What’s the ghost! Don’t scare people. You have to rest and go quickly if you don’t rest!” the old woman was very unhappy.

“It’s no nonsense! I reckon that someone will die in three months around here, and it’s a young man. He hasn’t claimed his grievance, so he’s haunted by ghosts.”

“Ah -” the old woman was surprised and hurriedly said, “Sir, the dead man is true, but there is no injustice.”

“Old lady, can you tell me something? Maybe I can help you ward off ghosts and evil spirits.”

So the old woman told Xu Qian what happened before and after he threw himself into the river. Finally, she said that we saw the death of the Jin family’s son-in-law with our own eyes, not an unjust death.

“Xu Qian ran out and you all saw it clearly?”

“Of course, he ran out in his red robe and hair.”

“Did you see that face?”

“That’s not true, because long hair covers your face and it’s such a blink of an eye.”

“Oh -” the magistrate nodded gently, understood a little in his heart, and asked, “will Jinhuan marry again in the future?”

“Not yet, but she has a close relationship with a rich child, and often sees the young man in and out of her house.” after that, the old woman looked around and whispered, “in fact, the young man had contacts long before Jinhuan got married, but I don’t know what the relationship is.”

Zhu Zhixian felt more at ease. He said something to turn bad into good, got up, thanked and left.

Without delay, Zhu Zhi county returned to the county government office, ordered dozens of strong soldiers and made careful arrangements. As soon as it was dark, he surrounded the Jin family courtyard. Zhu Zhi county put on his official clothes and went directly to the Jin family in a sedan chair. The Jin family was surprised to see the magistrate’s sudden arrival, and quickly asked, “what advice do you have when you come here?”

“Just because there is a public case, can I check your house?”

“Oh, how can I check my family? There are only two mothers and daughters in my family. Did the adult make a mistake?”

“No mistake! Someone saw the gangster hiding in your house.” Zhu Zhi county ordered the soldiers to search everywhere.

“Wait!” Jin’s eyes widened angrily. “My Lord, the Jin family is also the descendants of officials. I’m afraid it’s wrong for you to break into civilian houses like this!”

“Don’t worry, I will take full responsibility.”

The soldiers searched everywhere and found nothing. Zhu Zhi county ordered them to search Jinhuan boudoir.

“My Lord, this is even more inappropriate. The search was illegal just now, and now I have to break into the boudoir. Will it not ruin my daughter’s reputation and make my daughter how to see people in the future?” Kim tried to stop.

“I’m performing official duties. What law do I violate? Search!”

“Wait a minute!” Kim blocked the door in a threatening tone. “You can search. What if you can’t find someone?”

“I can’t find anyone. I’m willing to resign and apologize!”

“No! Can you resign in exchange for my little girl’s innocent reputation?”

“Stop talking nonsense! If you can’t find anyone, you can sue for punishment. Come on! Pull the woman apart and search carefully!”

The soldiers rushed up, opened the Kim family and entered the boudoir, but nothing was found. Zhu Zhi county was secretly worried. Regardless of his identity, he searched around again in person. Finally, he leaned under the bed and found a man’s shoe.

“What is this?” Zhu Zhixian threw his shoes at the foot of Jinhuan in the room. Jinhuan’s face turned white.

“Somebody, move the wedding bed!”

The soldiers removed the wedding bed and found several loose cracks on the floor, so they pried open the floor and found a hole. The two soldiers climbed into the hole and walked a few steps. They saw a room inside. Zheng Shufu was hiding in a corner and was shaking. The soldiers grabbed him and continued to walk forward to the exit of the tunnel. Outside was the back garden of the Jin family. In the garden, Zhu Zhi When the soldiers dug a foot deep, they dug up a body. It was identified as Xu Qian.

Zhuzhi county got the evidence, opened the court all night, and brought all the criminals to the court. As soon as Zhuzhi County patted the house, he shouted, “bold poison woman! Kill your son-in-law, but don’t tell the truth!”

“It’s true that my little daughter had an affair with Mr. Zheng, but we didn’t kill my son-in-law. The son-in-law threw himself into the river and died. Everyone saw it with their own eyes.”

“Big punishment!”

However, under the severe punishment, Jin still did not let go. Zhu Zhi county ordered Jin Huan and Zheng Shufu to be punished. They were spoiled and spoiled since childhood. Where had they suffered so much? In a short time, they confessed all the facts of their crime.

In the early years, the Jin family and the Xu family were both rich families. They made a baby marriage for Jin Huan and Xu Qian. Later, when the Xu family fell, the Jin family wanted to repent. Just then, the flirtatious Jin Huan met Zheng Shufu, the son of a rich and powerful patrol in East Guangdong county. The lecherous man asked the matchmaker to bring a lot of money to propose the marriage that day. Because Jin Huan had been engaged, Jin only allowed Zheng Shufu and Jin Huan to get married secretly Make plans later. In this way, you can not only accept the money of Childe Zheng, but also don’t have to return the gift money of Xu Qian’s family. This also makes childe Zheng want it. You don’t have to marry openly, so you can be the groom night and night. You go out early and return late for several months. You’re not happy. Soon, Xu Qian came to the Jin family to discuss the marriage. Jin gave birth to a plan. He tricked Xu Qian into marriage first. In fact, he looked for an opportunity to harm Xu Qian’s life and coveted it The golden ring of wealth and pleasure also agreed.

So on the night of Jin Huan’s marriage, Zheng Shufu brought a boatman and hid him in the underground hole of his new house. Jin Huan deliberately persuaded Xu Qian to get drunk, then called Zheng Shufu and the boatman out, took off Xu Qian’s clothes and put them on the boatman, then strangled Xu Qian with a rope, moved him from the tunnel to the backyard and buried him. The boatman broke his hair and jumped into the river as Xu Qian.

A seemingly seamless murder case finally came to light. The boatman was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment, and Kim, Jin Huan and Zheng Shufu were all sentenced to death.

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