Chinese Modern Story: On her journey alone, father followed silently

The stories and people she met along the way will become a huge wealth in her life, and the secret companionship of her father will also become the warmest memory in her life.

When he learned that his daughter wanted to end his university by cycling home, he couldn’t sit still, asked for leave from his work unit, and drove to Xi’an overnight. His daughter has never ridden long distances. From Xi’an to Yichun, it takes more than 1,200 kilometers to travel through 5 provinces. He is really not at ease on such a long journey. On June 28, 2013, his daughter was on the road. He drove carefully behind her daughter. In order not to let his daughter find out, he was far away, driving and stopping, calling his daughter to obtain location information every once in a while. His daughter’s joy on the phone infected him, and he suddenly felt that the adventure of perfecting his daughter was worthwhile. “When I climbed the first slope, I said “regret” to myself 17 times, but every time I said “persist” twice afterwards… This is after climbing a continuous slope of 5 kilometers and seeing a sign saying He ran down in tears as he said, “3. 6 kilometers ahead, downhill, drive cautiously.”

Seeing what his daughter wrote on, his throat tightened a little. But then there was something more worrying for him. After climbing the first slope, his daughter was so tired that she was out of breath, and her whole body was shaking. After that, she drank Huoxiang Zhengqi water, but she was allergic to alcohol and her whole body became red and hot. . He couldn’t wait to carry his daughter directly into the car home like a chicken. But her daughter’s life path has just begun, and there may be countless hurdles in her life that she will have to step over by herself, and no one else can do anything about it. When following his daughter to Qinling, he was shocked. It was an uphill road of more than 20 kilometers, of which 8 kilometers had steep slopes and 17 kilometers of gentle slopes, and it was driving against the wind. He himself can’t guarantee that he can stick to it, let alone a thin daughter? The daughter cried and walked into the wind. Every time she rode, she stopped to take a rest, drink saliva, beat her back, or put a plaster on her wrist. Seeing his daughter crying but not giving up, he felt that her daughter had really grown up and he knew that what he wanted to do must be persevering.

Chinese Modern Story

On the way to the 319 National Highway, he suddenly found a young man sneaking up with his daughter all the way, his heart was instantly raised in his throat, and he did not care that his daughter might find him, so he drove the car as close as possible to his daughter. Some, so that you can rush to protect your daughter at any time of crisis. The young man followed his daughter for more than 20 kilometers and then left without any intention of harming her daughter. Later, when he saw that the 106 National Road was being repaired, he instantly understood. Maybe it was because enthusiastic netizens were worried about his daughter. He laughed blankly. When his daughter is tired and resting, he likes to post the situation on the road to and Weibo. In fact, there are still many kind people helping her daughter on the road.

He saw the owner of a small shop along the way making brown sugar water for his daughter, the fruit grower in the orchard was enthusiastic about leaving his daughter to eat, and the daughter happily helped the fruit grower sister sell pears and peaches. Seeing that his daughter was tired, the melon farmer on the side of the road stopped her, cut a piece of watermelon and handed it to quench her thirst. Halfway through, my daughter also joined a cycling team. The uncles and aunts of the team took good care of her daughter. When the daughter left the team, she not only sent her a box of Wang Laoji, but also sent a big brother to escort her to the border of Yicheng before leaving… He told the unit The 10-day vacation that I requested ended soon, and I was very close to home. Seeing his daughter become more and more calm and determined, his hanging heart finally slowly fell, and he drove away with confidence.

From Xi’an to Jiangxi, 1200 kilometers, she rode for 16 days. On July 13, when she returned home, she learned that her father had secretly accompanied her for 10 days on the way home. Her riding experience aroused heated discussions among netizens. Many people lamented her bravery, and more people envied her for having a father who loved her so much. A netizen sighed and said: “Only a great father can bring up such a brave daughter.” Some netizens said: “The stories and people encountered along the way will become a huge wealth in her life. And the secret companionship of her father will also become the warmest memory in her life.” He is an ordinary father, and his enviable daughter is Liao Jingwen, 22 years old this year, and a student of 2009 at Xi’an International Studies University. In fact, every adventure in the growth of a child has his father’s uneasy heart and silent love, but some you know at the time, and some require you to slowly experience it over a long period of time.

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