Chinese Modern Story: sit in meditation

he abbot is old and wants to choose an heir from his disciples.

The monks unanimously recommended ruosheng and Huineng, but after several competitions, they still didn’t distinguish between them.

After thinking for a long time, the abbot came up with a clever plan.

Chinese Modern Story: sit in meditation

He ordered the little monk to vacate two empty rooms, put a piece of barbecue in each room, and shut them into the room respectively to try meditation.

One day and one night later, the abbot led the monks to open the door and saw that the meat was intact in Huineng’s room; If you look at ruosheng’s room, the meat is obviously passive. The abbot folded his palms and announced on the spot, “ruosheng will inherit my mantle.”

Huineng was unconvinced: “where am I?”

The monks also looked at each other, and the meat was passive, indicating that if Sheng couldn’t bear to eat meat hungry and violated the commandment, why did he choose him?

The abbot said, “look carefully at the bite marks. Are they left by people?”

The monks noticed that the tooth marks were really not human. Who moved the meat?

The abbot said, “I put a hungry mouse in their room. Huineng’s meat is intact, which means that he has been guarding the meat and failed to meditate. If he meditates wholeheartedly and remains calm, the mouse will have a chance to eat some meat. Who do better?”

The monks nodded after listening.

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