Chinese Modern Story: Take two days off

When he came in, he smiled and said to everyone in the office, “Hello!” We all know that he got the job through connections. So, in our disdainful glance, he slightly lowered his head, blushed and sat down in his own position.

Our deliberate alienation and his introverted personality make us work in the same room, but we have a crowded street and the strangeness of passing each other, so that he asked for two days off, and we almost never felt that there was a person missing in the office.

Take two days off

The next month, we gradually found that he still had many advantages. He is serious and modest. Even when it comes to work, he looks cautious. It seems that he is not discussing problems, but asking for advice.

When we first liked him, he asked for two days off. The director was angry: “what are you doing on leave?” He said, “I have something.” The director asked, “what’s up?” He bit his lips, hesitated for a long time and said, “private affairs.”

The third month, he asked for another two days off. The director was furious: “everyone has his own private affairs to do. I understand and support it, but is weekend and weekend not enough? Do you have to take two extra days off? ”

Without any explanation, his face was full of grievances. Big tears rolled down on the ground drop by drop and immediately turned into a broken watermark.

After asking for leave for two days and he left, the director went to talk to the old leader about him. We snickered and waited for a good play.

The director came back, sat down softly and sighed. In our surprised eyes, the director said with great remorse, “my impulse hurt a noble heart.” It turned out that he was a volunteer. He would go to the nursing home to volunteer for two days every month, rain or shine all year round. This is also the direct reason why he can get the job without examination. The office suddenly became very quiet, so quiet that you could hear the sound of heartbeat.

We didn’t ask him why he didn’t choose to go to the nursing home on the weekend and why he kept it a secret. The previous indifference to him made us feel unworthy to ask these questions. The only thing we can do is to give him a most sincere hug when he returns to the office. I think others feel the same as me. Thousands of words are stuck in my throat.

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