Chinese Modern Story: The most perfect man

A man walks out into the street and stops a moving cab. He got in and the cab driver said, “Don’t wait a second, you have such a good grasp of time, you’re exactly like Franck!”

“Who is Franck?” The passenger asked.

The most perfect man

The most perfect man driver said, “Franck Feldman, a man who is compact, efficient and meticulous in arranging anything at any time. For example, he needs a cab, and a cab drives right up to him, as if it had been precisely calculated, without a second’s delay. This is true of everything he does.”

The passenger said unconcernedly, “Man’s calculations are not as good as God’s. Anyone can be unlucky and unlucky at times.”

“Your words have merit, but they don’t apply to Franck Feldman.” The driver said seriously, “He is God’s favorite, always has the right time, the right place and the right person for everything, moreover, he is flawless and extremely talented. He is good at sports, always unbeatable on the tennis court, playing golf is comparable to professional athletes; he can also sing and dance, his singing voice is beautiful, with his dance moves can go to Broadway; his piano, I am talking about the piano, that is the real heavenly music!”

“You’re making this man sound too godly, aren’t you?” The passenger asked, half-heartedly.

“It’s not even godly.” The driver continued, “His memory is like a computer, can remember everyone’s birthday; he knows every kind of wine, know which wine should go with what dishes, and even with what kind of tableware; he is also an excellent repairman, everything is broken can be fixed by him, unlike me, change a fuse, the whole street lights are blacked out. Franck does everything very well.”

“So, there really is such a perfect person?” The passenger said enviously.

The driver continued, “He drives the fastest route in anticipation to avoid traffic jams, unlike me, who encounters traffic jams every day; he never makes mistakes and knows how to treat women and please them; he never accuses ladies, even when they are wrong; he is always well-dressed and his leather shoes are shiny at all times. He was a perfect man.”

“Such a perfect man is truly second to none. How do you know him?” The passenger exclaimed.

“I never met him. He died long ago, and I married his widow.” The driver said.

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