Chinese Modern Story: The story of stealing chicken can’t eat rice

Once upon a time, there was a peach blossom village in the 60000 mountains. There was a young man named a Xin in the village. A Xin is lively and cheerful, smart and capable. Because he is tall and strong, handsome and natural.

At the age of 20, a Xin became close to peach blossom, a beautiful woman in Huashan village. A Xin’s wife Taohua is a beautiful woman. She has a pair of big, round eyes, as bright as the autumn moon. She walked like a willow in the breeze, and sat down like a peach blossom in the middle of the clear water. People were very envious of the couple and said they were a perfect couple.

The story of stealing chicken can't eat rice

There is a spring well in the west of Taohua village. The well water is not dry all year round and can irrigate more than 1000 mu of good farmland. The rich man’s house is in the middle of the village and ah Xin’s house is in the east of the village.

One day, the peach blossom who had just passed the door went to the spring well to carry water. In front of the rich man’s house, the rich man in his fifties sat on a small stool, smoked dry cigarettes leisurely and stared at the peach blossom. Peach blossom blushed and hurried to the spring well.

After a while, peach blossom carried water and passed the rich man’s house. Suddenly, a piece of silver fell in front of her from heaven. Her heart was pounding. She didn’t dare to look at more silver dollars and hurried home. The rich man looked at the back of peach blossom and said, “money can make ghosts grind. I must get her!”

Peach blossom came home carrying water. She was very afraid and told her husband about it. The rich man has one wife and two concubines and often goes to the streets to flirt with women. Taohua is very worried that the rich man will plot against her. Ah Xin comforted her and said, “don’t be afraid. I’m here.” Then, ah Xin told peach blossom his plan: “in the future, you will be like this…”

The next day, peach blossom went to fetch water again, and the rich man threw another silver dollar at her. Peach blossom smiled and picked up the silver dollar and put it in her pocket. The rich man smiled and nodded. The servant next to him smiled and said, “Sir, the chicken has eaten rice and will soon be in the cage!”

In this way, every time the peach blossom went to fetch water and passed the rich man’s house, the rich man would throw a piece of silver yuan to her. Sometimes, the rich man secretly asked her a few words, and she also smiled and talked to the rich man, which made the rich man excited.

Once, Taohua went to the spring well to carry water. The rich man lost her two silver dollars and flattered her and said, “the beautiful daughter-in-law of Taohua village, is your husband ah Xin at home?”

“Ah Xin is not at home. He will go to my mother’s house before dawn. He won’t come back until tomorrow evening!”

The rich man was overjoyed, went home and dressed up carefully, and then rushed to the peach blossom house without stopping.

As soon as he entered the peach blossom house, the rich man couldn’t wait to hold the peach blossom. Peach blossom smiled and turned quickly. The rich man threw himself into the air and almost fell to the ground. Peach blossom pretended to be half pushed, coughed loudly for two times, and said gently, “Sir, don’t worry. I’ve prepared food and wine. Why don’t we have a drink first.”

“No hurry, beauty, I miss you!” The rich man rushed to hold the peach blossom again.

At this time, a sudden knock came, and then ah Xin’s voice: “peach blossom, open the door! What are you doing with the door closed in broad daylight! ”

When the rich man heard ah Xin’s voice, he was so frightened that his legs were sifting chaff. He even asked what to do?

“I think the master should hide in the big cabinet first.”

“It’s OK. Don’t let others know…”

Peach blossom hurriedly opened a manger like cabinet, took out the clothes inside, let the rich man hide inside, then went to open the door and asked, “don’t you mean you didn’t come back until evening?”

Ah Xin replied angrily, “Alas, what bad luck! I met mountain bandits on the way, and they robbed me of all my money. I came back with a big knife to settle accounts with them. These little thieves, I must kill them! ”

Ah Xin went into the wood room, took a big knife and was about to go out. Seeing the wine and vegetables on the table, he said excitedly, “wait for me to drink a few glasses of wine to strengthen my courage!” Ah Xin said that and slapped the big knife on the big cabinet, frightening the rich man in the cabinet.

Ah Xin drank a few glasses of wine, slightly drunk and said angrily, “Alas, all my money has been robbed. It seems that I have to take a big cabinet to sell.”

“No, no, this is my dowry. I can’t sell it. Besides, there are many poor people in the village. Who has the money to buy it? ” Peach blossom said anxiously.

“Some time ago, the rich man’s son asked me to buy a cabinet for him. Now I’ll carry it and sell it to him!” Ah Xin is about to open the cabinet.

Peach blossom quickly stopped and said, “don’t open it. There’s nothing in the cabinet. Ah, if you insist on selling, go get a stick and rope, and I’ll carry it with you and sell it to him. ” Ah Xin found a rope to tie the cabinet, and the couple lifted the cabinet and walked to the rich man’s house.

“Oh, why is the cabinet so heavy?” Ah Xin asked with a frown.

“The board is thick, don’t instigate, go, go!” Peach blossom urged.

The couple carried the cabinet to the rich man’s house. It happened that the rich man’s son had just returned from the outside. Ah Xin said to him, “young master, you asked me to buy a wooden cabinet some time ago. Now I sell this to you for only 50 silver dollars.”

“Fifty? It’s too expensive, forty! ”

“It’s not expensive. Put the cabinet in your house first. You have to think clearly. I’ll come and ask for money later.” Ah Xin finished, took his wife’s hand, turned and walked out of the rich man’s house.

After a Xin and his wife walked out of the door, the rich man’s son looked around the cabinet. At this time, the rich man in the cabinet knocked hard on the cabinet door and said, “boy, fifty, give it to him, give it to him! You open the cabinet first and let me out! ”

When the rich man’s son heard this, he was surprised. He hurriedly opened the cabinet. When he saw the panting rich man, he hurriedly asked what was going on.

The rich man was speechless, but urged, “take the money to ah Xin first, lest they come again!”

Seeing this, the rich man’s son immediately took the silver and ran out. He soon caught up with ah Xin and his wife and said, “fifty is fifty. I’ll buy that cabinet.”

“Thank you!” Ah Xin happily took the silver yuan and put it in his pocket. He walked home hand in hand with peach blossom.

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