Chinese Modern Story: Why prefer him

Two young monks, fat and thin, came to the temple. The abbot personally taught them to read and read Scriptures every day.

The thin monk found it unfair for the abbot to spend more time guiding the fat monk every day. Finally, once, the thin monk couldn’t help saying, “I know not to be angry, not angry and not argue, but I really don’t understand why you prefer him between us?”

Chinese Modern Story: Why prefer him

The abbot asked, “why do you say that?”

The thin monk spoke out his grievances. The abbot laughed: “no, no, I’m not biased.”

The abbot saw the thin monk with a puzzled face, smiled, took him to the inner room, let him see his two wood carvings, and asked, “how are these two artifacts compared?”

After careful comparison, the thin monk replied, “no matter up or down.”

The abbot said, “the first one took me only two hours, and the second one took me half a month. Do I prefer the second one? Obviously not. The real reason is that the second wood has obvious defects, and I need to make more efforts to make up for it. The first wood itself is of very good quality, and I just need simple carving.”

The thin monk suddenly realized.

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