Chinese Modern Story: You can’t find an umbrella

Zen master Huang tiller was a famous monk in the Tang Dynasty. One day, he and his apprentice went out to do business. Seeing the gloomy weather, he took two umbrellas with him. Walking, they were hungry. They went into a restaurant to drink soup. They only heard the shopkeeper say to a young man, “look, it’s going to rain. Why don’t you go out with an umbrella?”

The young man “hey hey” smiled: “as long as others bring umbrellas, there will always be kind-hearted people willing to share half of the umbrellas to protect me from the rain.” with that, he set off on the road easily.

Chinese Modern Story

Before long, it really rained. After drinking the soup, the teachers and disciples held up their umbrellas and went on their way. However, a young man standing under the eaves to take shelter from the rain shouted, “Zen master, can you spend my trip?” when Zen master Huang tiller saw that it was the young man in the restaurant, he said, “we were walking in the rain and you were hiding under the eaves without rain. Why should we spend you?”

As soon as the young man heard this, he walked to the eaves with a smile: “now I’m in the rain, can you spend me?”

Zen master Huang Pei shook his head and said, “we didn’t get wet because the umbrella was protecting us. You got wet because you didn’t bring an umbrella. If you want to have an umbrella, you shouldn’t find someone, but an umbrella.” then he took his apprentice and walked away.

The apprentice wondered, “master, why don’t we help him?”

Zen master Huang tiller smiled and said, “although I rejected him, I actually taught him that everything can only rely on myself and can’t count on and take advantage of the kindness of others. We really should be compassionate, but we should maintain the dignity of kindness.”

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