Duck scam

During the Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, Zheng Chenggong led his troops to fight against the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty in the coastal area of Southern Fujian, but he was accidentally trapped in Haicheng City by the Qing Dynasty. A few months later, the food in the city was about to run out. Zheng Chenggong was very worried.

One day, during Zheng Chenggong’s inspection, a soldier ran with two ducks and said, “this is our little intention. Please accept it!”

Duck scam

Zheng Chenggong asked sternly, “how can there be ducks now? Where did you steal it? ”

The soldier quickly replied, “it wasn’t stolen. It was caught in a ditch.”

Zheng Chenggong had some doubts and came to the ditch with the soldiers. Sure enough, with the influx of river water, seven or eight ducks were caught in a moment.

People thought they could eat ducks at ease, but Zheng Chenggong said, “you can’t kill any ducks.” Not only that, he also asked the soldiers to feed the ducks with rice bran and send them out of the city when the tide was low.

Seeing that the people were puzzled, Zheng Chenggong explained, “the Qing army wanted to trap us in the city. If we couldn’t find out the truth, they used ducks as spies. If we eat the ducks, we will tell the enemy that the city is out of ammunition and food. ”

GUSHAN Jinli outside the city was watching the news. When he heard that his men had caught the duck, he hurried to pick up a sharp knife and cut open the duck’s belly. He saw that it was full of rice bran. He killed several more in succession, still the same! GUSHAN Jinli was so foolish that he could only change his deployment and give up the siege.

There is no free lunch in the world. Don’t occupy the benefits easily obtained. You need to be more careful when it is profitable.

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