Free grain

There is a Quanwan village in Jiangnan. There is a rich man named Zhou Jiaju in the village. Other families in the village are his tenants. This week, the family giant relied on his great cause and always bullied people. The tenants didn’t like him.

This year, there was a severe drought in Quanwan village, with no crops. People in the village had no food to eat, so they had to go to the Zhou family to buy food. Zhou Jiaju took the opportunity to raise food prices. The villagers couldn’t afford food and had to go out to escape from famine.

The grain in the Zhou family’s granary was piled like a hill. On this day, the Zhou family habitually inspected their granary, and then rode a tall horse to visit relatives.

Free grain

After a nice drink at his relatives’ house, Zhou Jiaju hurried back. Passing by a village, he suddenly found a family of people, old and young, crying in front of a big house. As soon as he inquired, he learned that it was a large family. Just now a gang of robbers rushed into their house and robbed not only all the gold and silver, but also all the grain.

Zhou Jiaju’s drunkenness suddenly woke up. He hurried on his horse and rushed back home. Looking at the hill like grain in the granary, he couldn’t stop thinking: the village is only more than 50 miles away from Quanwan village. Since the robbers can rob there, maybe one day they will rob Quanwan village. I am the only rich family in Quanwan village… The gold and silver treasures in my family are small and can be hidden, but what about food?

Until the next evening, Zhou Jiaju’s eyebrows couldn’t stretch out. As he sat and stood uneasy, he looked up at the intermittent cooking smoke on the roof of people in the village. Looking at him, his eyebrows suddenly showed.

After dinner, Zhou Jiaju called the housekeeper to him and asked him to weigh a thousand kilograms of grain and be sure to weigh it. The housekeeper couldn’t help feeling very strange: it’s getting dark. Why did the boss ask me to weigh the grain? What’s the use?

The housekeeper dared not ask more. He weighed the food and came to Zhou Jiaju to reply. Zhou Jiaju nodded and asked the housekeeper to call Liu Erzhu who lived at the head of the village. The housekeeper hurried to Liu Erzhu’s house.

Liu Erzhu was a tenant of the Zhou family. Seeing that the housekeeper of the Zhou family came to the door at night, he expected nothing good, so he calmly followed the housekeeper and stepped into the door of the Zhou family.

When Zhou Jiaju saw Liu Erzhu, he pointed to a pile of grain and said, “Erzhu, take these grains home.”

Seeing that the pile of grain was a thousand kilograms, Liu Erzhu couldn’t help taking a breath and said, “boss, the price of your grain is so high that I can’t afford it!”

Zhou Jiaju said with toothache: “Er Zhu, this 1000 kg of grain is not sold to you, but lent to you, and no interest. When the crops have a harvest next year, you will give me so much grain.”

Liu Erzhu had suffered a lot from Zhou Jiaju before. He couldn’t believe his ears and was stunned on the spot. Zhou Jiaju thought Liu Erzhu was still hesitating, so he was cruel and stamped his feet and said, “well, Erzhu, I’ll lend you a thousand kilograms of grain. Next year, I only need to give back 900 kilograms. I’ll give you that one hundred kilograms for nothing – now, you should be willing to borrow grain?”

Liu Erzhu finally woke up. Although he still didn’t understand why Zhou Jiaju suddenly launched kindness, he knew it was a good thing coming. So he wrote down the IOU on the spot and took away the 1000 kg of grain.

Looking at Liu Erzhu’s happy back, the housekeeper asked Zhou Jiaju, “boss, why did you borrow so much food to Liu Erzhu and give him a hundred kilograms in vain?” Zhou Jiaju smiled mysteriously, then told the robber about robbing all the food of the big family in that village, and then said, “lending food is the best way to keep food after I thought for more than a day…”

Originally, Zhou Jiaju thought: if I lend food to people in the village, even if the robbers rob my house, they can’t rob food. When people in the village return food next year, my granary can still be full. There are more than 200 families in the village. If each family borrows 1000 kg of grain, they can almost borrow all the grain of my family. Although I give away 100 kg of grain for nothing and lose 10%, I keep 90% of the grain, which is not a big price.

After hearing Zhou Jiaju’s words, the housekeeper couldn’t help nodding frequently and praised the boss’s idea. That night, the housekeeper successively called other tenants in the village to the Zhou family and borrowed food. For a time, there was a happy atmosphere in Quanwan village. People who were going to flee from famine stayed in the village because they had food at home.

After the grain was lent out, Zhou Jiaju buried all his gold and silver treasures deeply underground. After all this, his heart was completely at ease. The people in the village near Quanwan village were unable to live because the big families in the village didn’t lend food, so they had to go out and escape from famine.

In the twinkling of an eye, one day in February, Zhou Jiaju went to the county town to see a big play. As soon as he entered the county, he saw many people rushing in one direction. He asked a passer-by, what’s the matter? Passers-by told him that today the county government will cut off the heads of a gang of robbers in the Dharma court. Everyone wants to see the excitement. Zhou Jiaju immediately became interested, so he walked to the Dharma field with the flow of people.

When I came to the Dharma field, I saw more than 30 men kneeling in the middle of the field. Obviously, they are the robbers who will be beheaded. Listening to the discussion of the people, Zhou Jiaju learned that the robbers were the only robbers in the county. Since last year, they have robbed many large families of grain. Not long ago, officers and soldiers attacked the stronghold, killed most of the robbers and captured more than 30 people alive.

After learning such an inside story, Zhou Jiaju only felt his head “buzzing” and was stunned. He didn’t even know when the robbers had their heads cut off.

When Zhou Jiaju came home dejected, he drank a pot of hot tea in one breath and finally calmed down. He murmured, “I’m losing money, I’m losing money! The robbers who robbed food have been wiped out. They won’t come to my house to rob food. I really shouldn’t lend and give away so much food! ”

After taking a few breaths, Zhou Jiaju called the housekeeper to his house and told him to go to the tenants’ house to see how much grain was left in their house – he wanted to take back the lent grain.

The housekeeper went out of the house. He didn’t have much time. He returned to Zhou Jiaju and told him, “boss, the tenants have eaten most of the grain borrowed. Now let them return the grain. Where can they return it? Besides, the date of grain return written on the tenant’s loan receipt is after this year’s crop harvest! ”

After hearing the housekeeper’s words, Zhou Jiaju had to wave his hand: “forget it, forget it! We have to wait until the crops have a harvest, and then let them return the grain. ”

Soon in March, it finally rained and the villagers began to sow. In the villages near Quanwan village, because the tenants have gone out to flee the wasteland and haven’t come back, the fields of the big families in those villages are not cultivated. The village is deserted, and only Quanwan village presents a busy scene.

The big families in other villages, of course, do not want their fields to be left uncultivated, because in that way, they will not receive land rent. So they came to Quanwan village one after another and asked the tenants to farm the land and reduce the land rent again and again. But the tenants in Quanwan village were not willing to farm their land at all. They were only willing to farm the land of the Zhou family.

The weather was good this year, and the harvest of crops was very good. The tenants not only handed over the land rent to the Zhou family, but also returned all the borrowed grain and the grain given away by the Zhou family. After selling most of the grain, the grain was still piled up like a hill in the granary of the Zhou family. The big families in the nearby villages did not receive any land rent because their fields were deserted.

Counting the white silver and looking at the yellow grain, Zhou Jiaju always wondered why the tenants in the village were only willing to cultivate his Zhou family’s land.

That day, Zhou Jiaju wandered around the village and accidentally saw Liu Erzhu chatting with another tenant. Liu Erzhu said, “last year, boss Zhou lent and gave away food for nothing, so that our families didn’t starve to death and didn’t have to go out to escape famine. It is against the kindness of boss Zhou that we are willing to only cultivate his land. ”

It turned out that this was the reason why the tenants were only willing to cultivate the Zhou family’s land. For a time, Zhou Jiaju couldn’t help feeling thousands of times: borrowing food and giving away food was just my helpless move to avoid being robbed. I didn’t expect that the villagers would help me so much. It seems that as long as a person does good deeds, his kindness will be rewarded.

From then on, Zhou Jiaju stopped bullying people and often helped his neighbors. Everyone said that Zhou Jiaju had changed.

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