Modern Chinese Short Story: destitute student

During the Northern Song Dynasty, a scholar went to Beijing for the exam and passed a place. Knowing that the scholar had literary talent, the magistrate invited him to his house. Seeing his father praising the scholar again and again, the magistrate’s son was quite dissatisfied. The scholar wrote a poem at the request of everyone. The last sentence was “pick all the cold lights and dream”. The county magistrate mocked, “this is a sleepy man.” the scholar was angry and embarrassed.

Modern Chinese Short Story: destitute student

Later, the scholar won the first prize in one fell swoop, won the first prize in the examination and served as the general judge of Shengzhou. The next year, the county magistrate also won the first prize. At this time, he realized that the scholar was really talented, so he wrote to the scholar to make friends with him. The scholar’s staff used to be a companion. Knowing the old affairs between them, he said, “adults don’t have to pay attention to him.” the scholar was very calm. He waved his hand and said, “don’t mention the past. He is really talented. I just want to visit him!” the staff said angrily: “Your Excellency, you really have a lot. You forget your old grievances so quickly. But I still remember his contempt and ridicule for adults!”

“I’m not forgetful, nor do I have a lot of. It’s wrong to despise others, but it’s not surprising that I was a humble scholar when I was laughed at. He laughed at poverty and didn’t aim at me.” Later, the scholar and the county magistrate not only cleared up their differences, but also became good friends. The scholar was LV MENGZHENG, the prime minister in the early Northern Song Dynasty, and the county magistrate was Hu Dan, a famous official in the Northern Song Dynasty.

When people talk lightly, they will indeed suffer some white eyes and ridicule. Instead of holding a grudge, they might as well turn into a driving force to get up.

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