Modern Chinese short story: in those years, we girls who were not chased

At this time a year ago, my high school friend made an overseas call to me. She cried very sad on the phone because her boyfriend’s mother disliked her and forced them to break up.
My friend J is the representative of strong women. After the college entrance examination, he worked hard to study in other places. In the first year of the University, he transferred to the best major in the University. In the second year, he was selected to participate in the government study abroad program in France. In the third year, he found the internship company with the highest professional salary in France. When she was at home, she stayed up late to review her lessons and paid all the expenses of the university with a scholarship.
It’s ridiculous that such a great girl is beaten to death by “not good-looking”. The same kind does attract each other. Only we can understand the bitterness of being laughed at.
In my first year of junior high school, my friend was a very beautiful girl. One of them was very beautiful. How beautiful was she? At that time, in order to attract her attention, boys spit on me, scolded me for being ugly, and kicked my schoolbag.
This is a very, very difficult memory. At that time, I really, really wanted to be liked by boys. This mood had nothing to do with puppy love and vanity. I just wanted someone to tell me that you smile more lovely, but no one said that to me.
No one offered to help me move the stool on the way to the auditorium. No one patted me on the shoulder after school and said “Hi”. Because these are the patents of beautiful girls. But at that time, I was still slovenly and ate whenever I wanted. I never returned on the road to the rough man.

Modern Chinese short
So, my secret love object in high school, later became my boyfriend, and honestly told me his first impression of me – God, how can there be such a rough girl in the world! The teacher said “a dream of Red Mansions”: “women are made of water and men are made of mud.” he suddenly realized under the podium: “that ×× It must be made of cement. ”
No mistake, ×× That’s me.
Then, after I became an ugly duckling for 18 years, I woke up one day and finally saw through the spiritual chicken soup such as “the people who really love you don’t care how fat and ugly you are, because they love your soul” in QQ space.
It is not a shameful thing to want to be beautiful and to be liked.
In order to lose weight, I used to drink yogurt every night all summer. Throughout high school, I went to learn Latin dance every weekend. I woke up hungry in the middle of the night and drank a liter of water at one breath.
In order to turn white, I wear sunscreen 365 days a year. When I was an exchange student in the United States, the temperature was above 40C most of the time. I went to school with long sleeves and trousers every day under a sun umbrella in the strange eyes of foreigners.
In order to cure acne, I quit my favorite hobby, one mask a day. It’s not a great thing, nor does it mean that I must do it. I just want to say that I tried and insisted with all the methods I can think of.
I asked J seriously on the phone. How many years ago did you apply the mask recently?
J replied with a smile. He was so busy every day, with so much pressure on his head, where he had time to apply the mask.
I never think that if you are unkempt and untidy every day, you can be casually called “natural beauty” and appreciated by people. That’s in the novel, not in reality. In real life, we can only try to adjust ourselves to the best.
A few days ago, when chatting with my friends, I turned to the photos of my high school age. The black and fat girl, wearing silly red glasses, was at a loss at the lens. I secretly thought in my heart, fortunately, the pixel is not high, and I can’t see the terrible acne on my face. My friend said it’s better now.
Even if it takes the whole lonely youth to exchange, it is worth it. Now, I finally grow up, no longer eager to be pursued by boys, no longer low self-esteem, because I have learned to love myself before I love my lover.
“The butterfly can’t forget what happened during the pupal period, but it just flew beautifully later.”
You have to endure the pain of breaking the cocoon into a butterfly before you can afford the beauty of flying high.

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