Modern Chinese Short Story: Know how to admit defeat to win

On the grassland of China, two antelopes, one big and one small, are eating grass. They are father and son. They don’t know that there is a cheetah lying in ambush in the nearby grass, waiting to catch their prey.

The cheetah approached silently. When the time was ripe, it suddenly jumped out of the grass and went straight to the gazelle. The gazelle quickly shouted, “run!” just when the cheetah was about to catch the gazelle, the gazelle heard his father’s words and quickly avoided, and then ran away with his father. The cheetah chased him. The big antelope commanded the little antelope all the way. They kept running and the cheetah kept chasing them. Although the cheetah was very fast, the cheetah couldn’t catch up with them because of the command of the big antelope.

Modern Chinese Short Story

The cheetah is good at sprinting, but not at long-distance running marathons. Finally, it finally stopped because it was out of strength, while the antelope continued to run forward with its young antelope. They didn’t stop until they were safe.

The little antelope asked his father, “why do we run?”

The antelope said, “if we don’t run, it will only solve a dinner for the cheetah, but it will be a test of life and death for us.”

“But why don’t we fight the cheetah?” the gazelle asked again.

The antelope smiled and said, “if we fight against it, it can only become its dinner earlier. You should remember that in the face of cheetahs, we can only win the final victory by admitting defeat first and then running away. Our victory does not come from beating them, but from running faster than them!”

When facing a strong enemy, only by “daring to admit defeat” and “trying to escape”, can we break into a world and have the opportunity to win our own victory.

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